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Krpkab (i’ll love u forever) Episode 13

Hi guys, Rithika here,
Sorry for the previous episode
Let’s start..
Recap : Dev agrees for the marriage
Sona sits in tears thinking about Dev agreeing for the marriage
Sonakshi : Why am I crying Natasha’s plan should work tomorrow
Dev sits and thinks about Sona
Dev : Sonakshi what have I done I was so blind in that deal that I said yes for the marriage. What shall I do
Dev sits crying thinking about Sona

~Next day~
It’s a beautiful morning everybody is busy in Dev’s engagement. Dev is feeling really guilty of his decision. He decides to meet her


~Sona’s home~
Dev sees Sona in the garden and gets happy to see her. He goes to her and hugs her tightly not want to leave her
Sonakshi : Mr. Dixit stop leave me
Dev : No Sona I will never
Dev leaves her at last
Sonakshi : Mr. what do think of urself coming and hugging me anytime. Now do this to Natasha she is going to be ur wife do it to her(just acting)
Dev leaves there with tears. It’s evening time everybody is ready for the engagement. Natasha comes in a beautiful anarkali Dev is shocked to sees Sona but is mesmerized by her beauty but snaps himself out. Natasha meets Ishwari, Sona and her dad
Natasha : Everybody remembers the plan
Ishwari : Yes first u will be about put the ring on Dev’s finger
Sonakshi : Then I’ll act to faint
Mr. Gujral : Dev won’t be able to see her in pain so will run to her
Natasha : Yes exactly then will finally realize he can’t live without her. Finally all the best everybody

Dev and Natasha go on the stage. As the plan Natasha is about to put the ring on Dev Sona faints Dev run to her
Dev : Sonakshi……
Dev carries her and keeps her on the sofa he sprinkles some water on her he smiles but snaps himself out
Dev : Ma take care of her
He again goes on the stage they both exchange the rings unwillingly. He goes up in his room after that Natasha goes near Ishwari and Sona who’s in tears
Natasha : Sona don’t cry I have a plan B
She tells the plan B to everyone
Ishwari : Beta the plan is good but will it work
Natasha : Yes it will 100 percent
All of them : Then all the best
Everybody leaves from there. Dev thinks about Sona
Dev : How can I leave Sona like that I’m such a fool I shouldn’t have left Sona like that
Dev cries and sleeps

~Sona’s home~
Sona cries thinking about Dev
Sonakshi : How can Dev do this he loved me so much
Sona cries thinking about all the fun they had while they were together and sleeps thinking about the good times

~Next day~
Everybody is doing preparations for the mehndi function. Dev is in shock about what happened. In the afternoon everybody is ready for the function
Natasha : Everybody remembers the plan right
Ishwari : Yes
Natasha : Fine Sona time for ur mehndi
Sona and Natasha laugh

Precap : Dev notices his name on Sona’s hand and is shocked
Sorry for not long epi as there is an internet problem
Hope u like it
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