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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 12th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 12th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Bejoy asks Dev in his culture, only wife keeps navratri fast, why only Sona has to fast and not him. Dev says he does not believe in god and even told Sona not to keep fast, but she did not listen. Asha says Bejoy is his questions are finished, he should free Dev now and tells Dev she will bring somethign to eat. Elena asks Dev if Sona takes care of him. He says very well. She asks when are they going for honeymoon. Dev says after navratri. They both are next seen in a car. Dev says he should not have overreacted, may be because it is his frist marriage, she handles situation better than him, if her father had known that he had scolded her, he would have hanged him. He apologizes. She says she wants to adopt his family’s culture and want to be part of it.


Dev says he will help her.

Dev and Sona reach home and see Mamaji, Ishwari and Radha having dinner. Mamaji says Iswari has prepared very tasty halwa. Sona says she will serve it. Ishwari says she must be tied. Sona says she is not and serves her halwa. Mamaji says he gets very satifisfied having Ishwari’s prepared halwa. Radha comments she saw jiji/Ishwari working so hard to prepare halwa and bahu was enjoying at her mom’s house. Mamaji taunts her that someone has banned her from working. Everyone laugh silently. Radha says during marriage, house was so lively with full of people, during Vicky’s marriage, she will enjoy and not work. Mamaji says Ishwari only she has to work everytome.

Neha comes and says she left Ranveer’s house and will not go back. Dev panicks seeing her in tears. Ishwari takes Neha to a room and asks what happened. Neha says Ranveer’s priority is only paying his brother’s children’s fees and mother’s medicnes and not her. Everyone expect from her and what about her feeling. Ishwari says looking after others is love. Neha says if she does not like her here, she will go somewhere else. Ishwari hugs her and saays she is her daughter and for a mother, her children are her crown, it is her house.

Dev fumes in front of Sona that how can Ranveer see tears in Neha’s eyes. Sona tells him what might be the exact situation and calms him down. After sometime, Sona knocks door. Dev opens door. Ishwari says she thought he would come down to console Neha, but he did not come, he should not forget his family after starting a new family and should know what his family gave. He says yes. She asks what about Vicky’s job, he should not forget Vicky is his brother. Dev stands silently

Asha checks savings and gets sad. Bejoy asks if they can pay bills. She nods no. He says he will do something and ask Sourav to contribute.

Sona brings tea to Neha’s room and calls her. Neha is busy listening to music and shouts what is it…Sona says she can understand she must be tensed and keeps tea. Neha ignores her and starts listening music again. Sona sees Nikki sitting and feels embarrassed and walks out.

Sourav looks at his bank balance and fumes. Elena comes and asks him to lend 10,000 rs. Sourav gives him 3000 rs. She takes it and asks him to arrange remaining 7000 rs.

At Dev’s house, Vicky gets ready for office and sits fo breakfast. Radha stuffs his plate with butter and ghee, etc., and says if he does not each much, how will he manage company, then looks at Ishwari and says with his brother. Mamaji tells her she should tell her son to work hard like Dev instead of stuffing his mouth. Sona thinks Radha does not know what job Vicky will do.

Precap: Sona calls Dev and says Vicky’s job… Vicky enters. Dev introduces his employee to Vicky as his new boss. Employee says great idea sir. Dev says his wife reminded him how Neha worked hard from low level and raised ladder. Vicky gets angry.

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