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Kumkum Bhagya 26th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 26th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Abhi asking Pragya to decide about her mehendi outfit. Pragya says you are looking excited today. She shows him suit. Abhi says he will not wear suit today. Pragya looks for his clothes and asks how he is confident about his marriage. Abhi says Tanu cleared his confusion and tells that she told that arrange marriage works in India and both the partner do adjustment and sacrifices. Pragya thinks so Tanu trap him like this and thinks she has to brain wash his mind. She tells him that arrange marriages also end up in divorce. She asks him to wear any clothes as it is arranged marriage. He asks what you are saying? He says if I will be happy after marriage and asks her to tell. She gets Purab’s call and tells that he will ruin Tanu’s marriage. Abhi takes the phone and asks


her to answer. Pragya says if she would have been in his place then she will ask him question, if they have a fight then if he will help her family. She says the person loves him will help her family. She gives the dress and says she ordered it online from his designer.

Abhi thanks her and calls her fuggi. He asks her to go and says he will change the clothes. He comes out and asks how am I looking? Pragya asks what did you call me just now. Abhi says Nikku/Niki. Pragya says fuggi? Abhi says no. Pragya thinks it might be her imagination. They get down the stairs. Dadi admires their Jodi and blesses them. Abhi asks Pragya who is he? Pragya says he is Tanu’s dad. A guest tells that his female fan will be disheartened to know his marriage. Abhi smiles. Purab greets Abhi. Abhi tells Purab that Tanu’s mum is sitting and will go (die) soon. Tanu accompanies Abhi and says she will go wherever he will go.

Abhi’s fan comes to the function and greets Tanu. Tanu says she couldn’t called her and asks how did she come here. Pooja says she came to meet Abhi, and says you had kept the party for some reasons. Tanu is tensed. Pooja says she is Abhi’s fan and wants to tell him something. She tells him that it was Tanu’s plan to trap him in the party, and make him guilty. Tanu asks her to stop it and says you have forgotten that party and mehendi is both mine. Abhi says she is my fan and have full right to say. He asks her to say. Pooja says party was a full plan and says you didn’t drink it with your wish, you was drunk forcibly by your own sister Aaliya. She says I was confused and thought why she is doing this and making you drink strong drinks without your knowledge. She says I thought she is in celebration mood. She says when you was dancing with Tanu, Tanu made you slipped on herself and then Aaliya took your pictures secretly. She says when I saw your photos in the newspaper then I understood that the party was kept to trap you, and tells that Aaliya and Tanu were both involved.

Purab thanks Pooja. Pooja says I am Abhi’s fan and can’t see anything wrong happening with him. Dadi says I know my Abhi can’t do this and was betrayed. She says now I knew that he was forced to do all that. She asks Aaliya and Tanu to die with shame. Abhi asks Aaliya to say if she is saying truth. He asks are you involved in this? Tanu thinks her face is blackened on her mehendi day. Aaliya says this is truth. Everyone is stunned. Abhi says it means…you and Tanu…Aaliya says this is truth, but it is her dream truth. She says Pooja came here as your lover today and not your well wisher.

Aaliya says you have doubted on me and believed this girl. She asks how can you doubt on me, and makes him emotional. She says if I will make you drink forcibly and acts to cry. Abhi says I hope you haven’t done this. Abhi says I am just asking you and not blaming you. Aaliya says she really likes you and that’s why came to tell her secret. She says she couldn’t bear when Tanu told about her marriage and then she came here to spoil the function. Pooja says she is not jealous of Tanu. Aaliya says you had said that you want your life partner like Abhi.

Aaliya threatens Pooja and says she will humiliate her infront of everyone. She says she is going to tell her truth.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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