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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 31st October 2016 Written Episode Update

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 31st October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Sona sleeping on bed reminisces Sourav’s financial problem and Dev’s concern and tension for Neha. She walks to garden and sees Dev sitting and angrily trying to call Ranveer. Sona dorns shawl on him and says Ranveer must be busy and did not pick his call, so he should try tomorrow. Dev says he tried a lot, but Ranveer is not picking his call at all. Sona says he should rest now and call Ranveer in the morning. Dev hugs her emotionally.


Elena comes to Sona’s home to teach Nikki. Sona enters Nikki’s room. Nikki goes out to get something. Sona gives a cheque and asks Elena to deposit in baba/Bejoy’s account. Elana says no, mesho/Bejoy will not spare her. Elena insists and gives her cheque and says she will rejoin her job soon. Elena

says bye and leaves.

Dev at office breaks things angrily. Tina asks if he is fine. He says he does not have any details of Ranveer and asks to get it soon.

Sona goes to kitchen and seees Ishwari there. She says she did not want to hurt Neha. Ishwari says she knows and says she has just come here and has not understood family members well, so she should stay away from Neha’s problem and let her and Dev handle it. She is married recently and there is no need to fall in this. Sona says she remembers that she told her that she will wait for somedays before rejoining her job, but she thinks now she should rejoin soon before her employees employs someone else. Ishwari says she should rejoin soon. Sona says she can join half day also. Ishwari says she did not become nutritionist to cook, she should concentrate on her profession.

Dev enters Ranveer’s office. Ranveer suprisingly asks why is he here. Dev says if he had picked his calls, he did not have to come here and says this divorce should not happen. Ranveer says he tried to convince Neha so much, but she did not agree and is adamant. Dev says Neha will calm down if he tries, but instead he pushed Neha in a dark cell. Ranveer says mind your language, that is my house and my family stays here. You and your whole family knew about me well before agreeing for marriage. Dev says nothing has gone wrong completely, gives him apartment keys and asks to shift with Neha there. Ranveer says he cannot take charity from him and says he may not know him well, but Neha knows him well and accepted the way he is. Dev says he is doing wrong. Ranveer says Neha wants him to become rich like Dev, but not at a cost of his dignity. If he accepts this one, Neha’s demands will increase., he will not lose his self-respect for anyone. Dev angrily says fine then, my lawyer will speak to you and leaves.

Dev travels in his car and applies brakes seeing a woman in scooty on opposite side and shouts what is this nonsense. He sees Sona and asks what is she doing on scooty. She says she felt like driving, so she sent Elena in taxi and took her scooty. She asks him to sit behind her. He says what…She asks if his male ego is stopping him. He parks car aside and sits behind her.

Dev and Sona then sit on roadside stall sipping coffee. Sona says they should do this often. Dev says he knows. She says they become husband and wife from boyfriend and girlfriend so soon..they should enjoy like boyfriend and girlfriend often. She silently says she is rejoing her job. He angrily asks what…how can she do this..He then laughs and says if he had reacted like this and says whenever he is with her, he lives each moment. She asks if he spoke to Ranveer. He says Ranveer does not want to give a second chance to his marriage at all, he is a wrong man for Neha. He is angry on himself that he did not judge well Ranveer before. Sona says it was not just infatuation, Neha must have seen something in Ranveer and married him even after knowing he is poor, they both have created problems themselves, so it is her and his duty to make them realize their love and sacrifice. Dev says only Neha sacrificed and not Ranveer, now it will not happen, Neha needs her family’s support and not Ranveer’s. Sona says if he remembers how they felt when their breakup happened. Dev says it is not the case with Neha and Ranveer and now Neha will not go back to Ranveer, asks Sona to stay away from all this and let him handle this issue. Sona feels sad.

In the morning, Dev wakes up and smiles looking at Sona’s face. He blows air on her face. Sona says let me sleep. He says chee, did not you brush last night. She checks and says she is not feeling bad breath. He says he did not say that. She says it is a bad Obodro joke. He says even if she does not bath for 15 days, he will not mind. She starts scolding in bengali. He asks her to sleep and close eyes. He starts romantic words and says whenever he sees her in the morning, he feels himself very lucky, etc..She says he is stupid, he does not understand if he is lucky, so she is, how much she loves him. He says girls don’t understand. She says yes girl’s don’t understand and makes sad face. He asks what happened. She says Neha, she wants Ranveer and Neha to feel same like they are feeling. He says Ranveer is adamant and is very egoist.

Precap: Sona gets ready for job in the morning. Radha yells. Ishwari says they should congratulate Sona and stop yelling. Sona apologizes Ishwari for some reason. Ishwari leaves crying and yelling that her daughter’s life is in hell.

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