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Kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi (ek aur rang) ep 107

the episode starts with dev and sona’s marrige.
Sona is getting ready in a beautiful light red shiny ghagra.she is looking stunning.jhanvi is getting her ready.
Jhanvi:baby,(that’s what we call our dad😂)you’re getting married to your o ji ae ji suno ji in an hour,aren’t you excited?
Sona:why should I be excited?im more nervous baby…
jhanvi:uffo..nothing can be done..just be calm..
Sona is now ready and she is going to the mandap…
naina(their childhood Friend):baraat is here!!Chalo chalo jhaanu we need to welcome them..
Jhanvi goes with naina
Naina is playing katrina kaif😂(Soz she is rlly cute)

The Barat is taking a lot of time to arrive.
naina:itna der…
jhanvi:patience…its di’s o ji ae ji sunonji ok😂
They both laugh and high five!!

Dev and his finally arrive.dev gets off the horse and his Best childhood Friend walks with him.his name is Arjun.

Arjun is playing karan Patel from YHM.

he stares and smirks at jhanvi and jhanvi holds tightly onto naina.naina realises and calms her down.jhanvi takes aarthi and makes dev enter the house.the garlanding ceremony starts.first sona has to put the garland on dev.Arjun and jai(another Friend)raise him up.sona distracts him and says there is something down and he looks down and she garlands him.everyone laughs.now it’s sona’s turn.naina and jhanvi raise her up.dev tries a lot but can’t because naina and jhanvi are both wearing heels.After a while,dev garlands her.

The actual ceremony starts.dev and sona are to complete 7 pheras now.with each round,they make a promise….now dev is tying the mangalsutra around sona’s neck and filling her hairline with sindoor.after that it’s sona’s bidai.
Sona:jhanvi come.
Jhanvi:coming di…

*jhanvi agreed to stay with sona after marrige because she can’t stay alone without anyone.*

Dev and sona are finally in their room..alone..

*im not very good in romance so can I just skip their sugah raat?*

the next morning dev is checking his mail.sona comes and hugs him from behind.

Sona:good morning*kiss on his cheek*
Dev holds her hand:good morning*smiles*sona I need to talk to you,can u sit there?
Sona: I need to get ready for work.
Dev:ok get ready first.
Sona gets ready..
She works as a fashion designer.she wears a red dress with a pencil skirt type ending.(its bright red)and she is wearing nice earrings with her hair open into curls(sona’s normal hairstyle).
Sona:ya dev I’m ready what happened?what did you want to tell me?
Dev,now ready..
Dev:sona,I got a offer letter to teach in Cambridge..
Sona:are you going to accept it??
Dev:I need to ask you will you come with me..
Sona stares blankly..

Precap:what is this New Cambridge thing which may cause problem in dev and sona’s marrige?

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