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love between swasan (part-24)

Guys u know what im very much jealous with my TS does anybody love me  u know why because he ate more comment then this 😀 hehehehe just kidding I very very in fact extremely happy the way u respond that story…. In fact rosey posted in her page and there also I got the same response thankuu rosey 😉 :*

Summary and Teaser



Jai kapoor starts narrating the past:

My company is doing a secret project where we are planning to make something which will destroyed the world.. because we want to be our company at top of the world… because due to destruction war will going to begin in which ppl need our equipment and medicines…

Dr john is a scientist soo he makes a virus which can be injected in human body… and within one year he/she will become a complete human bomb….

We injected this virus in many ppl… then we found swara in australia so we decided to also make her a human bomb… because she is a from a well-known family and his family may help us in selling our products after seeing their daughter’s death…

But we know that being from a well-known family she must go through the full body check once in a year soo for stopping her body checkup we plans all the game of chip… and also creates a drama of code… so that u will can consult any scientist soo we give this threat that it will take swara’s life… we are always having an eye on u….

We are the one who creates such scene in which u thought that u got any lead but in actual we are the one who gave those false leads…. In this way we are trying continuously to pass the one year….

It is natural due to virus effect swara feels pain.. sometimes…and now the time is coming so we kidnapped swara butt….

Flashback ends….

Swara shouts: stoppppppp

Sanky,kunal,kiran turns toward her in a horrified situation

Sanky comes towards her and cups her face and said with worry : shona what happened??

Swara : this idiot is going to tell further so I stopped him because it was my right naa she said with a pout 😀

Kiran : impossible okay tell us

Swara becomes excited and start narrating the whole incident….

When they kidnapped me they blind folded me and took me somewhere….

After that when the open my eyes I found myself in this house and infront of me this jai,dr john and his son is standing and few more men…

Then jai kapoor explain all this drama to me… on which I become furious that how can they made my family scared because of my life and without waiting a sec…. I beat them all

She said by lifting her imaginary collar…

Kunal and sanky seeing her with pride while kiran bow down on her feet and said

Kiran: u r great swara u r great

Swara: thanku thankuuu

Sanky : enough of all this and to kunal

Sanky : kunal bhai Im taking swara to juhi bhabi for the treatment of this virus…

Kunal : okay u goo I and kiran will see them

Sanky took swara to juhi and after 2 days they removed the virus completely from her body… whereas on the other side… jai kapoor and all the culprits got arrested while they also saves the ppl in whom the inject the virus with help of the records which they have hidden in the company’s locker….

Within one month they all sentenced to death… but while taking them the jeep in which jai kapoor is present fall down from the cliff and burst into fire… police declared him as dead…

Soo all sign in a relief that swara is finally safe and sound… dp and shekhar with anu and sumi also came Inida and blessed them….

Shekhar said that we have to make them marry with all the rituals again on which swasan denied because they don’t want to marry again… soo after lots of insistence it is decided that after swara’s study completion.. they will held a huge reception….

Dp and shekhar whith anu and sumi left after staying for 2 weeks… these 2 weeks were tough for swara because she is having her exams on which sanky also didn’t disturb her…

But on the last ppr when swara came back she entered in her room suddenly two strong hands hugs her from behind…

Swara first become shocked but then realized that it was sanskar’s hand…

Swara : polar bear leave me n aim very much tired… please let me take some bath..

Sanky while hugging said im also very tired let’s do bath together…

Swara shocked on hearing this and stamp his foot on which sanky left her in pain..

Sanky : ooouucchh shona what is this yarr

Swara : how shameless u r polar bear

Sanky : soo whattt

Swara pushes him and runs towards the washroom…

Sanky shouts : shona this is not fair and he pout…

Swara : everything is fair polar bear…

Swara came out after freshing and sanky goes to for fresh up

Swara was very tired due to hectic routine soo she slept while sitting on the couch…

Sanky came out and saw swara sleeping… he smiles

Sanky : she didn’t even have her dinner… he signs and picks her in his arms and lay down on bed… but he pulls swara upon him and lay her down on him… swara is in deep sleep so didn’t woke up

Sanky pecks her head and sleep while hugging her tightly…

Next morning swara woke up and find herself upon sanky in a hugging position… she smile and pecks his lips… to which sanky woke up and smiles towards her…

Sanky : good morning shona and pecks her lips..

Swara : good morning polar bear.. okay now leave me I have to go to clg

Sanky : please stay na for sometime..

Swara : butt

Sanky : plzzzzzz (puppy face)

Swara smile and said okay 

Sanky closes his eyes while swara is seeing him with a loveable eyes..

Sanky with closed eyes: starting is rude mrs. Meheswarii

Swara : soo what im staring my husbandd….

Sanky smiles and hugs her more tightly

Sanky : shona I didn’t have any hope that u and me will live together because im not a perfect for u

Swara : sankyy I don’t need a perfect one I just need someone who can make me feel that I am the only one… you are the first and last thing on my mind each and every day…
and to mee u r more than perfect…

Sanky overwhelmed after hearing this and said : shona it is true that my life did not begin with you but I wish my life should end with you

Swara smiles and leans towards him to kiss him… and sanky also reciprocated…

Later both got ready and left for clg and office.. now swara is coming in her own car… she parked the car in parking lot and go inside the clg…

After 2 hrs… sanky working in his office and he received a call of kunall

Kunal : sanky where is swara??

Sanky : bhai she is in clg why??

Kunal : call her immediately and say don’t open her car..

Sanky : but why bhai??

Kunal : jai kapoor didn’t die and he came to know that swara is your and family’s weakness so he plant a bomb in her car… which will blast out after 5 mins of opening the driving

Sanky : whattt???

Kunal: yes call her now im also reaching

Sanky : oo..ookk..aay.. okkaa..aayyy

Sanky dial swara’s number with shivering hand while running outside…. Swara didn’t picked up

Sanky is driving and continuously dialing her number.. at last after 6 th time swara received the call

Sanky shoutsss : why the hell u r not picking my phone??

Swara : relax polar bear actually im in library that’s why cell is on silent

Sanky : ookaay listen don’t open your car..

Swara : why

Sanky tell her everything

Swara : whatttt??? Iamm ookay im not opening it but then she realized something..

Swara : ooo noooo

Sanky: what happened??

Swara : saankk….yyyyy kiran and neha took my car keys because they were going outside and kiran’s car is not starting…

Sanky: whattt??? Call him

Swaraa: ooo.oookaaay im calling…

She called kiran from conference but he didn’t pick it…

Swara : he is not picking im going to stop him

Sanky : shona don’t go im reaching and kunal bhai is also reaching

Shona : sanky im in library parking lot is 20 mins far from this and kiran neha left before 15 minss by saying this she starts running.. fastlyyy…. While pushing the students…

Her cell also fall down… she literary going to fall from stairs but she didn’t stop…. She have to save kiran and nehaa… she got a cut on her arm… but she didn’t cared…
While on the other side sanky and kunal is also reaching

Swara reached parking lot within 5 mins…

Sanky also reached at the same time.. he saw swara running towards the car.. while calling kirann he also got down and shouts swaraa…

Swara : kirann noo don’ttt open the doorrr

Kiran who already opened the door turns towards her and saw her with confusion.. nhea is also standing with a confused expression..

Swara : kirannn get a sideee

Swara came and pushed him and in the same time car blasted… nehaa who is standing much far pushed at back but mean time sanky catches her…

Whereas kiran swara no where to be found

Kunal also reached

Sanky shouts: swarraaaaaaaaaa he sat down on his knees and start crying…

Neha also starts crying while hugging kunall

Kunal is also having a tears…

Suddenly someone from behind


Trio turns and found kiran is standing all wet….

Sanky : kirannn??? Where is my shona???

Suddenly someone throw water on sanky face in a thin line..

Sanky becomes shocked and turns towards the direction and found swara is standing there grinning and throwing water from her mouth to sanky ( dirty girl 😉

Sanky first shocked but later hugged her tightly like her bones start crushing

Swara : sankyyyyy leave me my bones will be crushed at any moment

Kunal,kiran and neha laugh…

Neha hugs kiran

Sanky breaks the hugs and cups her and said : u r fine na shonaa???

Swara : yuppp

Kunal: how u both saved??

Swara : actually bhai when I reached towards kiran I pushed with him along with me in the lake beside our car…. (their clg’s parking is having a small lake which were just behind swara’s car)

And after we fall down in lake car blasted.. that’s why nobody sees us in the lake…

Sanky hugs bith kiran and swara tightly : thank god u both r safe

Kiran and swara hugs him in return…

While neha and kunal smiles…..

To be continued

Precap : last part…..

Guys don’t beat me after reading the precap because im not getting more ideas for continuing it 

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