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Lakshmilla – 17!!

Utthara goes to lakshman.
Lakshman-putri!! And he runs and carries her
Lakshman hugs her tightly.
Lakshman- where did u go ?? and why
Utthara-I went to the forest since I was really sad
Lakshman- but whenever I used to shout at u ,u never said anything , but when ram bhaiya shouted at u , u ran to the forest.can u tell me the reason
Uttthara-pitaji.. a father is never angry with his daughter. U r my father so I know that how much ever u shout at me ,u will always love me .
Lakshman-then what abt pitaji ram??
Utthatra-even he loves me a lot,but I knew that he will come to the forest in search of me and he himself will take me back to ayodhya.
Lakshman- ohhh!! Clever girl huh!!
Utthara smiles
Ram is in his room.
Ram-sita ,I am really happy after seeing u. I haven’t seen u since 12 years.
ram goes to the dressing table.
He sees the kumkum box.
Ram remembers some past memories such as when sita applies the sindoor on her forehead and tells him that she applies it for his well being
Ram falls down and cries.
utthara sees him
utthara- pitaji ram is crying again .i have to do something
utthara goes

after some time
utthara comes inside ram s room’
ram sees her
utthara –here u go pitaji,
utthara hands ram an idol
utthra- this is mata sita s idol,whenever u r depressed, look at this idol and u will never feel lonely
ram-thank u so much utthara ,only u can understand my sorrow.
They smile
Lakshman and urmilla are in their room
Lakshman-urmilla, lets play a game.
Urmilla- tell me
Lalshman- I will tell u the name of one of our family members and u will have to act like them.
Urmilla- ok
Lakshman- here we go, ram bhaiya
Urmilla- omg !! u and ram bhaiya
Urmilla act like a king
Lakshman- sita bhabhi
Urmilla acts like as if she is asking questions abt every situation
Lakshman- utthara
Urmilla acts like a girl who supports everyone when they are happy or sad.
Lakshman- me
Utthara acts like as if she is person who is very angry and cant even smile and she also acts as if she is praising the qualities of ram
Lakshman stares at her
Urmilla smiles
Urmilla runs
Lakshman chases her
They have fun


Precap-it is ram s bday.. utthara calls ram to the garden
Ram becomes shocked.

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