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Kya Yehi Ishq Hai | Last Part | Abhishek + Mihika

Arnav brings Khushi in the house, followed by Abhishek and Gayatri. Everyone welcomes them.

Anjali: Aunty G, do we have the permission to take your daughter and get her ready for her sangeet?

Arnav and Khushi glance at each other, surprised.

Mihika: Hey, don’t look so shocked. This has all been planned for you both.

Gayatri (laughs): Yes, of course, you can.

Khushi blushes as Abhishek laughs and gives her a side-hug.

Arnav (smiles): Thanks, Miku.

Mihika: Enough, Yaar. Come on, Khushi. Let’s go.

Mihika grabs her hand and drags her upstairs, into her room. She makes Khushi sit in front of the mirror.

Mihika: You already look beautiful, but we still need to do a little touch up. You’ve been crying too much. I’ll get the makeup kit.

Khushi (whispers): Mihika, are you not upset with me?

Mihika (laughs): Pagal ho kya? Why would I be upset?

Khushi: I mean, you love Arnav and I took him away from you.

Mihika: You didn’t do anything. I stepped out of the way myself. I thought I loved him, but that was never the case. He’s not my type anyway.

Khushi (frowns): Then who’s your type?

Mihika (puts a necklace on Khushi): Someone like your brother.

Khushi looks at her to see Mihika blushing.

Mihika (whispers): Or maybe him.

Khushi (laughs) Really?

Mihika nods.

Khushi giggles and stands up, hugging Mihika.

Khushi: You’re going to be my bhabi, huh? I can’t believe it – you and him. How? When?

Mihika: Long story short, he was hired as my bodyguard when I ran away and we grew closer as we spent time together.

Khushi: No wonder Bhai looked so lost after coming home. He really missed you.

Mihika (smiles sadly): I know. Now, come on! Enough of this talk. I need to get you ready.

Mihika and Khushi talk as Mihika gets her ready. Mihika’s eyes widen as Khushi comes out of the bathroom. She looks beautiful as she’s worn a peach colour saree.

Mihika: I swear, Arnav will struggle to keep his hands off you.

Khushi laughs.

There’s a knock on the door.

Mihika (helps Khushi wear her earrings): Come in.

Abhishek: They told me to . . ..

Mihika freezes and Abhishek stops talking, looking at the two of the three important women in his life.

Abhishek’s eyes soften.

Abhishek (whispers): You look stunning, Choti.

Khushi smiles and walks over to him, hugging him. Mihika turns towards the mirror, hiding her face from Abhishek.

Khushi: Thank you, Bhai. I’m just so happy today, and it’s all thanks to Mihika Di. If it wasn’t for her then . . . she’s proved that love always wins – no matter what.

Abhishek: Let bygones be bygones. Everything happens for a reason – maybe this was supposed to happen to make us realise and understand the value of what we have before we lose it.

Khushi (smiles as she pulls away): You’re right. And I think it’s about time you two talk.

Abhishek glances at Mihika but she’s still facing away, nervous.

Anjali (enters room): Khushi G, are you ready yet?

Khushi: Yes, Di. I–I think we should head downstairs now. Arnav G must be waiting.

Abhishek (jokingly): You’re not even married yet and you’re already eager to get rid of me? I see how it is.

Khushi: You’ll thank me for it later.

Anjali chuckles as she understands why Khushi said so.

Anjali: Let’s go then.

Khushi and Anjali leave, smiling. Khushi winks at Anjali and she shakes her head.

Arnav comes up to them.

Arnav: Where’s Mihika? I need to talk to her.

Anjali (stutters): Uh, she’s busy.

Arnav: Let me see.

Khushi (steps in front of him): You can’t go inside.

Arnav (looks at her then Anjali): What’s going on, you two? I need to talk to her. Move.

Khushi and Anjali: No!

Arnav looks at them, confused.

Arnav: Are you hiding something from me?

Both women look at each other. Anjali nods and walks away.

Khushi puts her arms around his neck. Arnav’s nervous.

Khushi (whispers): Arnav and Khushi. Mihika and Abhishek. Perfect couples, aren’t they?

Arnav (surprised): Really? Miku and Abhishek?

Khushi nods, grinning.

Arnav: How didn’t I figure that out? You’re right. I should leave them alone.

Khushi moves back but Arnav holds her in place.

Arnav: Where are you going?

Khushi: Koi dekh lay ga, stop it, Arnav G.

Arnav: Let them see. What can they do? We’re getting married soon anyway.

Khushi decides to tease him.

Khushi: Oh, toh aisi baat hai? Okay, fine. I guess it doesn’t matter if people see us together.

Khushi slowly walks towards him and reaches to kiss his cheek.

Arnav (stutters): Khushi, control yourself. What’re you doing?

Khushi: That’s called romance, in case you forgot.

Arnav’s nervous, making Khushi laugh.

Arnav: You’ll never change.

Khushi (giggles): That’s true.


Inside the bedroom, Abhishek and Mihika are still quiet, struggling to understand how to start a conversation. Before today, they had talked non-stop, but today it felt as if they had lost the ability to speak. Mihika still faced away from him.

Finally, Abhishek clears his throat.

Abhishek: Mihika—

Mihika (interrupts): Do you hate me?

Abhishek (comes closer to her): Do you really think I can do that?

Mihika: I’ve hurt you a lot, haven’t I?

Abhishek: As they say, if you don’t experience pain whilst in love, then you haven’t loved at all. And, as sad as it sounds, I welcomed it because it made me realise that what I felt for you was . . . real, something eternal. It’s something I can’t easily give up on.

Mihika (turns around, tears in her eyes): And, yet, you never once called to convince me not to proceed with the wedding. What if Arnav and Khushi were not involved? What if I hadn’t realised my feelings? Would you have let me married him?

Abhishek smiles, amused.

Mihika: Wipe that stupid smile off your face and answer me.

Abhishek: Yes.

Mihika (gasps): Idiot! Go away, I don’t want to talk to you.

Mihika walks past him but he grabs her wrist, making her stop.

Abhishek: I won’t ask why you didn’t trust me enough to confide in me about Arnav and Khushi because I know you must’ve had your reasons. And, as for the question you asked me, I would’ve let you marry him because . . . I believe my love is strong enough to withstand any test. I believe that you surely would have realised what your heart wants, no matter what.

Abhishek slowly turns her around and gently pulls her close, lifting her chin.

Abhishek: We know each other for a month, but there’s this insane chemistry between us, something that’s impossible to be missed by us and others, something that can never be replaced. Even if we wanted to forget about it, we couldn’t have, and I know that would’ve stopped you from marrying Arnav. I trust my love for you – and I know, no matter what happens – it’ll pull you back to me.

Mihika cries and hugs Abhishek tightly.

Mihika: I honestly have no idea what I’ve done to deserve you. You’re a wonderful man, Abhi, and I–I . . . I love you.

Abhishek (smiles, tears in his eyes): I love you too, Mihika.

Ishq Hai, Ishq Hai, Haan Yehi Ishq Hai chorus plays.

Abhishek moves her back and kisses her forehead. Mihika closes her eyes and smiles shyly.

Mihika (thinks): Haan, yehi ishq hai.


This is it! KYIH is officially finished. How did you find it? How can I improve it? Thanks, as always, for your lovely comments. I appreciate them. ?

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