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Kush Rang Bahara – Shivika ff (Part 3)

Here its Maria again with episode 3 of this ff….so I would like to thank all of you for supporting me….and want to ask your opinion of my command over hindi…I know its pathetic…my friends were telling me…..so If u want me write the dialogues too in English…Please inform. Another thing is that my exams are coming next week and I’m dead. So I don’t know when I’ll be able to post the next update but I’ll try to do it ASAP.


Today’s IB was too sad…Shivaay proposing tia. But we can definitely wait for the characters to evolve….anyway I respect the director’s choice….and it was actually good that he didn’t rush. Sorry guys for the blabbering.

So lets continue…..

Dadi enters followed by Oberoi women
Dadi: mujhe Anika ki bare me baath karne hi sabse..unki shaadi ki bare me..Is bare mein tume kya kehna hai Shivaay??
S: Dadi yeh practical nahi….it will affect our status..


D : Mujhe aisa nahi lagta..abhi bhi bahut karoch ayyi he…tumari shaadi tia se pakki hogayi…me om se baat kiya da…usse mansur he…
Shivaay is confused and shocked..he tried to make sense of dadi’ s words….aab breakup..shaadi..om
O: Muje Anika hamesha acha laga da…par mein yese kabhi nahi socha…hamari soch milti he

Rudy joins them..
R: O mujhe toh goosebumps aare….ho om (kisses him) Anika bhaabi…
Shivaay is dumbstruck…different thoughts rushed through his mind. They all knew it na…still…how could they he felt a sharp pain deep in his heart….he was scared whether he would suffer a break down…it was more than he can take….he should keep himself away from her and also see her being someone else’s. Dadi knew, Omru knew. But he denied every time so they weren’t wrong, they would have ended up believing  him. He hoped that Anika will come and say NO….
Seeing Shivaay’s doomed expression

Om started off…

O: Shivaay mujhe yeh koon kandhan surname ye sabh mahine nahilagte mujhe insaan aur sach mahine lagte….aur rishta mein ek sachi achi insaan se judta hai surname se nahi…
Shivaay wanted to say something but his throat parched up….and words wouldn’t just come out..
It was his own brother….still….the thought of losing Anika killed him…
Rudra : Anikara kitna cute sa couple name he na
….Shitia se kahi syaada acha lagte he…

Rudra had a score there…but Shivaay was in no mood to enjoy that joke.
The act of joining Anika’ s name with Om’s made shivaay feel hapless…he wanted to hit rudra for doing so….
S: Mujhe yeh sabh sahi nahi lagta…ek bar badepapa se baat ki jiye na…
He walks out…Anika enters..
Dadi : Hum yeha tumhare baare me baat kar re de….
Anika: Mere bhare mein??
Anika notices Shivaay’s lost expression and worries… (yeh kya hua billuji ko…. bahut parishan lagre…pehle tikk hu da…)
Dadi: Hum tumhari shaadi karne wale he….om se
Anika felt like she was hit hard with something….om aur mein shaadi….yeh kya ho re…woh to meri dost…bhai jaise he na….aur billuji…she felt miserable. She couldn’t speak…
D: Om ne maan liya…aab tumhari baari he…
A: ….Dadi
D: Tum sochkar batao Anika
Shivaay steps again to throw another excuse. But it became terrible fall through.
S: This will become a big stain on our family.
Anika feels angry….its been a month since she came to stay at the oberois. Shivaay occasional expressions of love and sudden disappearances made her frustrated.
She knew that she loved him and he too loved her, but his ego wouldn’t allow him to accept this fact. But she needed acceptance.

A: Mujhe qubool hai dadi….agar ghar me sabko mansur he tho….

Shivaay went speechless. The trauma was too much. He felt as the whole world crumbled over him and he was buried beneath all those debris..

Rudy, Somu n Prinku : Ab se aap Anika baabhi ho…,

Shivaay left the place in haste, he took his car and drove off fast, parking it on a desolate place. He couldn’t hold back anymore….it was a breakdown. …tears rushed down his cheeks, he cried loudly.

S: Anika mujhe chodke mat jao….I need u

Back at the Oberoi’s Anika couldn’t believe herself….she had given her consent…as she was angry with Shivaay for his sso waali comment. But now everyone was celebrating. …preparing for hers n Om’s shaadi.

Tej’s room

Tej : Kya Anika sahi ladki he om ke liye…lok hum par hasengi

Jhanvi : Anika achi ladki hai….shayad unki wajase aap aur om ki beej ki dooriyam kam pad sakte…

Tej sighs

T: Agar Om kush he toh…me iss bare meine kuch aur nahi kahenga..

Anika heard this…she sighed

A: Meri wajase iss gharme koi problem nahi aa sakti..

The landline rung loudly…as nobody else was around Anika picked it up.

Caller: Shivaay sir??

A: kaun bolre?

Caller: Mam ye office se he….Sir ab tak nahi aya…bahoti important presentation he….kya ham kisi aur ko bechne hai….Sir phone bhi nahi lere.

Tej enters…Anika hands over the phone.

Anika: billuji toh bahut pehle nikal chuki di….ab tak nahi pahunja…kaha gaya hoga…woh bhi…meeting ko chodke…

Anika wonders….she suddenly gets tensed.

Its 12 am…everyone is sleeping…

Anika is sitting on the couch restlessly…

She hears some noise outside…looks through the eye hole and opens the door…she finds Shivaay…drunk

A: apne sharab piya billuji

S: Tum kon he?

A: Mein….Meint tho..Apki beti

S: Tume tia se koi resemblance he nahi….Anika jaise lagre hai

He smiles at her widely….and is about to fall.

A: Billuji dheere…

She makes him lie on his bed and  he keeps on holding her hand…

A: billuji haath to chod..

S: Paanika…mat ja

He sleeps on her shoulder..she takes off his suit and shoes…..her bracelet gets stuck in Shivaay’s watch…..it breaks and hangs down..she.covers him with a blanket and leaves…switching off the lights..

Dadi watches….she gets..worried 

Dadi: bilu ki halat karaab hore..

Anika sees Om she smiles slightly at him and proceeds to her room…she sits near her bed and cries…

A: billuji…mein apko tho nahi bul sakte…

Its morning…

Shivaay gets up feeling heavy….he tries to recollect past day’s incidents.

Precap: Shivaay takes Anika’s bracelet, he holds it tight and keeps it safe in his locker.

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Don’t worry guys Anikara won’t happen….I’m a die hard fan of Shivika…I won’t split them. Don’t we need a nice girl for our noble OSO??

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