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Kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi (ek aur rang) ep 97

a quick recap from the start:dev and Sona are married(have no child),shravan is dead,rajveer goes away.suman is shot,and dies.
Remaining family members:sona,dev,Diya,Arjun and naina.
Suman’s last rites are performed.pushkar(as a Brother in law)does her rounds with water.
8 weeks later.
Sona gets a call from her doc that she is pregnant after her test.she is overjoyed and waits to tell dev.she first goes down to tell ishwari.
Ishwari:beta!!are u ok?
Sona dances with ishwari.
Sona:mumma ur gonna become a grandmother!!
Ishwari:ah?lalla ya laali??(boy or girl)
Ishwari:sukhi sukhi RAHO beta!(God bless u)
Sona waits for dev to come.
Dev comes home and he is overjoyed to hear this news.
5 months later…
Sona has a belly bump and dev is reading a story to her.sona hears the baby kick and tells dev.dev lies his ears on her tummy and hear the baby kick.they both laugh….
2 months later…(I m jumping so that Sona can give birth soon,glimpses of devna’s experience)
Dev feeds Sona apples and she says she wants to have pani puri.
Dev:sona no!!no street food.
Sona:mr obodro,like u searched up how to put gajra for me,how to teach Nikki and riya to hide your shoes according to Bengali reeti riwaaz?like that,go onto YouTube and learn the cravings that women have when they are pregnant.icecream,paanipuri,teeka noodles..
Dev:ok ok.
2 months later.
Sona runs into labour and she is in real pain.
She is screaming and dev and ishwari are praying.finally,Sona gives birth to a tiny girl khargosh.
Dev kisses the baby’s forhead followed by Sona.

Precap:as New parents,Sona and dev experience the feeling.do you think a problem will come for Nikki,riya and neha?ehat do you think about the Maha epi?


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