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Kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi (ek aur rang) ep 109

heyy guys!!i think some of you had the misconception of the plot of baar baar dekho is my previous episode!im sorry for the resemblance but I’m sure it’s purely co incidental because neither have I watched the movie and Nor nisha di and it was nisha di’s idea so yep!!

The episode with dev and sona reaching cambridge.its snowing!!
Sona is fascinated by the airport itself.
Sona:Jaan where is our hotel?
Dev:since we are staying here,I bought us a big nice house where u,me and our small tommy can live.
Dev:humara kuttha..
Sona:aur bache?
Dev:ek ladkhi ek ladka.
Sona:1 year’s time we will have our perfect family dev.
Both cuddle eachother.
Dev blindfolds sona all the way to their house.
Their house:the old dev dixit’s house but I just use their house as a new house with new furniture.
Sona:wow*in awe*
Dev:come on we need to move in also!!


Day 1(moving in):
dev and sona are going around buying beds and basic furniture(like sofa etc.)
They first find for their bed.they look around and they finally find some bed.
It’s look:the bed frame is white,With fake leaves and flowers swirling around the frame.
While they buy that bed,they also make their own bedframe which says dev and sona with their honeymoon photos there(just imagine they went to Paris).
their bed is beautiful.
Now they are shopping for their sofa.
They find a really nice fluffy white sofa.
For the table,they find a really nice Long parkey table and they find a moving trail of gingerbread man where u can put food to take from their hands.its like u slot in the middle of the table and u can take the food you want.
Next they buy the small things,such as chairs tables to put stuff,tv,curtains,bathroom apparel,and red Colour paint(living room),and dark blue for their room,they also buy a very big clock with roman numbers,placed in the living room.next their personal stuff.

•photos,wall stickers.standing lamps,their photos.

They have a great sea facing view and a huge balcony where they put a nice white table and white chairs with beautiful plants and flowers.

They take the paint and paint their house.first sona is painting on a ladder and dev’s shakes it.Tu mudjme plays and they run around and play with paint.after finishing the Painting they put a big potrait of them selves hugging eachother.they put other photos also.

Dev puts a photo in a big empty space.
Sona:no dev,this space will be for our family photo.u me tommy and our Daughter and Son.

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