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love between swasan (part-20)

surprisee guyss i know that i said i will update on saturday but my sister is coming for a stay for few days with my naught nephew and niece soo i may get less time for writing to im updating today and next updates i’ll try to upload soon but please compromise for few days ? and sorry for yesterday it was just a sudden outburst nothing else and which was vanished after seeing the first comment ?

Part 19



Kiran gave all the details of four like where are they now what r they doing now everything… with the details they came to know that now a days these were in Shimla… in arjun’s guest house…

So swara decided to go to Shimla by saying to sanskar that there is a clg trip going but the big task is that how to convince sanskar… and kiran also denied to help her because he don’t want to see his death earlier if he ask sanskar sooo this major task has to done by swara

So one day on Sunday sanky is working in hall and sitting on the sofa… swara came and gulp in fear but later compose her

Swara: sanskarr

Sanskar: hmmmm without looking towards her

Swara: listen naa

Sanky again lost : hmmm

Swara little bit louder: polar beaarrrrrrrrrrrrr

Sanskar jerks and said: what swara why r u shouting??

Swara with ‘o’ mouth : what im shouting and what r u doing?? I was calling u but u didn’t bother she said all this by sitting on him

Sanky encircles his arm around her and peck her lips and said : okay say what u want to say??

Swara while playing with his shirt buttons: wooo..hhh.. u…mm…

Sanky: speak swaraa

Swara : wohhh our clg trip is going to Shimla for 5 days can we go pleaseeeeee?????

Sanky: what??? Noo.. noo ways

Swara: plzzzzz

Sanky: I said no means nooo

Swara with teary eyes and sad face said : okay and starts going

Sanky who saw tears in her eyes signs and pulls her again and tighten his grip around her and said: okay u can go but kiran should also be there

Swara : really?? and don’t worry kiran will be there thanku thankuu soooo much and she gave him a tight kiss on his cheek and jumps from his lap and runs towards the room to call kiran…

Next moring swara is all ready…

Sanskar: can I come with u??

Swara: n..nnnn.ooo I can manage u can go to your office

Sanskar gave her a weird look but ignore and said: don’t u dare to roam outside in cold and rainy weather understand?? Otherwise u will see worst of mee

Swara with a pout : okay darling and by saying this she runs after pecking his lips

Sanskar smiles on seeing her antics…

Swara reached clg and from there group of 5 including kiran,raj,shan,kakali,simin with swara starts their journey to shimli…

Kakali( knows everything being a sister of raj and cousin of kiran she also have a training of scientific things due to living with juhi )

Simin (sister of shan ? a chemical engineer also in this plan)

Shan and raj were invited by our dear kiran because without them they can’t do anything

And neha and mica is not present there because they are in abroad but all the trapping plan is made with the help of both…

While driving raj said to swara

Raj: swara are u sure u r going to do this??

Swara: yes bhai im sure because I don’t want them to haunt my sanskar again

Shan: swara do whatever u want we are with u but im afraid with sanskar reaction

Swara : nobody is going to tell him and that’s final

All agreed

They reached Shimla and stays in guest house which is few km away from arjun’s guesthouse…

Next morning someone rings the doorbell of arjun’s gh (guest house)

Arjun opened the door and find a girl standing there with a stylish look.. arjun saw her from top to bottom and whistle…

Arjun: hello darling from whom do u want to meet?

Girl with an attitude: actually I came here for a tour but I saw a face of some ugly dirty **** fellow and she heard a chuckling sound but that sound is not of arjun its coming from the blue tooth which a girl wearing behind her hairs on ear..

Girl murmurs shut up

Arjun: oooo ooo relax babe so what can I help u??

Girl: actually I want to stay for one day if u can accommodate me because my frnds will be coming at night

Arjun eyes light up and said: yes yes why not dear come let’s go inside

Girl nodes and follow arjun…

Arjun : hi btw im arjun

Girl: oo hi im swara (yes the girls is swara)

Arjun leads her to the launch where remaining 3 were sitting

Arjun: guys this is swara and swara these are kavita,kirti and suraj…. Suraj saw swara with a lust full eyes to which swara curse him and again giggling sound come..

Swara : shut uppp

Arjun: did u said something??

Swara with fake smile: noo

Arjun : okay lets come I will show u your room

Swara follow arjun… after showing swara’s room arjun came back to hall

Kavita: who is she arjun and what the bl**dy hell she was doing here??

Arjun: relax babe she is here for only 1 day till night…

Suraj: she is very hot

Kirti: don’t fly so high suraj she is not going to trap in your talks

Arjun: who wants to trap her we just only wants to grab her and hi fi with suraj

This is all listened by swara and all in a microphone which she secretly hide while entering in the hall

Swara: bl**dy cheapsters after spending these much years in jail they didn’t changed

Raj: swara ppl like them will never change and u be careful

Shan : yes swara they can do anything at any moment

Swara: relax shan im all set

Then the start listening there talks

Not only arjun and suraj infact kavita and kirti were also talking about enjoying ( first sanskar and now they want swara :@)

Swara smirks and said to her gang while being on blue tooth : they all are thinking that they will be able to enjoy but they didn’t no that what is coming for u

Kiran: yes sweety but please u take care otherwise sanky bhai will eat us alive

Swara : shut up kd be positive’

Kiran: but im A positive

All in unison : shut upppp

To which kiran pouts

Later at lunch time kirti came to swara and said to have her lunch…

Swara is seeing all with a keen sight

Kavita with sweetness in her voice : come swara have your lunch

Swara nodes and sat down.. while all four signals each other which is noticed by swara

Before staring swara press the button of her wrist watch which is actually an alarm connected with the kiran’s watch

Swara is eating lunch when kavita stands and comes behind swara

Swara is noticing all their actions…

Kavita puts her hands on swara’s shoulder and start massaging them swara feels disgusted and somewhere fear in her heart but compose her self

And jerks her hand and stands and turns toward kavita

Swara: what r u doing??

Kavita : baby I was just relaxing u

Swara for what??

Kirti: for having some fun na and winks towards her gang

Swara : what the hell?? Anger rising in swara but she is controlling

Arjun: not hell baby its going to become heaven for u and by saying this he comes near swara

Suraj : yes baby soo now come and let us enjoy

Swara : disgusting

Kavita : not yet baby by saying this she grabs swara’s waist and move finger on her face… butt later she receives a tight slap

Kavita: what the hell and turns towards the direction and saw shan is standing there with raj,kiran,kakali and simin

Arjun: shan?? Raj??

Raj: yes baby

Suraj: what u all are doing here??

Kiran: if our sweety is there then why can’t we here

Kirti: sweety??

Swara: yess sweety or in real swara sanskarrrrrr meheswariiii

All four : whattt???

Kavita : u r sanskar’s wife???

Arjun: starts laughing and I said I think u don’t know about him otherwise u will not be his wife but infact u will be on my bed

Swara slaps him soo hardd that he stumble and fall down

Swara while gritting her teeth : uu rascals I know each and everything and sometime before u all are saying about fun, heaven naaa soo now we will show u what is hell

Kirti: what do u mean??

Swara : nothing much and to simin

Swara : simin??

Simin nodes and sprays something on all four to which they got unconscious

After 1 hr they all gain sense but the scene made them horrified…

Kavita and kirti were laying on the floor with only less cloths which hardly covering their bodies and shan,kakali and simin were standing is front of them and swara is sitting on the couch eating ice cream

Swara while eating : soo u wake upp

Kavita: what u all r trying to do??

Kakali: baby we didn’t even started

Kirti with fearful voice : what do u mean??? Plz don’t do this after all u r aso a girl naa

To which swara gets up and slaps her hard that her lips start bleeding and grabs kirti hair tightlyyy

Swara: now u remember that we r girls but why u forget this thing when u r going to enjoy with mee tell me??? She grabs her hair more tightly to which kirti scream

Kirti: pleaseee im sorryyy to which swara slaps her more hardly for three times

Swara : sorry my footttt

Can your this sorry returns my sanskar those months which he spend in trauma?? Tell mee??

Kavita: hey u listen u can’t do this to mee to which kakali grabs kavita’s hair and said rassi jal gai per bal nai giya ( even after hitting the rock bottom, attitude remains unchanged)

Shan: baby what can we doo u don’t know

Kavitaa screams in pain when kakali grabs her hair… both girl horrified after seeings wara because swara is holding a hunter

Swara : u know my sanskar always punish himself after hurting mee which due to u four..

Kirti,kavita please nooo

Simin : yes dear

Swara starts beating 2 with hunter aimlessly while 2 were screaming and begging them but swara didn’t show any mercy….

After half hr swara stops and signals simin something

Kirti and kavita who is now screaming and crying shout loudly again because kakali and simin dips dear hands in hot water…

Kavita : pleaseee nooo please forgave usss

Swara : there is no one is going to listen

Kirti : pleaseeee leave usss its painingggg

Swara sprinkle salt on their wounds to which both screams like hell and said did u all showed any mercy on my sanky??? She said all this while pressing their wounds

Simin and kakali blackened their facesss and cut down there hairs

Shan: we want to give u more than this but I think this is enough??

Kavitaa : pleaseee leave uss and after sometime both faints

Same punishment goes with the boys and kiran shaved their hairs ( I don’t want to drag boys scene because swara was not in that scene )
(guys do tell me u liked the punishment or not?? )

And laterr they call the police infact kunal and tell him all this and also gave them the recording of four in which they are going to target swara…

Kunal knows the complete plan of all… and the judge whoo released them also suspended because he is having the case of corruption on him…
All the gang is very happy on their success in the meantime the rain starts in shimlaa…

Swara forgot about swara’s warning and starts playing in rain with all at night time

All our enjoying and after playing for 1 hr the leads towards there guesthouse…

While entering swara starts feeling difficulty in breathing which is noticed by simin..

Simin: swaraaaa??

All turns towards swara and kiran support her and lead towards the sofa in hall

Shan and kakali rubbing her back while kiran said to simin

Kiran: simin go and get inhaler from swara’s room butttt

A hand came infront of swara’s mouth and make her inhale

Swara is having difficulty in seeing the figure but with a blur vision she can also see that it was sanskarrrr :O
All shocked on seeing sanskar there with emotionless face

Swara with difficulty: sansss…kaar..rrr and tries to get up but stumbles and hits on sanskar chest…

Sanskar with expressionless face picks her up and leads towards the room…..

While all gulps in fear after thinking about the coming storm ?

To be continued……

Precap: swara is crying while pleading to sanskarrr…

soo guyss what will be sanskar’s reaction ? keep reading and commenting ? thankuu alll

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