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Varun’s pov

I saw her speaking to someone. She was smiling happily, caressing the kids face, waiting next to the lady. The bright smile on her face was so angelic!!.. I can never forget that!!.. Even in a gloomy day it would bring sunshine. I was lost in her when suddenly someone tapped her shoulder, turning her and hugged her tightly. I took baby steps to listen what was going on and concentrated on the conversation.


Third person’s pov

“Thank you so much, Swara” the person spoke and moved aside. He was Sanskar!

“You don’t need to…” Swara smiled out in a gesture.

“I mean it, Swara! I know what I did in past was wrong. I was wrong!!.. but I realized that always pleasure and attraction isn’t what life is!!.. Love is more pious and devout! Even if you are without the person you love the most. Even if he or she is with you or without you and if the person is more happy without you then that’s totally fine, even if you lead a solitary life!!.. My fault, my failure, is not in the passions I have, but in my lack of control of them. Although I know a small sorry wouldn’t affect much still… I’m sorry”

“It’s completely okay Sanskar. Some people are meant to fall in love with each other but not meant to be together. You will always be a scar in my heart, I’ll always remember you as a friend but you can never be my life. I wish you weren’t in my dreams!!.. The most painful memory when I walked away and you let me go. I hate the moment when suddenly my anger turns into tears. But it’s correct past is past, a bitter past!” she wiped her tears “I’m happy for you. I heard Shona proposed you”



“She proposed me and I said no. Swara it turns filmy but it’s true… ‘We live once, we die once, we get married once and love also happens only once’”

“Sanky turned filmy” Swara laughed aloud “Sounds good! SRK kind of stuff!!.. Kuch Kuch Hota Hai and all ha? Not bad!” they started walking around. ( So for the one’s who didn’t understand the line Sanky spoke is from a movie Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, a Bollywood movie by Shahrukh Khan (SRK) , Kajol and Rani Mukherjee. SRK speaks those lines when his mother asks him to remarry)

“Yes! Yes! Filmy kind of!!” he laughed sadly.

“But that’s just a film not reality, Sanskar! Even SRK married Kajol no? I think you should think of..”

“Swara marriage is not always everything. Is it?” Swara got puzzled “Okay! For example, you were also living a life for 2 years before Varun entered, right? Even after so many miseries?” Swara nods “Even if you look around there are many who are still not married? Some prefer to stay bachelor? It’s no wrong to marry but life isn’t impossible without a life partner even!!.. We can stay alone, even if we are afraid of and I have that experience of being alone!”

Swara looked down “Even I’m sorry for what I said that day, the day before my marriage. I still loved you then”

“I know” he replied smoothly “And you don’t love me now” he sighed.

“Life has played games with us, Sanskar. I’m no more the childish, proud and stubborn Swara. You are no more the Sanskar I fell for!!.. He was an idiot, knew nothing except his bets and a lovely, accommodating life with luxury and nothing else! Today the person in front of me is sensible and responsible. He knows what’s wrong and what’s right! Even he had done a plenty of mistakes I’m sure he is going to rectify those and you know what I noticed a new shade of you” Sanskar looked on dazed “You are getting poetic” Swara and Sanskar laughed at their jokes, they really sounded like the ones in a old age homes. Varun chuckled as well as admired their friendship and continued listening.

“I know you genuinely loved Kavita and I’m not going to hold on or force you for Shona” Swara smiled.

“You are taking me wrong Swara” Swara looked into his eyes, that were sincere “I said the one I love was you not Kavita”Swara gasped.

“It’s a saying ‘Learn to appreciate what you have, before time makes you appreciate what you had’, it’s same like that. I didn’t value you and your love when you were with me. I tried ways to be away from you. It was not like I didn’t love you but I didn’t realize your value. I didn’t think about how you left everyone for me and came with me to Mumbai only for my sake!!.. I forgot those days you took care of me when I was sick, those days when you loved and cared for me just like my mom did! I forgot how much you did just that I don’t leave my studies for work. A man wants his wife to pamper him like his mother does, like his mother loves, a motherly love and you were so much like that!!.. but I can’t do anything except uttering a sorry. Distance doesn’t kill love it just subject it to many defects. What makes it real is when it’s able to stand the test of time. The day you went for the meeting, no doubt I missed you but there was no means that I should have opt for Kavita.

Real love you feel it, you see it, you show it! But fake love is just words. When I left you for Kavita I didn’t realize, I slapped her for you. No doubt, she loved me! But that love was different, that we had. I just ignored you and moved on with her. I never knew I would miss you this much!!.. When I realized it was too late. I lost you and I’m learning to love the sound of my feet walking away from things not meant for me!!.. But thanks for giving me the chance to know true love exists. You were the right person, Swara, to give me attention, affection, love and commitment. You know what Swara? The hardest part about loving someone is watching that person love someone else, that’s what is happening with me, and I don’t regret neither I expect someone to pity me because I deserve that!!.. Though it’s sad to be happy alone, I’ll be happy to see you happy”

Both of them wiped their tears, that had to come out all together. In a gloomy weather, the end of a broken relationship and beginning of a friendship, an undefined friendship.

“Sorry” Varun entered the scenario. Swara least expected him there.

“Varun, you are spying me?” Swara asked.

“I don’t need to. I have lots of other things to do. This is my favorite place, where I find peace” he looked around “But you never knew. You were more interested in what you had rather than what you have”

“You are taking us wrong” Sanskar replied.

“I would never take anyone wrong. I know Swara and I trust her. I love her. She accommodates my heart and I know, my heart isn’t wrong because it’s a part of me” Varun spoke.

“I’ll excuse you guys” Sanskar spoke and tried to move when Varun held his hands.

“No need” he sighed “I’m happy you are fine. Sparsh is with me. Come and take him , he needs his dad” Sanskar nodded. Swara tried taking to him but he already left.

“I knew what I lost Swara. I don’t want you to face the same! Moving on isn’t easy. Moving on from someone you love isn’t about forgetting them. It’s about the strength to say I still love you. We all make mistakes, hurt and disappoint other people and get hurt and get disappointed. But don’t get caught up in the past, learn from it. Allow yourself to grow, to smile and to be happy”

“Yes! Sanskar you’re correct. I’ll try my best” she wiped her tears “I won’t let him go this time”

“That’s like my Swara” Swara smiled as Sanskar was unsure what he spoke was not uncomfortable for her.

“It’s okay, Sanskar. I’m still your friend. We may not share the same relation but we are same monkey friends” they shared a hi-fi and wiped each others tears.

“Fine then, bye” Swara spoke and moved towards her car.


This is the last SwaSan scene. After that you might find Sanskar in the epilogue as it’s a triangle love story. I wrote the part to let you people understand the meaning of love, life, sacrifices & prejudices. I hope I didn’t set any wrong message. Sorry if it was boring because it was too lengthy specially the dialogues. Thank you guys for commenting on the last part. I hope you will comment on this part as well ! It took me 7 hours to write the part with a broken hand. I guess, I deserve a comment at least.

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