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Life is a work in progress – Chapter 1

Hey guys ,I’m here to write a fanfiction based on a few characters from the hit show SWARAGINI and the lead couple of another hit show BEINTEHAA. I hope you’ll all enjoy it as much as I will writing it. This first part will be a character sketch and the description of the families in this Fanfiction. I have already planned the main plots of my story but I really would like it if you guys comment and suggestions or any scenes you’d like to read about. Thank you for the support.
The Godadias:
Shekhar – Age 48: Father of three children , Zain, Sanskar and Ragini. After his wife passed away he did the best job in raising them. He owns a Diamond business which is very popular in India , America , The UK and Dubai. He is close friends with Durga Prasad and Ram Prasad. They live in Delhi while his parents live in Kolkata.

Zain – Age 26: Eldest son of Shekhar. Older brother to Sanskar and Ragini , loves his family and lot and will do anything for them. Misses his mother and lot but doesn’t always show it. An independent man working under his father in the family business which means has no time for friends. Sanskar and Ragini call him Bhaiya , all three share a very close bond.


Sanskar – Age 24: Second son and child to Shekhar. Older brother to Ragini and younger brother to Zain. Loves his family and misses his mother and lot. Is in his last year of university and plans to become a Lawyer. Best friends with Lakshya. A very funny yet serious character. He loves to travel and sing, Ragini calls him Bhai.

Ragini – Age 22: The youngest Of the 3 children is very loved. Her brother love her so much and protect her. She is in a long term relationship with Lakshya. Best friends with Aliya and Swara. Lakshyas parents and uncle and aunt adore Ragini. Ragini loves to sing and dance. Aspires to finish her Maths degree this year and become an accountant. She didn’t spend time with her mother as she passed when Ragini was a baby but wishes to have. Caring and loving daughter and loves her father a lot.

Durga Prasad (DP) – Age 50: Loving Husband , father of 2 children, Lakshya and Aliya and business owner in the car industry. A very respected man and wants to soon retire and give his business to his brother. His wife, Annapurna, and he had a love marriage. Durga Prasad has a younger brother called Ram Prasad who share a very tight bond. He loves his niece as much as he does his own children.

Ram Prasad (RP) – Age 48: Younger brother of Durga Prasad, loving husband and father of Swara. Sujata is his wife. He has worked alongside his brother all his life. He respects DP and loves his Bhabi a lot. He loves Lakshya and Aliya as his own. RP went to school with Shekhar.

Annapurna – Age 45: Wife to DP and Mother to Lakshya and Aliya. She was an only child and when she married DP she felt like her life was complete as she also received much love from her younger brother in law who she treats like her younger brother. Her and Sujata share another great bond. She loves Ragini and wants her as her daughter in law as soon as possible. Took care of Zain and Sanskar for a few years after Jhanki passed away.

Sujata – Age: 44: Wife of RP and mother of Swara. A very funny and cute character with a lot to say. Loves her family a lot. Respects her brother DP and Bhabi Annapurna. She’s a very positive person. Sujata admires Annapurna for all her work and her morals. She also loves Ragini as her own daughter and thinks that when Lakshya and her get married they’ll live a very happy life.
Lakshya – Age 24: Eldest child of DP and Annapurna and older brother to Aliya. He is currently studying Law along with his best friend Sanskar. In a long term relationship with Ragini and loves her a lot. He wishes to settle down with her soon. Has a lot of respect for his parents and uncle&aunt. Cousin brother of Swara. Very funny and smart who strives for perfection.

Aliya – Age 22: Daughter of DP and Annapurna, younger sister of Lakshya and cousin sister to Swara who is one of her best friends along with Ragini. A very simple and traditional girl who values family and wants to work in the jewellery business , mainly wedding design. Loves her uncle&aunt which spoil her.

Swara – Age 22: Daughter of RP and Sujata younger cousin to Lakshya and Aliya. Best friends to Ragini and Aliya. Sweet and bubbly. She wants to become a teacher as she adores children. Loves her uncle&aunt who spoil her as she’s an only child.

Hope you like the Characters guys! It took me a month to get this all together but any future characters will have a similar introduction in the chapter. This story will focus on all the characters but the lead pair will be Lakshya and Ragini. Hope you enjoy this Fanfiction and I really would like you guys to comment and share with people who you think will like it. Thank You for reading this!

Chapter 1:
A girl is sitting centre stage of a big set. She is wearing a heavy cream lengha with all the heavy jewellery.
Ho Ranjhe majiyaan charaiyaan
Ranjhe majiyaan charaiyaan
Doli le gaye ne kede
Ve lag gaye nain avede
O lag gaye nain avede
Ve lag gaye nain avede
This is our main lead Ragini. She is dancing in front of a crowd to the son Sabki Baratein aayin.
Sabki baratein aayi doli tu bhi lana
Sabki baratein aayi doli tu bhi lana
Dulhan bana ke humko raja ii le jana
Sabki baratein aayin..

Chaha tha maine socha tha maine
Kya kya the armaan dil-e-nadaan ke
Aankhon mein aansu aaye
Ho.. aankhon mein aansu aaye par koi na aaya
Ab to kisi ko bhi apna ke hai bulana
Sabki baratein aayin…
In aankhon mein thi ik raat saji
Haathon mein kabhi choodi si baji
Par aankh khuli to aaya nazar
Na raat saji na choodi baji
Mera toota tha dil uski jhankar thi
Sara woh rang tha mere khoon-e-dil ka
Yeh to hai rona dil ka
Haan.. yeh to hai rona dil ka kaahe ka tarana
Ab to kisi ko bhi apna ke hai bulana
Sabki baratein aayi doli tu bhi lana
Dulhan bana ke humko raja ii le jana
Sabki baratein aayin…
Chalo jo bhi hua woh khoob hua
Ab har koi mehboob hua
Hai sabke liye yeh raat meri
Ab to hai yehi aukaat meri
Hans ke bheegi palak chamkaana hai
Sooni baahein adaa se lehrana hai
Gam kha ke aansu pee ke
Ho.. gam kha ke aansu pee ke mehfil mein gana
Ab to kisi ko bhi apna ke hai bulana
Sabki baratein aayi doli tu bhi lana
Dulhan bana ke humko raja ii le jana
Sabki baratein aayi doli tu bhi lana
Dulhan bana ke humko raja ii le jana
Sabki baratein aayin…
At the end of the song she spun round and around that she fell with both hands supporting her.
*AlarmRings* A girl shoots up from bed and turns her alarm off.
Ragini: The same dream again? Oh gosh , I should get ready quickly.
Ragini gets out of bed and gets ready, she put on a button up denim shirt which she wore a burgundy jumper along with a pair of boyfriend jeans and topped the outfits off with some black boots. Her hair was in her signature fish tail braid. Her make up was light , quick eyebrows , mascara bit of foundation with bronzer and highlight and her favourite pink nude matte lips. She grabbed her bag and went downstairs. She went into the kitchen and made some tea and pancakes for everyone. As she came out with the pancakes she saw Zain coming down the stairs.
Ragini: Good Morning Bhaiya.
Zain came and sat next to her: Good Morning Ragini.
Ragini put some pancakes on a plate and passed it to him.
Ragini: Bhaiya! I had the same dream!
Zain: 3rd time!
Ragini: I know.
Ragini poured him some tea.
Zain: Ragini, I think it’s a sign.
Ragini: Really?
Zain: Yeah , you’ve been crazy about what song you’ll dance to for your leaving assembly and since you haven’t thought about anything yet maybe you should dance to the song in your dream.
Ragini: That’s not a bad idea.
Zain was getting up to leave: That was delicious , now I must run.
He kissed Ragini on the head and left.
Ragini: But Bhiaya… you didn’t even finish it.
Sanskar: Do you have any left for me?
Ragini turned around to see her other brother come down the stairs.
Ragini: Obviously Bhai!
She too plated up some pancakes and poured him some juice instead of tea.
Sanskar: Baba has gone to work early and will be back late.
Ragini: That Baba! I only saw him twice this week and today’s a Thursday.
Sanskar: That’s our Dad.
Ragini: I know, now Bhai hurry and eat we need to leave soon.
Sanskar: These taste amazing.
Ragini: Yes they do , just stuff it in and hurry!
Ragini got her bag and started dragging Sanskar off his seat.

That was the first chapter! Now trust me it will be longer! Just wait and read. Thank you again so much. Now the Godadia Mansion is the house from the show Beintehaa and The Meheshwari Mansion is the same one fromore the show.
P.S Sorry for any typos!!!

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