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Kumkum Bhagya 19th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 19th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Abhi telling Dadi that he will do Ravan dahan then they will go home. Aaliya tells Dadi that she will ask Abhi to do everything fast and goes to talk to sharp shooter. Sharp shooter blames Abhi and tells that when I shot at her, your brother saved her. Aaliya says you couldn’t kill her. Sharp shooter says now he is adamant to kill her and it has become challenge for him now. He says I will not leave her now. He asks her to keep her brother safe, and says he is going to kill Pragya now, and will not care if others get killed. Aaliya asks what you are going to do? Sharp shooter says he don’t share his plans with anyone. Aaliya looks on. Sarla and Janki think to stay outside only as there is a tight security. Mitali and Taya ji come out talking. Mitali says Raj is not talking


to her and says what to do to make everything fine. Taya ji says I will talk to him again, and goes to get his phone.

Mitali sees Sarla and Janki hiding their faces and think to call security. She then thinks to find out who are they? She asks who are both and why did you come here? Sarla and Janki continue hiding their faces. Mitali asks why you are hiding your face like a terrorist and asks them to tell. She asks them to show invitation card and says this is a private party. Taya ji calls just then. Mitali asks them to stand there itself and says she will come back again. Sarla and Janki think they are safe now and thinks they shall wait for Pragya at some other place.

Dadi blames Tanu and calls her inauspicious. Tanu asks what you are saying? Did I planned this attack? Dadi says don’t tell that you love Abhi. We know your ramayan by heart. Tanu blames Pragya and says everything was good until she returned. Dadi says you are blaming her after trying to snatch Abhi from her. Tanu says Abhi is always hers and not of Pragya. Dadi says you are taking advantage of our helplessness. Pragya asks Dadi to calm down. Abhi says he will burn Ravan now. Tanu hugs him and asks him to keep her with him, as she is afraid of crackers. Abhi says you are looking cracker. Pragya looks on.

Purab sees Sarla and Janki and says you didn’t do this. You came inside and haven’t told me. He asks did you see anything? Sarla says no, and says they kept their face hidden. Purab says he is sensing that they came with a plan. Sarla says if she wants to spy. Purab asks did you come to check that Pragya is here, and asks her to trust her. Sarla says she trusts Pragya, but she is hiding something from her since few days, and haven’t picked her call and made her doubtful. Purab asks her to come and says I will explain you.

Purab sees Sharp shooter getting bomb kept in the bouquet. Purab thinks this can’t happen and catches the one who had kept the bomb in the bouquet and threatens to take him to Police station. Sharp shooter hits on Purab’s head and asks tells the other goon that their work will be done by the time he gets consciousness. Raj and Mitali talk to each other. Mitali tells that she needs pic to upload for her friends. Raj asks her to upload old pic and calls her childish. Mitali says it is her wish. Raj says he doesn’t like to talk to her and says you have betrayed your husband for your advantage. Mitali says I have apologized to you many times. Raj says I can’t forgive you. Mitali says tell me what to do to lower your pain. Raj asks her to go to jail and stay with inmates.

Aaliya comes back and stops Pragya, reminding her of her post and says only family and friends are allowed. She says Tanu and Abhi will be together always and says you will be very far. She asks her not to let any outsider like her enter inside. A kid gives something to Abhi. Abhi thanks him, and goes. Tanu holds Abhi’s hand. Abhi asks her to leave his hand and says what Dadi might think. Tanu says Dadi will think that they love each other. Pragya sees Sarla’s missed calls and calls her. Sarla and Janki are in the auto. Pragya asks why did you call me. Sarla says she was worried about her and that’s why called. She asks her to come soon. Pragya says okay and ends the call.

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