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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 5th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 5th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in.

Sourav returns car keys to Ishwari and says he cannot keep such a costly shagun. Ishwari says he cannot return shagun and it is an insult to her. On the other side, Vikcy returns shagun to Sona’s family. Bejoy shouts how can Dev’s family return shagun. Vicky says daadi bua returned it as they sent fish. Bejoy shouts again how can they throw fish in dustbin. Vicky says it is inauspicious to them and he is just following Daadi bua’s order. Asha accepts shagun back and sends him. At Dev’s house, Dev tells Sourav he cannot return shagun. Sourav asks if he will accept such a costly shagun. Ishwari says Dev has everything and why will he need any costly gift. Dev says if Ranveer gives him shagun, he will happily accept it. Sourav says even then he

cannot accept it, keeps key on table and leaves.

Sona goes to her room. Dev follows and opens his laptop. Sona says because of them, their family has bearing insult.. Dev gets ready and walks down. Ishwari says she told him to take leave for some days. He says he has important meetings and leaves.

At Sona’s house, Sourav returns home. Bejoy asks if he returned car key. Sourav says yes. Bejoy yells again it is tat for that, Dev’s family returned their shagun and they they returned car, they should not bother.

Ishwari comes to Sona’s room and Sona calls her mom. She asks if she is feeling awkward to call her mom from aunty. Sona says she used to call her mom when she and Dev used to discuss about her. She praises her a bit and then asks her not to go down if someone tell that Daadi bua is calling her. Sona asks why. Ishwaari says she knows how daadi bua is and should give some reason and stay back at room. Once Ishwari leaves, daadi bua’s bahu comes and says daadi bua is calling. Sona says she is not feeling well. Bahu laughs that everyone gives same answer and says her excuse will not work. Sona walks down with her.

Sona walks down to living room. Daaadi bua asks her to do kitchen ritual and prepare food for all. Radha taunts that Sona does not know to cook. Sona says she will cook. She goes to kitchen and looking at book starts cooking. She adds lots of water in flour. Ishwari comes and scolds her why did she come down when she warned her not to. Sona says daadi bua’s bahu insisted, so she had to come down. Ishwari calls Kichu and says she willl help her now as if she fails, Dev will fail, and she does not want her son to fail. She prepares food while Sona stands silently and watches her. Sona tries to leave. Ishwari asks why is she leaving. Sona says she thought she is not needed here. Ishwari says she has to act as she prepared everything and serve it to daadi bua and others.

Precap: Nikki tells Sona that food is very tasty. Daadi bua says bahu prepares tasty veg along with nonveg and asks Sona if she added chokha in kadi before or after.

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