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Kumkum Bhagya 10th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 10th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Abhi addressing to media and says you have shown what you wanted and harmed me, but the way you have made this lie reached everyone, make one truth reach everyone also. He tells Tanu is my girl friend, and why anyone will do this with his girl friend. He says we didn’t do this relation public as we want privacy, but what we got is bad image. Tanu and Aaliya smiles. Tanu says Abhi is right. He is my boyfriend. She asks why did you present our relation wrongly and asks if we aren’t human? She says we are a couple. Reporter asks did you think about marriage. Abhi says we have thought about our kids, suhaag raat, kids boyfriend or girl friend. He asks them to decide the date if they wanted. He says we are just in relationship, and want to concentrate on our career now, will let you know once we decide to marry. He says bar is open and food is served. Pragya and Dadi looks on. Tanu thinks why didn’t he tell anything about marriage. Pragya looks at Abhi and is still hopeful. Aaliya tells Tanu that Abhi told her that he will make marriage announcement, but he didn’t say that. Tanu says Pragya changed his decision. Aaliya says Pragya can’t do this as she don’t want Abhi’s life in danger. She says who might be that person.


Dadi says I am the one. She says what did you think that I will make her my bahu, and says I will not let even her reflection come around him. She says because of Tanu, Abhi was about to die. She asks her to have shame. Dasi calls her shameless and says she came again to add poison in Abhi’s life. Dadi asks Aaliya to ask her to leave. Aaliya says she won’t go anywhere, and will stay here. She don’t wanted to kill Abhi, but Pragya. She says until Pragya is around him, there will be danger, so she will leave from here. Dadi asks Aaliya to think about herself and says I am letting you stay here just for Abhi, else I would have thrown you out. She says you have separated Abhi and Pragya, even after knowing that he can’t live without her. Aaliya says I have no problem with abhi, but with Pragya. I can’t bear her. Dadi says I can’t bear tanu and my blood starts boiling seeing her. She says I don’t want to say anything, and says I will never let Abhi marry her. Aaliya says Abhi will do whatever was there in his mind. Today you have stopped him, but if you really can then stop him again. She asks you will blame whom if anything happens to Abhi. She says you can’t stop his marriage with Tanu, and says she will marry right infront of you here. She takes Tanu from here.

Tanu asks Aaliya not to delay her marriage and says may be Dadi and Pragya influenced him. Aaliya asks her to make Abhi mad in her love. Tanu looks at Pragya and says she will ruin Pragya’s face and will not leave her. She acts to be talking on stairs and makes Pragya fall down. Pragya falls down the stairs. Abhi runs to her and asks if you are alright. Pragya says she is fine. Abhi says your head is bleeding, and asks Robin to bring first aid box. He helps her get up, and takes her from there. Tanu gets tensed and thinks why he is worrying for Pragya. He takes her to room. They have an eye lock. Dadi and Dasi come there. He makes her sit on bed and cares for her wound. He blows on her wound.

Tanu comes there, shouts at him. Abhi asks what? Tanu says all your guests are waiting for you. She asks him to come, and says will you make everyone wait for your worker. Abhi asks if she is not a human. She says others can attend her. Abhi says I will attend her if anything happens to her. He says you are saying this, even after knowing that she has slipped because of you. He says you were talking on phone, turned and made her slip from stairs. He asks her to show some courtesy and asks if you can’t feel anyone’s pain. Tanu is tensed. Abhi says if anything happens to Robin then also I will take care of him. Robin brings first aid box and goes. Abhi says if employees respect you, then only world will respect you. Tanu tells him that she is feeling proud to have a life partner like him, and tells that she will do the first aid. Dadi and Dasi smiles. She cleans her wound and apologizes. Pragya thinks she has done this intentionally, but doing drama. Pragya feels pain. Abhi asks her to get up and applies savlon on her head, and blows. Dadi and Dasi go from there. Abhi blows on her wound. Pragya closes his eyes.

Aaliya scolds Tanu and asks who asked you to do this, I told you not to use your mind. You made me fall down, what do you think that she will die. Tanu says I just want to hurt her. Aaliya says so who is getting hurt now. She says you are bringing them closer. She says Abhi can’t see anything wrong happening infront of his eyes. She says Bhai would have announced his break up with you. He has a soft corner towards her, why? She tells that Abhi likes simple, middle class girls. She shows her magazine, in which a girl is wearing salwar kameez. She asks her to wear clothes like her, and talk good like her. Tanu says people will laugh on me if I become behenji. Aaliya says then you can laugh on them. She says you are free to do anything. Abhi continues to care for her wound and blows on it. Hai Milan Ki Chahatein plays……………..Pragya closes her eyes…Abhi looks at her. She then opens her eyes. Abhi signs what happened? Pragya nods nothing.

Abhi asks how it feels to be in love. Pragya explains to him that when one is in love then he feels lost and likes to spend time with him/her, etc. Abhi stands up and comes near her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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