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Krpkab (i’ll love u forever) Episode 14


Hi guys, Rithika here,
This is the 14th epi read it soon
Let’s start..
Recap : No recap as I don’t know what to write


It’s time for the mehndi function everybody is busy in the work
Ishwari : Kichu Kichu where r u
Dev : Ma y r u doing this u liked Sona right
Ishwari : This was ur wish right
Dev : But ma
Ishwari : (angry) Now don’t u say a word u break her heart like a glass but remember a glass will get fixed but a broken heart won’t get fixed that easily
Dev leaves from there. It’s the time for the mehndi function everybody is ready Natasha goes to meet the gang
Natasha : Come Sona time for mehndi. Excuse me u have to write the name Dev in a way it’s seen easily
Lady : Ok
Natasha : Sit here Sona
Sona sits there and after sometime the mehndi she shows it to Natasha
Natasha : There here is his name
Sonakshi : There so do u think it will work
Natasha : Yes

Dev sees his name on Sona’s hand and is shocked. He goes to her and lifts her hand
Dev : Y is my name on ur hand
Sonakshi : If I don’t love u y will I have ur name written on my hand
Dev shows his name on her hand
Dev : What is this
Sonakshi : This may be a design
Dev : This is no design this is my name just tell u love me
Sonakshi : No I don’t
Dev hugs her. There is a smile on Natasha’s face
Dev : Until u accept u love me I won’t leave u
Sonakshi : Please Dev leave me (tears in her eyes)
Dev : No Sonakshi
Sonakshi : Fine I do love u happy
Dev smiles and hugs her even tight
Dev : I promise Sona I’ll never leave u I’ll love u forever
Mr. Gujral : Dev here the papers the deal is done. If u would have told me earlier that u love her I would have not kept that condition

Dev signs the deal and Mr. Gujral and Natasha leave. Everybody is happy. Dev drags Sona to the room Ishwari smiles
Sonakshi : What r u doing Dev
Dev keeps his hand on her shoulder
Dev : Ms. Kharghosh ur mine I can do whatever I want to my kharghosh
Sonakshi : No u can’t Mr. Aubhodro I’m still not ur wife I’m leaving we’ll meet at the lake in the night
Dev : No I can’t wait
Sona runs from there. In the night they both meet there Dev goes and hugs her tightly
Sonakshi : What happened Dev
Dev : I felt like u again went away from me
Sonakshi : It’s ok I’m with u
Dev : Fine I’ll leave u. It’s been a long time since u and me have been sitting like this
Sonakshi : If u want we can sit like this everyday
Dev : Ok
They both continue talking for sometime
Sonakshi : Bye Dev
Dev : What is this stay for longer
Sonakshi : No I’m getting late bye we’ll meet tomorrow
Dev : Fine bye
They both leave

~Dev’s home~
Dev : Ma
Ishwari : Tell beta
Dev : Ma Sonakshi finally became mine
Ishwari : Ya if u would have taken even 1 wrong step she would have never been ur. And in this Natasha helped the most
Dev : Ya ma I will thank her fast
Dev goes to his room and calls Natasha
Dev : Hello Natasha
Natasha : Hi Dev
Dev : Thanks for helping Sonakshi
Natasha : That’s ok if I would marry u I would have broken a beautiful couple anyway bye
Dev cuts the phone

~Next day~
Dev calls Sona
Sonkashi : Hi Dev what happened
Dev : Come outside from ur hospital
Sona comes out and sees Dev opposite her hospital. She cuts the phone and goes towards him

Precap : Dev accident
Thanks for reading
Hope u like it
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