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Lakshmila by Malvi – 1

The Scorching sun made Mithila even more precious during the most awesome day. Yes it was Sita’s Swayamwar. Urmila, Mandvi & Shruthkirti were ready already and Sita was so confusing about her dress but was sad too having no idea about Ram’s participation. Sunaina was already teary-eyed. Sita wiped her tears.

Urmila was so annoyed. She told “I know you will never cry when I go away from you.” Sunaina laughed and said “it’s Sita’s time now you will get your time later”. Everyone laughed. The three sisters dressed sita and she was stunning as always. Sita & others were spending some time with the members while Urmila went outside was wondering how her husband will be. Suddenly she saw a man cutting woods standing very far to her. She looked at him. He was very busy cutting woods so he never noticed urmila. She thought that it was some stranger and ignored him. “URMILA ! where are you?” It was Mandvi ” I’m here didi. Here I come” said urmila.


Urmila sees two persons being accompanied with Vishwamitra. One of them resembles to Urmila. She keeps thinking.

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