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Kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi (ek aur rang) ep 99

The episode starts with ishwari getting hyper and arranging for food from bhola,and decorating the house.
Sona:Maa,why are you getting so hyper?
Ishwari:sonakshi beta,Teri daadi bua..is coming.
Ishwari:my bua!!
Sona:oh!!phir u must be happy??why are u getting hyper?
Ishwari:beta you don’t know dadi bua!she is very traditional!
Sona:oh…does dev know?
Ishwari:go to tell him…and get into a nice sari.

Sonakshi goes up.
Dev jumps out of the cupboard and closes the door and locks sona against the door.
Sona:dev tumi ki korcho?
Dev:I don’t know what that means but Ms bose,you’re really my khargosh.
Sona:its mrs dixit for you mr obodro!
Dev:oh I’m obodro now*puts his hand on his waist*
Sona:hawww..acha dadi bua is coming today evening so I need to get into my most nice sari and u also.
Dev:I have to wear sari??


Sona:dev!!tumi ekdum boka!i mean wear a nice shirt or your boring sa blue black.
Dev:then I will wear orange.
Sona:ok!!now get ready fast..
Sona goes.
In the evening….
Daadi bua makes an entry:ishwari!
Ishwari:ji bua!!!ayi!!
Ishwari takes her aarthi and blessings.
Daadibua:khush raho.*bless her*
Sona comes and takes her blessing.
Daadibua:tum kohon Hu chori?
Ishwari:*put her hand on sona’s head*bua,she is my Daughter in law,dev’s Wife.
Dadibua:last time I met dev,he was this short*shows a certain height*khush raho bahuriya!!
Sona smiles and dev comes down.

Dev:dadi bua!!!
Dadibua:hai meri cheeku!!
Sona:cheeku(under her breath)*laughs*
Nikki,riya,diya:namaste daadi bua!
Daadibua:nikita!!riya!!khush raho beta!!who is this?*looking at diya*
Sona:yeh mere or dev ki Beti hai,Diya.
Daadi bua:u alr have a kid?how many years have u been married?
Sona:daadi bua,actually Diya is adopted,but abhi abhi my jhanavi made an entry.
Daadi bua smiles.


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