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love between swasan (part-19)

Guys this not done I wrote an OS after thinking a lot for many days with different concept but what I got in return?? Such a low response?? Forget about new readers but even my regular readers didn’t comment on it I think u all ppl only want love story which contain obsession, possession, lust, revenge, familial, tragedy, romance etc or in short there must be a love story isn’t it? then sorry I don’t know how to create or portrait romantic or lust etc scenes and I never add these scene ever in my stories and if u all are thinking that I will add romantic love scenes in this story then sorry for disappointing u but I don’t know how to write them… and from now I not going to right any OS again… and ya this story will also going to end soon…

if I demand comments then it is my right because I know from where I started there was a time when I got only 5 to 6 comments if I am getting huge comments now then it means my work is getting better I never demand comments before never ever in my previous stories like this but now if no comments then no OS no ff from my side sorry for being rude but I am also a human being I felt bad when my regular readers didn’t commented on my OS and I am not going to give any link of that OS because I don’t want to beg it’s your choice of reading or not and if u want u can google it ( swasan os secret of a musical tune ) and if not then ignore it and this not for those who commented I am very thankful to them for commenting and understanding the concept beyond a love story thankuu soo much guys


Author note teaser

Swara is now perfectly fit and fine… and is going to clg.. regularly…

Sanskar is being bzy with kunal and others for the search operation of Dr. John soo he gives very less time to swara but swara didn’t complaint because she knows that it is only for her…. She feels very blessed that God gave her such a caring and loving husband who is trying to do anything to save his wife….

But in heart swara is feeling scared that what if he fails.. she is not thinking about herself she is thinking about her polar bear… she thinks what will happen if something happened to her… she don’t want to go from his life.. she don’t want that her polar bear again go through with pain and this time the pain of losing his love….

One day swara is sitting in clg that day neha is absent because she is gone to meet her sister mica….

Kiran came to her

Kiran; sweety

Swara who was bzy in reading book saw towards kiran and frowned because kiran is looking very tense

Swara: kd what happened why r u looking so much tensed??

Kiran: actually swaraa

Swara: what??

Kiran: kunal bhai called me and he said that those culprits released from jail

Swara: what????? But how?? They sentenced for 15 yrs na but now only 8 yrs have passed

Kiran; actually the old judge which is actually neha’s grandfather was retired and now the new judge who came instead of neha’s grandfather was the relative of second boy suraj

Swara: bl**dy cheapster… sitting on the seat of justice the judge is doing injustice

Kiran: yaa u r right but now I am very tensed about sanky bhai what if he came to know about them?? He may be seems strong from outside but I know what he was when the incident happened.. I know I was small that time but I remember 10 months swara he took 10 months to come out from that trauma may be he don’t know what happened but I think it is good that they gave him drug because if he was in his senses then he must do something to himself

Swara is having tears after listening kiran but she composed herself and wipes her tears…

Swara: no kiran my sanky will go through from that pain once again.. those culprits only taste the jail till now na but from today there bad days will going to start again… I think God also wanted us to punish those culprits with our hands…

Kiran: what r u trying to do??? If sanky bhai got to know na he will surely kill me or u

Swara : nothing will happens I am not that much weak and infact one thing even my parents don’t know about me

Kiran : and what is that??

Swara : I am black belt in taekwondo and also having a special training of bullet firing

Kiran: whatttttttt???

Swara : yup actually my parents always pampered me a lot and always treat like a princess but I always wants to do something new so whenever I go to my grandparents’ house there I got this training

Kiran: wow amazing I didn’t know that my dwarf plant can do these type of things

Swara : shut up giraffe

Kiran: okay okay but what u want now??

Swara: first u take out all the detail related to them

Kiran : okay bosss and goes

Swara : so mis kavita, mr arjun,mis kirti and mr suraj u all destroyed my sanky’s life na now u just wait and watch what I am going to do with u all that u will regret that why u came out from jail earlier…

Swara smirks evilly….

To be continued….

Precap: swara makes a plan to trap the culprits again…

Guys as I am going to give u a long update on Saturday so that’s why I only managed to give u this short updates because I am not in a mood to right any long or detailed update I will write when I feel like writing it may be not on Saturday but whenever I feel to write…

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