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Kumkum Bhagya 21st October 2016 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 21st October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Sarla and Beeji talking. Pragya comes and says she is leaving for job. Sarla asks her to get half day leave. Pragya agrees and leaves. Sarla reads news in the newspaper about attack on Abhi. They get shocked and tensed. Dadi comes and asks do you know about the attack. Sarla says just now I read in the newspaper. Dadi asks are you aware about Pragya and Abhi meeting. Beeji says we didn’t know before, but one day Abhi came here. Pragya comes back for some reasons. She gets shocked seeing Dadi there. Dadi asks Pragya, didn’t you tell your family. She tells that Abhi had saved Pragya from bomb blast, and have hired Pragya as his secretary. Sarla and Beeji are shocked. Dadi says I came to tell you, so that you don’t stay in dark. Sarla asks Pragya, if she is working as


Abhi’s secretary. Pragya says yes. Sarla says Abhi has lost memory, but you remembers everything then why did you go? Sarla asks why did you go there intentionally. Dadi says I am wrong, and let this happen. I know what Tanu can do, and she has done this. She says I was afraid that if
Abhi recalls anything then his condition will worsened, but if he marries Tanu then he can’t be happy with her.

Dadi tells that she was scared before, but now they both will make him remember his memory back. She says I asked you to go from his life, but now I am asking you to come back in his life again. She asks her to make him remember their relation and says I will make Tanu know her value, and says she can’t become his wife until I am alive. She asks Pragya to come and fulfill her duty. Pragya hugs her emotionally. Sarla looks on tensed.

Mitali brings juice for Raj and asks if you are going somewhere? Raj doesn’t want to answer her and gets angry on her. Mitali asks him to beat her until his anger goes. She apologizes to him. Raj says it is too late now. Mitali asks what do you mean? Raj asks her to move from his way. Raj says it is too late now, nothing can happen if you change or not. I have hatred for you, and will leave this house. Mitali is shocked and cries badly. Pragya and Dadi come back to Mehra house. Pragya says they shall not know that we are together. Dadi says no, they shall know that we are together. They see Tanu sitting with her parents and Aaliya. Aaliya tells Dadi that Abhi has just left. Tanu’s parents tell Dadi that Abhi has spoken about her. Dadi asks what Pandit ji is doing here? Aaliya tells that Pandit ji took out take for Abhi and Tanu’s marriage. Dadi is shocked. Aaliya tells that Pandit ji took out date after 5 days, and says Abhi agreed for mehendi and sangeet function. Dadi asks if Abhi agreed. Aaliya says yes.. Tanu’s mum asks Dadi to take sweets. Dadi asks where is Abhi? Aaliya says he is in his room. Pragya looks on tensedly. Aaliya asks Tanu’s mum to make Pragya eat sweets. Tanu’s mum tells that she will make her face blacken infront of everyone. Aaliya appreciates Tanu for the speedup result.

Abhi thinks he is trapped, and thinks if Dadi would have been here then she would have handled the situation. Dadi comes there. Abhi tells him that after coming back home from jogging, he saw Tanu and his parents. Suddenly Tanu’s mum fainted and then he made her rest on bed. He tells Tanu told that her mum last wish is to see her married. He tells that they called the Pandit and took marriage date. He asks if you agree. Dadi says what she can say now? Abhi says I asked them to wait for sometime until you return, but they told me that I have announced Tanu to be my girl friend for my advantage. Then I have to agree. Dadi asks Abhi to wait till she comes back and goes to talk to Tanu and her parents.

Pragya thinks what to do now and how to hide her pain from him. Abhi thinks if Dadi managed to convince Tanu’s parents. He opens the door and sees Pragya standing. He asks what Dadi is talking to Tanu’s parents. Pragya changes the topic and asks if threat call came again. Abhi says no and says very soon you will become Tanu’s secretary. Pragya refuses to become her secretary. Abhi asks you are acting as if she has snatched your job, modelling assignment etc from you. Pragya says she doesn’t like her. Abhi asks if she is jealous of her, of her clothes and body. Pragya says she is not jealous of her, and tells that heart should be good. Abhi holds her. Zindagi ke safar me plays……They have an eye lock.

Pragya tells Abhi that you might have some connection with Tanu and that’s why you are marrying her. She tells marriage is not a joke, and it is a life time commitment, one needs to take care and keep his/her life partner happy all life. Abhi looks on hearing her thoughts.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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