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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 11th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 11th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Dev tells Sona that he will give sales manager designation to Vicky and will inform his HR. Sona asks it needs a proper qualification and Vicky does not have any qualifcation. Dev says Vicky does not even have any qualification, but he has to give him job. She says Rhea also joined as junior and is learing job, if he gives Vicky a high designation, it will be injustice, so he should give him a low position and let him learn job and climb ladder. Dev praises her.


Garib ki beti Radha goes to Vicky’s room and performs her nazar. Vicky asks what is she doing. She says she wants him to secure job, feels her eyes with fake tears and asks if she is looking garib ki beti. She goes to Ishwari’s room and says she should tell Dev not to give job to Vicky as she saw

Sona getting angry, she may not like Dev giving job to Vicky. Dev is innocent and she does not want both brothers to fight. Ishwari assures that nothing wrong will happen.

Dev gets romantic with Sona and holds her. She says she is keeping navratri fast and they cannot get intimate for 9 days. He says when she does not believe in all this, she does not have to do this. Sona says mom told…He angrily leaves from there, goes to mom’s room and confronts her why did she force Sona to keep fast. Ishwari says why will she, if he does not trust her. Sona herself kept fast. Dev says he trusts her and apologizes. Sona hears their conversation and goes back to her room.

Dev goes back to room and sees Sona crying. Sona asks why did he listen to her completely, mom must be thinking she complained him. She kept fast herself. He says she took decision herself and did not inform him. She says she takes her decisions herself, she loved him herself and did not take anyone’s opionion. Because of him, she became bad in front of mom.

Sourav reaches home and switches off fan. Bejoy comes and scolds why did he switch off fan. Sourav says he always lecture to become responsible. Bejoy asks him to pay electricity bill, grocery bill, gas bill, etc. Sourav sits tensed. Asha comes and asks what happened. Bejoy points at Sourav and says this happened. He leaves. Sourav asks Asha, she is so beautiful, why did she marry this mogambo/Bejoy. Asha says Bejoy is missing Sona.

Ishwari tells Sona that she must be missinng her family like any other newly married bride does, so she can meet her parents, she will ask driver to drop her to her parent’s house. Sona thanks her and leaves. Bejoy and Asha’s nok jhok starts at their house. Sona enters and says they fight even now without her. They both get very happy seeing her. She hugs them both. Bejoy says she gave them a good surprise. Elena also comes and hugs Sona happily. Asha says she will prepare her favorite fish dishes. Sona says she is keeping navratri fast. Bejoy yells Benalis celebrate durga pooja, but Ishwari mut have forced Sona to fast. Sona says it was her decision and she will eat only fruits.

Radha comes to Ishwari and tries to brainwash her that Sona went to her parent’s house to complain about her and will munch nonveg food. Ishwari says she went Sona to her parent’s house. Radha continues her wicked talks.

Elena asks Sona why did she fast immediately after her marriage, what must be Dev thinking. Sona says he is angry. Dev enters and says onbviously he should be. He then touches Asha and Bejoy’s feet. Bejoy gets angry seeing him. Asha says she will prepare something for Dev. Bejoy says she should serve fruit as Dev must be fasting with Sona. Dev says he is not. Bejoy yells why only Sona should fast for 9 days and not him and continues yelling at Dev.

Precap: Neha tells Ishwari that she left Ranveer’s home forever. Ishwari comes to Dev’s room and fumes seeing him with Sona and says he has forgotton family values, instead of consoling Neha, he is sitting calmly in his room.

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