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Kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi (ek aur rang) ep 104

The episode starts with Diya walking away out of the dance studio while dev follows her.
Dev:Diya listen to me…Diya listen*runs after her*sona you’re so stubborn!!
Diya stops and her hair starts to fly because of the wind(just her hair locks).

-KRPKAB plays-
Diya remembers flashbacks when she was a baby and she heard the old dev(shaheer)say to the sona”sona you’re so stubborn”
Dev:I’m sorry I thought your name was..
Diya:sona?ya it is….
Dev:I didn’t get you..I thought your name was Diya?
Diya:my full name is Diya sonakshi dixit.
Dev:hmm..I’ll call u sona then..it’ll suit u better..
Sona:ok.look it’s time for college,and it’s my first day so I better go home and change and rush.
Dev:same!!its my first day of college.
Sona:ok nice to meet you again dev.
Dev:same di;I mean sona…
Sona smiles and walks off..
She goes home and showers and gets into a white half sleeve top(like u know until some length below the shoulder)and a pinkish purple skirt with a pinkish purple infity scarf wrapped around her neck which has a “S” pendant necklace.her hair is opened and her curls below move left and right.she adjusts her books and doesn’t see a black motorbike coming.
Sona is on the floor rubbing her elbow and her hair is all over her face.her books are scattered and lying in the floor.
Motorist:I’m so sorry I hope you’re not hurt.
Sona:no it’s ok.*still not showing her face*
Motorist removes his helmet which was covering his face.its dev!!(the New one but still shaheer)with a lock of wavy hair cutting across his caramel skinned forehead,he stretched his hand with his black full sleeve leather jacket with a white tshirt inside.his black jeans are tight,pretty tight,and he has a BABY G black watch tied to his left hand.sona is pulled up by him.
Sona:thanks!!*sees dev’S face*dev!!oh shit!!we are in the same college??
Dev:errr ya!!what a coincidence!!
Sona:hmm..ok it’s time for lesson I’ll catch up with YoU later?


In the classroom:
Teacher:please sit down students.
Dev is already sitting down playing with his lock of hair(curling it round and round)
Sona comes there and doesent see dev and sits next to him.
Dev tries to be SRK.
Sona:*with her hair blocking her because she is searching for her notebook*dont try SRK.
Dev:wait a min…sona?
Sona turns..:this is impossible?are u following me dev?
Dev:why should I follow you?
Sona:I don’t know…
Dev:hmmm ok..

CHORRY(kaan pakadkar)❤️Itna short hai..actually kya Hua na..I went to school today..after 2 days break.then my classmate was cleaning the place with a broom,(classroom)cuz we were having jaadu cleaning session,so she hit my left hand(the one I fractured)so it became worse..that’s why I’m typing with my right hand only!!sorry if it’s short!!if u want long epi??i will tell nisha didi to type but I’ll be the one dictating??ok??fo u want that??sorry!!?

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