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Look the world with my veiw-its beautiful !! (few shots_ part 2 ) ‘ek duje ke vaaste’

His deep brown eyes met with mine and an awkward silence follows but then the fear that i might get lost into those strange eyes i moved my eyes other side and looks down..
But when his voice reached at my ears again i take my dark black eyelashes up to see him
”ok so u tell me what i,m supposed to do right now!”
onething that i quickly makeout is that he is really chilled and cooled person..
My veiw shifted from his amiable face to his hand when he raised it pointing towards the jam my eyes follow the direction pointed by his hand ”look my car is jam there it cant move forward or backward.so i guess its better to utilize time rather than passing it”

my searching eyes in traffic stop imediately when i heard time utilization..seriously?? He just called it time utilization and there comes another eye contact
”this!! This is what u call time utilization? As if u r going to earn great money playing guitar here”
and i look at him waiting for answer he did not take a second and replied
”come on life is not about earning money its all about earning experiences, try to collect experinces try to learn something with each passing second,,


wait!!! About which life he is talking? I hv never veiw life in that way,, thinking that i missed his few lines but tried to catch up again

”u just said that u r doc right? What u hv expreinced except the fear of exams? Fear of job? Fear that might u lose ur status, any other thing of this beautiful world? Hv u expreinced dancing in rain it wash away ur all worries hv u exprienced sun rise the slow process which is followed by bright day it tells u that u cant shine brightly at once it needs time.. Hv u ever tried to expreince the silence the peace that lied in silence??
These are the thing minor minor thing but these makes our life heavenly beautiful. Here i was trying to mingle with melody of birds by this guitar over that noice it gives u peace u know!!! ”

and suddenly cool breeze blows and he closes those eyes which was gving me the new veiw of life to feel that freshnes..

That moment i learned that LIFE its a word but it has many meanings like some define it the bed of rose and the some define it the path of thorns…
THE main role is played by VEIW its our veiw only which make life and world beautiful…..

What was going before my eyes i didnot knew i was lost in my thoughts when he moved his hand before my eyes ”hey r u there?”

a smile spread over my lips and i look directly into his eyes ”ur talks are too inspiring! What u do?

He smirks ”fast!!! Well for now i,m searching!!!”

”searching??” and my face gave a confussig look as i put strain on my eyes.

“yeah i,m searching for the thing for what i,m made the thing at which i,m best, i,m searching my best so that i can stand out as SOMEONE in this world of billion peoples”

such a impressing personality he is i raised my eyebrows and sighed with a wide smile…

By the time jam got cleared and everyone move towards their destination.
“ok so now ur problem got solved go” he said and further added ” but try to live life not to just pass it, hold its hand and turn different pages of it,, ”

and i responded positively shaking head than he takes his step towards his so called search but again i find him in front of me ”oh i forgot to tell u r really beautiful..but whats ur name beautiful lady”

and it makes me laugh ‘suman’ i said

‘nyc name’ and again he walks away and i screamed from back ”hey whats ur name??”

and he turns towards me but he was taking steps backward ”ammmm!! One day u will came to know hopefully”
he said smilingly….
And suddenly blissfull moment followed by dark when a car hits him from the back and he falls on ground drenched in blood.

To be continued

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