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kucch kucch hota h (part 8) continued

So let me tell u all why I am posting half half today actually I was posting full but unexpectedly my fnd came so at once i wrote that i will post half half…so letz begin –
Raman goes to kitchen to make lime water

Raman opens fridge and sees that lime water is kept


Raman-who has made this lime water

Shagun comes out and sees raman

Shagun-what happened raman

Raman-shagun actually I was thinking who made this lime water
Shagun-i have made for ishita who else will make it u r a big fool
Raman-u made it for Ishita
Shagun-ya I came to ur room also but
Raman-what u came inside our room
Raman gets tensed
Shagun notices

Shagun goes near raman

Shagun-raman dont be tensed i know u love ishita ….and ishita loves u
Raman-u knew it
Shagun-yes u both r my best fnds i knkw u both from so many years
Raman-can u help me
Shagun-ya tell
Raman-u do anything i dont care just make ishita confess
Shagun-i tried doing
Shagun-by making u both sleep together

Raman-it means u have control on ur legs nd hand and u said u dont have
Shagun-ya just for u both
Raman smiles
Raman-thnk u shagun
He hugs her
Shagun-its ok

Ishita comes out
Ishita frowns

Ishita-u both r like this only always alone hug

She fills air inside her mouth


They run nd hug ishita

Ishita smiles


Raman-yaar I’m getting bore do something

Ishita-what to do

Shagun-hmmmmm…..lets cook something different

Raman-ya let’s cook but do u know how to cook

Ishita-i only know how to cook chowmein and pasta

Shagun-and i tea

Ishgun laugh

Raman-so lets cook ……kadai paneer and naan


Shagun-water is coming in my mouth

Raman-me too

They r trying to cook

Kitchen is fully spoiled

Their clothes r also spoiled

Ishita is taking out flour
She is standing on the stool
And raman is holding the stool
Full flour on ishita and raman
Shagun laughs a lot seeing them she is not able to control her laughter as ishita raman fully covered with flour
Ishra also laugh
At last they cook it

Ishragun-huhhhh ….cooked it
Dining table
They serve the food
Raman-first u eat
Ishita -no u
Raman-not i …shagun u
Shagun- why i u both try then i
They continue their fight of u u
At last
Shagun-ok we all will eat at the same time

They eat at the same time

Ishragun-mmmmmm…..so yummy
Shagun-made it
They laugh
Now it comes the time to clesn the kitchen

Raman-we made the food and ate it but who will clean the kitchen
Ishita -im also thinking the same
Shagun-me too
They r still shocked seeing the kitchen
Ishita-ok like we made food together we will clean the kitchen also
Ragun-ok so lets start

They r cleaning the kitchen

It took evening to clean it

So full 8 part completed so comment below

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