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Krpkab : Love is limitless Episode 1

Hi there I’m Bharti
I’m glad u all liked the intro. I’m back with my first epi
Let’s start…
Dev a 25 year old business tycoon at his office
Dev : Please do ur work properly I want no mistake
Man : But sir…..
Dev : Now go do ur work
Ishwari calls
Dev : Yes ma
Ishwari : Come home beta there’s a relationship for u
Dev : No ma u know I’m not intrested in these things and I’m busy with the office work
Ishwari : Arey beta….. Fine do what u want
Dev cuts the phone. In the night when Dev returns home
Nikki : Bhaiya look I need to finish this art project
Dev : Yes so do it
Nikki : Bhaiya it’s not happening I need a teacher
Dev : Fine tomorrow I’ll see if I can help u
Ria : Arey this is not fair bhaiya u always help her
Dev : Arey fine u tell want u want
Ria : Earings for my birthday
Dev : Fine drama queens I’ll do what I can and Ria u will get ur earings on ur birthday
Nikki : Thanks bhaiya now I can learn painting

Next day in Dev’s office
Dev : Yes Mr. Sinha I need ur best painter for my sister
Mr. Sinha : Yes sure come over to my classes I’ll introduce u to her
Dev reaches over to the classes
Dev : Mr. Sinha may I come in
Mr. Sinha : Sure
Dev : Yes so were is the painter
Mr. Sinha : U mean Sonakshi go to room 18 she’s having classes over there
Dev : Fine

Dev leaves for room 18 while Sonakshi is coming with paints they both collide and and Dev catches Sonakshi so she doesn’t fall and paints fall on both of them. They both share a cute eyelock. Sonakshi makes herself stand
Sonakshi : Oh hello Mr. watch were ur walking
Mr. Sinha : I see u both have…… What on earth happened here ? Why r there paints all over u both
Dev : It’s because this Ms. Sonakshi didn’t watch herself
Sonakshi : Oh excuse me whatever ur name is it’s ur fault
Dev : It’s Dev Dixit
Sonakshi : Ok then Mr. Dixit god has given eyes not buttons
Dev : Yes I know
Sonakshi : Then use it
Saying so she leaves. Dev just stares at her with love but doesn’t know y
Mr. Sinha : Leave her I’ll convince her and send her to ur office
Dev smiles and leaves. At his office he just is sitting in her thoughts. Just then he hears a knock
Dev : Come in
Sonakshi : Yes I came to know about ur sister so when do I reach ur house
Dev : Everyday at 5 because her she comes from her college at 4
Sonakshi : Sure bye
Dev smiles and starts working

Precap : Devakshi fight again
So this was the first epi hope u all like it please post ur comments good or bad I really don’t mind

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