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Lakshmilla – 19!!

All the family members are eating dinner together
Lav and kush sit between ram and sita
Utthara sits between lakshman and urmilla
Malini is in her mother s lap and so is shreya.
The mothers sit next to ram lakshman and bharat
Kaushalya-sita I am glad that u and yours and ram s santan were able to meet ram on his bday
Kaikeyi-now we r all together like how we used to be 12 years back

Sita smiles
Sita- but I am sad that day after tomorrow we will be leaving the rajbhavan to the forest back again
Ram-but sita, why don’t u stay here.?
Sita- but the praja has not yet accepted me
Ram-don’t mind abt the praja… think abt your family
Sita-raghunandan,u r a king and the praja are like your children shouldn’t the king respect the decision taken by his children
Ram becomes sad
Sita looks at utthara
Sita- moreover as per the promise I gave to utthara ,I will keep visiting u all frequently
Utthara smiles
They all have dinner.

Ram looks at sita
Sita smiles
Utthara goes to her parents
Utthara –mata ,can I ask u something?
Urmilla-of course
Utthara-why did the praja order pitaji to abadon sita in the forest?
Urmilla- because….. they thought that she was impure
Utthara-why did they think like that?
Urmilla-mata sita had stayed in another man s abode for months. So the praja doubted on her purity
Utthara-but I had heard that mata sita had given agnipariksha ,so why did the praja still hate mata sita?
Urmilla-umm ……
Utthara-tell me
Urmilla- u r just like sita didi always asking questions.i don’t know why!! Leave me utthara ,I have to do some work
Utthara-why did mata urmilla did not answer me, I have to know the answer somehow!
Urmilla goes to lakshman
Lakshman-what happened?
Urmilla-utthara was asking me so many questions. I did not know how to answer her.she was aking question abt the banishment of sita didi.
Lakshman puts his hand on top of urmilla s shoulder
Lakshman- doesn’t matter leave it

Utthara goes to ram
Utthara-pitaji,why was mata sita banished ??
Ram-due to the praja and a man known as bhadra
Utthara- isn’t he the royal washerman?
Ram-yes he is
Utthara-ok!!! Anyway carry on pitaji .
Ram smiles
She goes

Precap- utthara goes to bhadra.utthara aks him that why she hates sita.bhadra tell her that she is impure.utthara tells him that nobody can doubt on any person s character without knowing the entire truth.bhadra becomes startled.janak sees utthara

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