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Krpkab : Love is limitless Episode 8

Hi all,
So sorry for being late and this one is short so sorry
Let’s start….
Sonakshi : He cheated me
Elena : U didn’t even listen to him di ur jumping to conclusions listen pleas…
Sonakshi leaves the house
Elena : Di listen
Sonakshi reaches the Dixit house and is going towards Nikki’s room but Dev pulls her towards him
Dev : Sonakshi listen to me please I didn’t do anything she fell on me
Sonaskhi : Ho gaya now leave me
She leaves angrily from his room she reaches Nikki’s room and doesn’t find Nikki
Sonakshi : Nikki Nikki where r u
She goes down and finds Ishwari
Ishwari : U r here but Nikki is in her friends party
Sonakshi : Ok I’ll leave
Ishwari : Beta woh Dev….
Sonakshi : Aunty aap kuch mat boliye jo suna tha wo sun liya
She leaves from the house
Elena : U came
Sonakshi : Ya
Her phone rings
Sonakshi : Hello
Dev : Sona

Sonakshi immediatly cuts the phone
Elena : Kya hua di Dev ka phone tha
Sonakshi goes away crying and again gets Dev’s call
Sonakshi : What is it
Dev : Ur not listening to me
Sonakshi : What shall I listen and why shall I listen to u
Dev : Please listen
Sonakshi : No I won’t and never call me again nor meet
Sonakshi cuts the phone and starts crying again
Sonakshi : Why did u do this y did u betray me I trusted u
She cries even more. Days pass…..Weeks pass…Dekte hi dekte 2 years pass Sonakshi has her own art school where she teaches kids
Sonakshi : Bye Elena I’m going
Elena : Bye di
Sonakshi leaves for the school
Sonakshi : Kids stay here I’ll bring the paints
She goes and brings the paint in the palet and again collides with someone it’s none other than Dev and like their first time again paints fall on them
Sonakshi : Anke hai ya button
Dev : Hello tum dekh ke chalo
They both r shocked to see each other
Dev : Sonakshi
Without thinking he hugs her
Dev : Where were u. U know how hard it was to stay without u when I found out u opened ur own school I couldn’t wait to see u
Sonakshi slaps him and he is shocked
Sonakshi : How dare u…How dare u touch me
Dev : Sonakshi please listen u didn’t listen to me 2 years back and ur not listening to me now also please listen
Sonakshi : Get lost from here now
He goes sadly how can he not listen to his love of his life
Dev : She still didn’t forgive me
She finishes her classes and reaches home
Sonakshi : Elena who r u talking to
Elena : Bye. No one di


Sonakshi : Vicky right keep the phone now
Elena : Sorry di but u have a problem with that house I don’t
Sonakshi : No arguements Ele go
Elena : Ok di
Next day on the road Sonakshi is going home when Dev comes
Dev : Sonakshi hi
Sonakshi : Go Dev leave me alone
Dev : Y I want to talk to u
Sonakshi : But I don’t want to
Dev : If u can’t forgive me at least be my friend
Sonakshi turns her face away from him
Dev : Please
Sonakshi : Fine only this once I’ll listen to u
Dev : Thanks for listening to me
Dev gets a call
Dev : Ha ma……Ok I’ll come
Sonakshi : Ur going
Dev : Ya bye will see u tomorrow
Sonakshi : Bye

No precap
So sorry it’s short hope u all like it thanks for reading comments please

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