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Hii friends. ..now i am now free from my exams…thank u all for the comments. I never thought i will get some ..comments. ..

Precap…pragya’s marriage


Early morning. .pragya wakes up and see her husband sleeping covering his face..due do sun rays…she goes and closes the balcony. Then she goes and fresh up and goes to kitchen. She sees dadi…
D:come in dr
P:gm …dadi
D:i will teach you. ..ur husbands fav coffee
P:kk dadi
She learns and put the coffee and take it to her room…he was not not their..so she goes…then he comes and takes the coffee and smiles..

In hall
Pragya’s family comes
R:radhaakrishna dadi
R:we came here to see pragya since we miss her..
D:this is ur house
R:happy..tomorrow is karwa chuth
D:yes pragya first festival
Pu:dadi we have to it grand
B:please dadi
D:okk u two do arrangements
They all continue. ..

Night…..pragya’s and boys thought
The boy in his bed…pragya in balcony
B:how this happened. .so soon…i have…
P:not seen his face also….but i should…
B:accept this…i should take to her
P:i should first see him
Both stars to move towrds them..they were up to see..but both call from ragini and dadi ….they take …then both goes and sleeps..pragya thinks to keep fast for het husband…

Next day
The house is fully decorated. …pragya wearing red saree….the boy in red cutha
….the whole day keep fast for him…his is also in fast since a girl keeps fast for him ..with out seeing him…


At night
The boy comes …every one doing pooja…he sees pragya from back under the moon light…in the balcony waiting for him…bulbul :di jiju came..start ur pooja …she goes out
Pragya does the rituals
She sees the moon and turn…cold breeze touch them….she sees him and she is
Abhi saw her..and he was mesmerised by her beauty. ..they have eyelock…
It was broke by the sound of windchain in the balcony. ..
P:abhi tum…
A:what are u doing in my home
P:ur …but in this room
A:oye this is my room …..but u
P:ur room….this means. ..we r
A:what….then we are
P:Married. ..is this true…..u are my husband
A:but….u r my wife…hoo no…i never saw u while our marriage.
P:but…how …u were in london..then adhu….she faints because of her fast…
Abhi feed her water …and take her in his arms and place her in the bed..while that time she holds his shirt ..so he sets near her holding her hands…and see her shivering due to ac …he off the ac…she then hug him in setting position. ..while sleeping. ..abhi sees her and remerber about their 1st meeting….her bangle…and their first kisss..he to sleeps in setting position.

After some time she sees him holding her…and wounder i came here…..then how all this happened. ….then..she sees him sweating. ..so she on the ac…..and she went to Balcony and sleplt…..

I hope u all liked it…if it is boring am sorry friends …….i will try to update soon …..please comment

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