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love between swasan (part-16)

Guys sorry for last episode because I know it’s not very good because I just wrote without thinking anything and yaa guys one more thing in the end I have a question for u all soo u should answer that ? and guys last thing I don’t know even R of romance soo imm veryyyy sorry this or my past or future storied didn’t contain any romantic scene but I know like previous one u will like it also ?

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Scene starts from:

Dp and shekhar sitting in the meeting room of their office in London…

Dp: when he is coming?

Shekhar: he said that he will be here in 5 to 10 mins

Dp: okay I just hope he got some lead

Sehkhar hope soo and interrupted by someone

Person: sorry for being late

Dp,shekhar: no its okay dear

Person: uncle how r u all and swasan??

Shekhar: all are fine beta but we r very worried for swara’s safety

Person: yes uncle im also worried and im trying my best to find any lead

Dp: any progress

Person: actually uncle a little bit butt

Shekhar: but what beta??

Person: uncle they are also finding him

Dp: this thing we also knows

Person: not this thing uncle one more thing I got to know for which im very worried

Dp: what thing beta??

Person: as u all know that they are also finding him but.. they got the lead of one more person who may be got successful in tracking

Dp, shekhar: what????? But how is this possible??? As we all no he said in that letter that it will be possible by him only then how can be is this possible??

Person: uncle actually the other person they got not actually got because that person is far away from their hands so it will take time to locate that new person… that new person is the student of the actual one but he got rusticated after they caught him steeling some secrets…

Shekhar: what is the name of that new person??

Person: Sahil Arora

Dp: where is he now??

Person: he is currently in france and hidden somewhere that’s why they are facing difficulty in tracking him.. and if they got successful in tracking sahil then swara’s life will be more in danger…

Shekhar: oo God soo what shall we do now?? Here we are not getting the lead of actual person and now this sahil

Dp: kunal beta ( yes guys the person is kunal to whom they both were talking)

Kunal: yes uncle

Dp: is there any other way??

Kunal: noo uncle because if we tries by using any other person then swara will die on the spot because it is only the actual person who knows the techniques nobody else and if they got sahil… and if sahil got successful then they don’t mind in killing swara because they only want that….

Shekhar: kunal we are having 2 months and in this 2 months we have to find him by hook or by crook because I can’t see my daughter’s life in danger… we even snd her to india by saying to complete her studies… which she wanted but he pressurized her more to go to India… my poor daughter didn’t even know what is happening in her life… she didn’t even know that what happened that night.. Because she was unconscious

Kunal: I know uncle and I think it is a very big advantage because if swara knows about all this she will get scared

Dp: yes beta u r right

Kunal: okay uncle I have to leave because we are thinking to plan something else

Shekhar: okay beta do let us know after u plan something else

Kunal: okay uncle…

Outside kunal is going when he receives a call

On call:

Kunal: whattt???? How the hell is this possible?? They sentenced to jail for 15 yrs then how come they releases earlier??

Other side: sir because the old judge who sentenced them got retired and the new judge who came into his place is the relative of one of them

Kunal: bl**dy b***d… okat listen don’t say this thing to anybody else I will handle by myself

Other side :okay sir

Kunal: I have to do something sanskar took year to forget about that incident

Scene changes to India:

Swara is sitting in sanskar’s room and studying because sanskar strictly said to her to shift all her things in their room… swara came to know one thing that if she don’t say anything to him or neglect his order then he surely don’t say anything to her soo she is now a days not doing any argue with him…

Sanskar came inside the room and saw her studying….

Sanskar: I have a question?? No no I have a doubt

Swara without seeing towards him because her attention is on her book said: now what u doubt u have??

Sanskar: that may be u start loving me

Swara who is studying attentively jerks her head towards him and saw him like she is seeing some ghost: whattttttt?????

Sanskar putting fingers in his ears: im here only why r u shouting??

Swara: what did u just said?? That im in love with u??

Sanskar: obviously

Swara: and why this stupid thing come into your mind??

Sanskr: because now a days u r not arguing with me

Swara gave him a death glare : because I want to give attention to my studies not to your non sense talk

Sanskar: chal jhooti (lair)

Swara throws the book towards him and storms out of the room

Sanskar who catches the book on time said from behind in loud voice: where r u going darling??

Swara with angry voice: in hell do u want to come??

Sanskar: how sweet butt they will not accept u in hell also

Swara: why??

Sanskar: who can accept the biggest devil of the world in between them?

Swara whose mouth got wide open : u called me devil??

Sanskar: any doubt??

Swara: I will tell u by saying this she grabs the nearby vase and runs behind him

Swara: I will kill u today

Sanskar who is running in the whole room said: not so soon sweety by saying this he jumps from one sofa to another and like this he runs outside the room

Swara who got tired sat down u the bed: idiot monkey donkey polar bear… wait wait what I just said polar bear??

Swara: why I always think about polar bear whenever I saw him??

She shrugged her shoulder’s and grabs the book again but something caught her attention.. it is the inhaler

Swara picks it up and remember in a blur vision that sanskar is giving her inhaler on their wedding night

Swara: how did he come to know that im having a breathing problem?? Because this is not my inhaler.. she goes outside the room and finds sanskar sitting in hall talking on cell

Sanskar on seeing her cuts the call the call to which swara frowns because she saw the worried expressions on his face that he changed on seeing her

Sanskar: sorry im not in a mood of running more (in a funny tone)

Swara: shut up and tell me how do u now that im having a breathing problem?? And shows him the inhaler

Sanskar (in mind) : ooh shit I forgot to hide this and to swara: actually umm…woohhh….

Swara who is seeing him with a doubt : what wooo…hhhh

Sanskar compose himself and said with a fake anger and harsh tone: that’s none of your business and goes from their

Swara who shocked after listening his changed tone : what kind of man is he?? In one min he is irritating me and in next min he becomes angry young man… but I have a doubt that he is surely hiding something from meee… I will surely find out that…huhhh

To be continued…..

Precap: swara slaps sanskar

Guys and know the thing which I told earlier.. im going to write an OS and im giving u 3 options that on which topic u want OS

1. Haunted/horror
2. Funny
3. Mysterious

Now choice is yours… u can also make a combo of these three.. u can freely tell me that u want these three combined or any two or any one of them as a topic of my OS… and I will tell u in next 1 to 2 epi then when will im going to upload this OS and don’t forget to comment ?

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