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Living A Lie – Part 1 [Swaragini]

HELLO! I’m DevSona. A KRPKAB fan/ ff writer as you can see from my username. I’ve started writing one ff called ‘Living A Lie’. And posted it in DevAkshi fanfic, but I also want to you guys to read it, because I’m too a Swaragini fan. I’m just going to change the characters and the story will be the same. It will not make any difference to the story because it is not related with any serial’s plot. Please comment if you want me to post this ff here too.

Living A Lie [Part 1]____________________


Dress – Check!
Sandals – Check!
Make-up – Check!
Backpack – Check!

Looking proudly at myself in the mirror when mom opened my bedroom door giving a heart-warming smile to me. I love my mom. She’s the best thing happened to me in my whole life and I know that she thinks the same about me ,after being satisfied that I’ve packed my bag perfectly, she left placing a gentle kiss on my forehead. A few seconds after, I heard a whatsapp notification and smiled to myself knowing who it is.

{Message from Sahil}
[Please come soon. I want to see you ASAP. Don’t make me to die waiting for you. Love You.]

I blushed a smile reading this and quickly replied,
[Just coming. Love You Too]

Hurriedly taking my bag, I rushed towards my vehicle and left for my school.
Oops! Sorry that I forgot to introduce myself.” I’m Shona, Swara Bhaskar. It’s my last year of high school. For the truth, I love my high school as it has given me many happiness and surprises. I’m truly thankful for it.”

As I reached my destination, I parked my 2 wheeler and literally ran inside the building. I was out of breath when I reached locker room,”Hey Shona, why late?” Ragini aka my best friend, asked me.

“I’m late? No! Now he’ll kill me.” I said in a tense mood.
“Who?” she asked with confusion.
“No one, forget it” I replied.

“OMG Laksh!”
“He is looking so HOT”
“Please somebody tell him to date me”

Our, Oh so typical high school bimbos started with their usual stuff. They are talking about Laksh Maheshwari, our school’s bad boy and the most popular personality here. He and his gang entered like they rule the whole school and the bimbos started going crazy. There are three of them, the first one is Sanskaar, he happens to be the closest one to Laksh, although he is nowhere near that bad boy image like him. Second is Sahil, he is the childhood friend of Sanskaar and Laksh. He is not like Sanskaar but neither like Laksh. So, he comes in the middle.

I saw all of them coming towards us.

Firstly Sahil came and hugged me, wishing a good morning. It’s like a ritual, every day he does this and now I’m familiar with it. After our hug, I looked at Laksh who was, throwing daggers at me? “What happened to him?” I ignored my little thought, and turned towards Rags, who was busy chatting with Sanskaar. I can bet that they like each other, but the main point is, they are not accepting it. I’ve told Ragini many times that please think about it, but no! She’s not getting it.

Right now, I’m proceeding towards the locker room as I tend to do that. Once again, I opened the chit which was thrown towards me in my 2nd lecture, and starts reading it.

{Come and meet me at the locker room. I‘ll be waiting for you. – Sahil.}

As I reached the locker room, I saw a male figure standing there. I’m facing his backside as he was finding something in his locker. “Who’s this?” I asked. “Don’t you know me? Really?” the voice was of none other than Laksh. The bad boy has called me.
I walked past him coldly but couldn’t move beyond two steps ‘cause I felt his firm grip around my wrist and the very next second, he pulled me towards him. My body crashed against his and hands rested on his shoulders. Our faces were inches apart. I couldn’t move to release myself from his hold. It was like his touches had paralyzed my bones.
“Leave me, Laksh,” I ordered him.
“No ways,” he said in dazed voice, staring at me yet. “I look forward to holding you in my arms every day.”

{Precap : SORRY Guys…Wait for it ? }

[A/N: Comment if you want me to continue. Please tell if you like/not. I surely need your support.  ]*******************

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