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Kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi (ek aur rang) ep 106

The episode starts with dev staying quiet over the phone.
Sona:dev I asked you something how did you know that my mum was a Nutritionist!!?
Dev:uhh..uh…she was?rlly?ok..cool..
Sona:dev you’re hiding something…what is it?
Dev:sona,I mean Diya..I mean sona..I mean;uh,my dad is your dad’S bro?
Sona:meaning…Vicky chachu??
Sona:but Vicky chachu’s Wife name was saachi…not shilpa..
Dev:saachi maa died when I was 8 years old.papa raised me up alone until I was 15,until he married shilpa maa.
Sona:that means we are Cousins??
Dev:not exactly..I mean I’m adopted..
Sona is just blank:since when did you know all this?
Dev:from the start..
Sona:dev,u should have thought how hurt would I have felt..
Sona:hahahhahah phasgaye na!!socho socho mein aise fiance hoti to?
Dev:Hahahhagag ha such mein..
Sona:good night dev 🙂
Dev:good night ms dixit…:)
Sona:it’s sonakshi for you…

The next day is the haldi!!
Shilpa is Getting the turmeric ready in a bowl with her niece(dev has a elder sister who has a child).
The haldi ceremony starts in the dixit garden.sona is wearing a beautiful yellow skirt with a yellow ghagra half TOP with small shiny white embroidery on it!her hair is tied up into a lose braid and she is smiling away.dev is wearing a yellow kurti with a white bottom.the ceremony starts.
People start singing and shilpa puts the haldi with the leaves on the 7 body parts(the knee,feel,elbow,hand,feet,forehead,arms)


Followed by others….
The haldi is over and it’s followed by the Sangeet that evening.
The hall for the Sangeet is decorated with pink flowers and white curtains just like a royal palace.sona is introduced by jhanvi and dev is introduced by Shivani.sona is wearing a pink Colour lehenga which looks like a dress and dev is wearing a white sherwani with golden embroidery(golden bars at the side).

First some small kids dance to sau aasman from baar baar dekho(it’s my fav song😍)

And then after that jhanvi and khush(Elena and her Husband’s child)do a play where they act as if they are dev and sona.everyone has fun and it’s time to sleep and there is only 12
Hours remaining to the wedding!!

The next day sona is getting ready for her wedding by jhanavi.she is wearing a light red shiny lehenga with a light red chunni draped across her with a odiyaanam(You know the waist thing what they wear in the waist).

She along with jhanvi goes to pray to dev and sona(their parents).they have dev and sona’s marrige photo hung up and a garland over it with a diya lit.

Sona/Diya:ma,papa,I’m going to get married today..your small little angelic Diya is going to get married..pls Mom dad..I need your blessings..
Sona and jhanvi get emotional and leave for the mandap…Barat arrives…
They take very long and sona is impatient!!!!

Precap:dev and sona’s marrige…and then a new problem..it’s not really a problem??but ok ya it’s a problem..hahah wait and watch guys😉

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