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so guys… im back with my ff.. first of all guys.. my exams went really well.. thnks alot for ur support.. im really happy with your support
and guys i got my results.. i have got the 10point grade in all the subjects.. and i have got the all-rounder award for my school artsfest.. so I’m really really very happy…
and guys im really sorry for not updating for a long time.. as sooon as my exams got over i had many programs in my school…

here is the link for the previous epi : episode-5

so now lets get into the epi..
yuvrajs pov :
on the way to shrivasthav mansion i was continuously thinking about my encounter wid that girl.. although we were fighting i could feel a special bond with her.. her words are ringing in my ears even now…

god.. this girl gas stolen my little heart..
next time if i see her again ill take it as a green signal.. and ill make sure she is mine..
suhanis pov :

ohh my god.. that guy.. he is such a flirt.. but donno y i dont feel like hating him.. usually i hate guys who behave like this.. but this one.. he is someone really different.. i can feel some strong bond with him.. ehhh now y am i thinking a lot abt dis stranger..

suddenly i felt a hand on my shoulders.. it was soumya..
soum : suhani.. where are u lost yaar..
suh. : nothing yaar.. now y r u sounding. so excited…
som. : u know wat.. i hv hid all ur photos from ur house..
suh. : wat.. but y??
som. : bcoz i know very well dat yuvraj might be dying to see u.. and he might not have expected this much change in you..
suh. : Areey.. somu were u dat jobless..
somya : chal chal.. lets go home before they reach..
third person pov :
yuvraj birla along with his family reached shrivasthav mansion before suhani..

there was latha ji and pankaj ji along with bhawna waiting for them at the front door…

everyone greeted them.. and they hugged each other…

but yuvrajs eyes were searching for one person..
this was noticed by the whole family.. they were trying to supress their laughter ..

finally dadi spoke up
dadi : lata beta.. suhani kaha hai..
lata had been instructed by soumya not reveal anything much abt suhani..
lata : ma… she has gone out with soumya.. she will be coming back..

after sometime ..
yuvraj : latha aunty.. i just need to fresh up.. could u pls tell me where is my room.

latha : beta use suhanis room for the time being… ur room is being cleaned.. come ill show you her room..
yuv : ok aunty..

yuvi got inside the washroom..

after few minutes suhani and sowmya reached the shrivasthav mansion..

the whole birla parivar was confused as to who is suhani..
suhani was emotional as well as happy to see her dadi and pratima aunty after a long time…
she immediately ran to prathima and hugged her….
suhani : aunty.. kithne saal baad dekh rahe hai aapko…
with dat all of them understood who was suhani…

dadi : beta .. you have changed a lot.. u hv become a perfect lady now….
u look gorgeous beta…

suhani : thank u dadi..

even suhani’s eyes were searching for yuvraj..

everyone understood that..

dadi : suhani beta yuvraj has gone to fresh up..

with that all started laughing seeing suhanis expression..

precap : yuvani meeting..

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