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Kumkum Bhagya 3rd October 2016 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 3rd October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in.

The Episode starts with Pragya smiling looking at the balloon and thinks whatever is not possible, why I am thinking. She thinks talking with him is important to me. Aaliya comes and asks what you are doing here. Pragya says Abhi asked her to decorate the terrace. Aaliya thinks Pragya will be tortured when she comes to know why Abhi made her decorate the terrace. She sits down and plays with balloon. Pragya asks her to pass the newspaper. Aaliya says I am not your servant and asks her to take newspaper by herself. Pragya is about to take newspaper, but then Aaliya realizes and thinks if Pragya sees newspaper, then she will manipulate Abhi. She picks the paper and tells Aaliya that she has to read it and have some work. Pragya goes. Abhi thinks Tanu shall agree for marriage, and both family shouldn’t have any problem. Dadi comes and asks Abhi why he is troubled and what is he hiding? Dasi says this news might be known to everyone now.


Dadi says we trust you and know that our son is not like this. Abhi says I will handle everything and asks them not to take tension. He says I have decided what to do, I have a solution so that Tanu or my name is not ruined. Dasi asks what he is going to do? Abhi is about to tell about his marriage decision, but stops thinking Aaliya asked him not to tell anyone. He says I will tell you later. Dasi agrees. Dadi blesses him and prays for his happiness.

Pragya decorates the terrace. Robin comes and asks if she needs her help. Aaliya brings Tanu there and make her see pragya decorating the terrace. She says she did this decoration for you, as Abhi is going to propose you. Tanu says oh my god. This is happiness double dose, can’t wait for the evening. Aaliya asks her to come. Mitali is about to hear them. Tanu scolds her and asks what is this misbehavior. Aaliya asks her to tell truly if she heard them. Mitali says no. Aaliya threatens her. Mitali says you are thinking wrong and says I went to terrace following Robin. She then says that she heard their conversation and will tell everyone. Aaliya asks will you tell everyone. Mitali says yes, I will tell everyone. Tanu says I didn’t see big fool like you and says Abhi will announce to everyone and media. Mitali says okay, then I will tell Pragya. Aaliya warns her not to tell anything else she will not spare her. Mitali says I am not scared of you, and tells that she is not going to tell anyone. Aaliya asks her to sleep and not to show her face to anyone.

Abhi comes to terrace. Pragya asks how did you come here. Abhi says he climbed the wall and came here. He touches her face….Sanam Re plays…………Pragya closes her eyes. It was her imagination. Abhi comes there and thinks unbelievable. He likes the decoration. Pragya asks how did you come here. Abhi asks I came from this way. Pragya says okay. Abhi asks did you decorate all this for me and says I can’t think that you are so romantic. You talk dull and boring, but your work is romantic.

Abhi thinks this situation and time is right. He holds Pragya’s hand. He asks her to look at him, in his eyes…..Allah wariyan plays………He asks what you are seeing? He says there is a language of silence, and I will talk you in that language. He says my talk is not over yet. He says if I tell you that I want to sing for you all my life, how you will feel? Pragya gets emotional. He asks how you will feel if I tell you that I love you. Will you stay in my heart as my music, for forever. Pragya is happy and smiles. Abhi asks how did you feel? Pragya asks what? Abhi says he has practiced and tested on her. Pragya says you should have told me that it is a test. Abhi says I will tell you, why did I do this. Pragya says no, I am going now as my working hours are over. Abhi tries to stop her, and thinks why she is over acting as if I should proposed her.

Taya ji tells that the food is delicious today. Tai ji asks Mitali, why she is smiling? Mitali says I came to know something which you people don’t know and says my enemy is going to cry today. Aaliya comes there, Mitali stops talking seeing her. Aaliya thinks if Bhai propose Tanu now then nobody will stop him. Abhi is coming downstairs, but Aaliya stops him and says Tanu is waiting for you on terrace and asks him to have food with her. She asks him to propose Tanu. Abhi says I am doing this for you, and goes. Aaliya smirks and thinks I am helping myself. She thinks Pragya’s dreams will be shattered seeing Abhi proposing Tanu.

Aaliya asks Pragya to go to terrace and correct her work. Pragya comes to terrace and sees Abhi proposing Tanu for marriage. She is shattered.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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