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Krpkab : Love is limitless Episode 10 last epi

Hi all,
Sorry for being late it’s just I was out because it’s diwali time have to go somewhere everyday so couldn’t post and this one will be short cause I really have no story so sorry
Elena : Now u understood what I told u
Sonakshi : I’m an idiot to not listen to anyone
Elena : It’s ok but u have to tell him
Sonakshi : No in the night because there are a lot of students waiting
Elena : Ok go now
Sonakshi leaves. In the night Dev’s house she rings the bell but no one opens she asks the neighbors
Sonakshi : Where have they gone
Neighbors : Oh they have left Mumbai and shifted to Dehli
Sonakshi gets shocked
Sonakshi : Thanks
She leaves
Elena : Kya hua
Sonakshi : Ele woh log Dehli shift ho gaye
Elena : Kya? Vicky bhi
Sonakshi : Kyun woh Dev ki family mein nahi hai kya
Elena : Woh bhi hai ab kya
Sonakshi : Kuch nahi. Chal sothe hain
Elena : Ok
Next week Sonakshi gets a call
Sonakshi : Han ma
Asha : Tu yahan aa ja na
Sonakshi : Kahan Delhi
Asha : Han tujhe ana padeg
Sonakshi : Ok
(Forgot to mention that Sona’s mother is in Dehli)
Sonakshi : Ele chal ma called us to Dehli
Elena : I’ll book a ticket
Sonakshi : Ok
Next day
Sonakshi : Ele chal we’re getting late
Elena : Coming di
They reach Dehli after 2-3 hours. They reach Asha’s house
Sonakshi : Ma how r u
Asha : Sona u came how r u
Sonakshi : I’m fine
Asha : Even I’m fine
Sonakshi : Now I’m going
Asha : Where
Sonakshi : To roam around
Asha : Ok
Sonakshi just walks around here and there and Dev also is walking in the opposite direction and they both collide
Sonakshi : Here also people dash u have eyes or buttons
Dev : Oh hello u also have to see and walk
She looks up and is shocked to see Dev
Sonakshi : U here
Dev : Sona…U read the letter
Sonakshi : Sorry
She hugs him
Dev : It’s ok I’m happy I got my Sona back
He hugs her back
Hope u all like it and hope it’s long enough sorry if it was boring and not up to the mark drop ur comments please and hope to come back with a new ff

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