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kumkum bhagya – Married to a stranger (teaser)

Hey guys…it’s bhagi. I know I am new to telly updates..I updated several post but its my first thing for abhigya..so enjoy guys…

A quick short teaser …
”You need to know” I said softly.
”Why” she mumbled again.”Because its YOU fuggi.
Your the girl who striked my interest and you’re my first crush. Its always you fuggi.
ITS ALWAYS YOU”I said hugging her. She blinked her eyes several times and smiled like an idiot.
My Idiot.


”M-Me ? You’re not lying right ?” I nodded ” OMG its me. Its me yayy” she started doing a happy dance on my lap.”
wait a second , then who’s your first kiss?” She asked me after a while.”You” I mumbled burying my head in her neck.
Lets say its her chance to laugh at me…

So are you guys ready for an romantic marriage first then love ka story..

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