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Sorry for being so late guys! It’s a week that I didn’t post anything. Sorry for that! I am hospitalized due to my accident. Anyone wanting to contact me can send a friend request to my another account Aleesha Shergil. My other account isn’t working. This is a small part I wrote a week ago.


Varun’s pov

I woke up at 10 in the morning and went to pick Ansh. I didn’t find Swara home, may be she’s having some important project to complete. I hope she is taking proper care of her health. I took Ansh with me, Sparsh was also accompanying. They are in the same school. I dropped both of them and went home. I threw my sweaty shirt and sat on the bed, leaning forward I pressed my palms. I thought of all the events happening in my life, my life is messed up more than a puzzle. I am not able to find the answers.

Mom always used to say if we have to solve the puzzle we have to start everything from the beginning. We have to see how it was and how it is now.

I thought of the same and brought all the events in a sequel.
Swara loved Sanskar, Sanskar betraying Swara because of Kavita, Swara’s heartbreak, death of Swara’s family, she left all alone, then her struggle to make herself independent and for a good life of Ansh, then Laksh’s parents forcing her for marriage, our marriage, my bond with Swara and Ansh, my love for her, tthen I brought Sparsh, Sanskar and Kavita’s son, Swara to know about it, then our fights. This is so much more complicated!!..

I understand you Swara, I completely understand you. You are not able to see Sparsh as he is the symbol of Sanskar and Kavita’s relation. His features makes you remember them, the way he behave matches with him as he is his blood. I know you beared lot in your life which anyone after going through will break down in the infinite number of pieces which can never be placed together but you never gave up and kept on doing your duties and fulfilling them.

You did everything for other’s happiness, you didn’t want to marry me and you can’t trust me after the betrayal, I completely understand. You should not trust me even, because I did something which you never thought of. I know how tough it was for you to trust me but I broke the trust before you can even try to!!..

I brought him to this house and again hurt you more bringing your past in front of you. But atleast try to understand me once. A part of me says you are completely correct and I don’t want to give you any pain and I love you.

But my other part says Sparsh is a child, a very young child whose mother died and father is not in state to handle him. He is an orphan for the world but for me he is like my son. He is my sister’s son unfortunately or fortunately!!..

I know she did wrong and deserve punishments and I would never forgive her even after her death but what is the fault of this kid??.. I love him, he is related to me and he is my champ. I love him equally as I do to Ansh. I dont want him to be in the orphange or on the roads, I can’t!!.. This world is cruel, very cruel, they will not let him live.

Swara, I know you can’t bear him in front of your eyes. I will send him to boarding so that you never see him. I don’t know why I didn’t think of it before but I can’t bear to see anyone in pain, especially the ones related to me. I know how much Ansh has been affected, Sparsh too has seen a lot at a small age. You three are equally important for me. I wiped my tears off and left to office.

I was sitting the whole day inside my cabin and was still fighting the battle inside me. I don’t want to send Sparsh away but I have to!!.. I can’t see Swara upset and not even Sparsh.

I don’t expect swara to accept Sparsh because this is not possible for her. The pain she has been bearing will never allow her to do so. She will remember her past when he will come near her, which will give her more pain. Urgghh….!!!! I will go mad now.

Keeping all this aside, I left office to relax a bit. I reached my favorite spot, the most relaxing area, I sat down on one of the benches in the garden and tried to keep the thoughts aside as far as possible. I just want some peace so that it will not burst before I think something, before I take a proper decision.

After nearly 15 minutes, I heard some voices. I guess I know it and it is she!!…

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