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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 26th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 26th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Mamaji comes to Ishwari’s room and asks why did she stop Dev from going on a honeymoon trip. Ishwari says it was Dev’s decision and he does not want to go on a trip when Neha’s marriage in turmoil. Sona comes and tells she needs to check Ishwari’s blood pressure. Nikki calls Sona to come out soon. Mamaji says he will go out and check. Sona says Nikki is calling her, so she will go. Mamaji walks along. Nikki calls even Dev and asks Neha why brought out Dev and Sona’s bags. Neha shouts at Dev and Sona that they should go honeymoon and should not stay back because of her. Dev asks what happened. Neha starts yelling that Sona is jealous that she could not go on honeymoon beause of her and even her parents were angry. Sona says her dad


was suggesting to go on honeymoon as there are other family members to take care of Ishwari. Neha says Sona informed her dad about my breakup with Ranveer, how could she inform outsiders about her personal problem. Sona says dad was asking reason and she told problem, she did not mean to hurt anyone. Neha yells at Dev that he should go on honeymoon, she is there to take care of mom as usuall. Radha also starts yelling. Mamaji asks her to shut her mouth. Radha continues. Sona says for her and Dev, family is most important and they want to solve family problems first and a honeymoon trip is secondary. Dev says if everyone has understood what he and Sona want, nobody should create a drama again.

In the morning, Sona wakes up and sees it is already 9 a.m. She sees alarm off. Dev comes out of washroom ready for office. She asks why did he wake her up. He says she was looking so pretty asleep, he did not feel waking her up and even switched off alarm. She says she lost already half of her day because of him, she has a lot of work to do. He thanks her for handling situation well yesterday, he would have spoilt it. He suggests her to stop worrying about familly much and join back her job as nutirionist. Kichu calls Sona and she leaves laughing.

Sona gets down and sees Ishwari in kitchen. Sona asks her to rest. Ishwari says she is fine and asks if she is not sad that she canceled honeymoon trip. Sona says for her and Dev family is most important than a trip, they would have been tensed thinking about Ishwari and Neha during trip. She kneads dough and says their family is united like dough and should solve problems together first.

After sometimes, Mamaji takes juice for Ishwari. Ishwari says she is lucky to have a brother like him and son like Dev . He says he forgot to give her medicine and Sona reminded him. He says she told him to scold her when she does mistake, but he does not want to scold her. She asks him to be specific. He says she accepted Sona as Dev’s wife but as her bahu yet, Sona is a very good girl and she is part of family now. Ishwari says he is right, she could not accept Sona as her bahu yet, but she will. Mamaji says Sona loves our family and always thinks of family, she is perfect bahu they could have got.

Dev calls Sona and asks her to come into garden. Sona goes to garden. He says he hurt his leg while rushing to meet her. She massages his feet. Neha passes by and jealously watches them. She touches vase by mitake and tries to keep it back. Dev and Sona notice her and stop their romance. Neha jealously leaves.

Radha orders Kichu to serve food. Vicky comes and joins. Radha asks why did he come so early, if he is fine. He says he is, he does not want to work hard like laborer like Dev and wants to enjoy his position, so he came home to enjoy food. Radha says what if Dev wil know about this. He says nobody will tell him, except if bengalan informs. Radha makes her usual weird faces.

After sometime, Sona comes to Iswhari and says she needs her permission. Ishwari asks why. Sona says to massage her feet and insists. Ishwari agrees. Ishwari says she has magic in her fingers. Sona says even papa says same, he reads newpaper whole day and gets stiff neck, she assages his neck. After sometime, mamaji and Radha join Ishwari for tea. Radha asks Ishwari where is Sona, if she went to her parent’s house again. Ishwari says no, she went to market and says she massage her legs so well that her pain is gone. Mamaji says he told her Sona is best bahu for her. Kichu informs that Ranveer has come. Sona enters with Ranveer and says she found him in market and brought him home. Neha fumes seeing Ranbeer. Ranbeer tells her he needs to talk. She walks to her room angrily.

Precap: Ishwari tells Dev that nobody knows Neha better than her, Neha is not ready to speak to Ranbeer yet. She tried to explain it to Sona, but she did not listen to him. Dev says don’t worry, I will speak to Neha. Ishwari says even he did not understand what she told just now.

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