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Living A Lie – Part 4 [Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi]

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Girl – Truth or Dare?
Boy – Dare
Girl – I Dare you to love me
Boy – No baby, that’s the Truth ?


Living A Lie (Part-4)

[Hello TU readers. If you are going to read this ff, keep one thing in your mind. Living A Lie is fully based on Sonakshi’s P.O.V. So, while reading it, think that you are Sonakshi and this all is happening in front of you. And do not forget to comment your reviews below. – Love, DevSona.]

Sonakshi is a sweet-bubbly girl, studying in the last year of high school with her best friend Alyssa aka Aly. They have been acquainted with 3 most popular boys from their school.
Dev (typical bad boy), Sid (A bookworm/ Braniac ) &Max (Not bad, but he’s okay-okay) .Alyssa likes Sid, and vice versa, but they were not agreeing with it. So when they were playing S-T-D (The boys were not there), Sonakshi gave a dare to Alyssa that she’ll have to ask Sid for a coffee date. In return for that, Aly mischievously dared Sonakshi to pretend be in love with Dev aka the bad boy for 5 days.
Will Sonakshi be able to complete this impossible dare without falling for it?
And not to forget her talking to Max via messages. That is also a truth untold.

I was in my thoughts, and don’t know what happened. Someone collide with me and my leg twisted. I was just going to fall when Dev came to my rescue. He held my waist, preventing me from falling and when I saw in him, I got lost in his eyes. The world around me stopped and I can see only him.
Looks like it isn’t that hard to pretend to be in love with someone this handsome. Isn’t it?

It’s been like 5 minutes. *Blink* *blink*Come on!.. I’m still in Dev’s hold and is just waiting for the world to start forwarding. NO? Why aren’t they moving? Now I’m out of my dreamland and I’m also not watching Dev. Why isn’t it starting? Is it just me, or?……Oh no! So there was no dreamland world stopping. The people around me literally stopped, for real. And do you want to know why? Because they freaking know what’s happening. Till now I’m sure half of the school knows about it.
As I am thinking about all this, I heard a sound *BAAM!!!*. No, there’s no need to worry, because it followed with a stinging pain in my back and mostly in my lower back. “What the….” I cried and looked towards Dev. How can he leave me falling? Then I saw the person, Dev is talking to. Mia. And my blood starts boiling seeing her there.
“What Mia? Why did you pinch me?” Dev said to Mia. Okay, now I know the reason of me falling.
“Dev, the headmaster is calling you.” Mia replied, putting a hand on his shoulder. Is touching this necessary? Really Mia?
“What now?” Came Dev, sounding more frustrated.
“I don’t know” Mia told him, pretending to be worried. Ah! Worried? My foot.

After their convo. Dev left the place and went, probably to the dean’s office. Let me tell you, I’m still on the floor and Dev hasn’t even had a mere glance towards me. He left, just like that. As I shifted my gaze towards Mia, I saw that smile. It’s not just a simple smile. It’s a victory smile for her. I returned a fake smile and tried to stand up. My back is still paining, but I can’t let Mia to get that.
A few seconds later, I saw one hand extended towards me. “Need help” asked Mia. That’s it. She’s getting on my nerves now. Her fake concern got me and I stood up on my own. I was just going to start with some nasty comment, when Aly came beside me.
“Hey Mia, I just learned a new poem today. Wanna listen?” Alyssa asked, excitedly.
“What are you? A 3 year old?” Mia replied.
But Aly is not the one to stop “Please Mia, it’s great. Don’t you want to listen?”
And in the end Mia agreed “Okay”.
“So it’s like this. Listen carefully. I’m starting now…3,..2,..1,…ROSES ARE RED, VIOLETS ARE BLUE, GOD MADE US BEAUTIFUL, WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO YOU?”
I burst out laughing after hearing that. Totally a punch on that b***h’s face. Mia was shocked after that beautiful poem, and couldn’t bother to hear more. As she left, I turned towards Aly and again burst with laughter,
“Wow Aly, you showed Mia her real place. Kudos man”.
“What should I do then? I can’t just stand here and see her laughing on you. You’re my bestie.”
“Aww! I love you Aly”.
“No you don’t” replied Alyssa.
“What?” I asked.
“You don’t love me, you love………D….E……V”.
“Oh! Don’t tell me. You just saw na what happened? He doesn’t give a shit about me. How can you even think of me and him?”
“I don’t care Sona. Dare is Dare. And the dare is there.”

I’m passing through our school’s corridor towards the library. By reaching its end, I heard some noise coming from the room besides the library. But as I got near, I knew that it’s not coming from the room. The noise is coming from the dean’s office.
“Dev, it is not a way to talk with your teachers.”
“I’m sorry, sir, but he was the one who insulted me. Please teach him how to talk to his students.” Dev snorted.
“Principal Sir, I didn’t…”
“Mr. Khanna, I will not tolerate your violent behaviour in my school. It’s my last warning to you.”
“Sorry sir, it won’t happen again.”
“Now leave.” Dean commands.
“Not you Dev. I want to have a talk with you” he said when he saw Dev, leaving.

What am I doing here? I am not a stalker one, then why am I still here. I should go now. What if Dean sees me? But I also want to know about the matter. After knowing that this is related to Dev, it itself becomes 100% more interesting. He’s our bad boy after all.

“Dev. You’re not doing well in your studies.” Dean said to Dev, sounding quite worried.
“I know.” He replied under his breath.
“Don’t you want to pass your high school?”
“I don’t know.” Why doesn’t he know if he wants to pass it or not? Why is he behaving like that?
“Please Dev. It’s your last year here. If you want to pass, no one can stop you. Don’t be distracted by anything, just focus on your studies.” Said Dean, sounding more and more concerned.
“Please. I’ve heard enough of these speeches. Can I go now?” Dev said, shifting in his chair.
Dean replied, sounding low, “You may.”

As Dev left the office, I too hurriedly made my way towards the library. I don’t want him to see me. But why did Dean sound so worried about him? Is the bad boy hiding something? I’ll have to talk to Aly about it. I was just about to enter the library, but the next thing I know that I collided with some wall. And now, I’m back on the floor with an additional pain, stinging in my a*s.
“Don’t you have eyes? Why do you always keep falling?” I heard…don’t tell me. Dev? Please god! Not him. As I lift my chin up, I get to know that I didn’t bump with a wall. I bit my lip nervously, avoiding the eye contact.
“Hello. You alive? Get up!” I was so anxious, I didn’t even notice him, offering a hand to me.
Not making more fun of me in front of him, I accepted his help, “Thanks”
“No problem Sugar. Next time take care.” He replied.
What? Sugar? “Dev. I’m Sonakshi, not Sugar.” I acknowledge him.
“I know that,…Sugar.” He mocked, which only caused me to narrow my eyes. And I know that he is also having that irritating smirk playing on his face.
“Don’t. Please call me Sonakshi or nothing would be just fine.”
“Thanks for the suggestion, Sugar.” Again! Why is he playing around? I’m already fed up after today’s whole dare drama, and he’s messing it more.
“Okay. Call me whatever you want, as if I care.” I hissed and he shrugged.
“I might just do that.” He sneered. Taking out his bike keys from the pocket.
“Jerk” I whispered to myself.
“Woah! So the good girl isn’t that good. She can curse.” He replied, faking shock.
I didn’t reply, I merely rolled my eyes and made my way inside the library. Ignoring him.
“It was nice meeting you Sugar. Good bye.” I heard him chuckle, and then he left.

How can I be able to be with him for the next five days? FIVE DAYS. About what happened today, I’m sure it’s not going to be easy. I’ve gotten myself in a deep trouble. How can I pretend to be in love with Dev, without letting him know that he’s just living a lie?

A/N : How is it? Please silent readers, do comment. I’m working pretty hard on this ff. I just want you guys to experience new DevAkshi from my point of view. And I’m sure you like it.

Where’s the comment? I AM WAITING………………………………… ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

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