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KRPKAB Devakshi ff episode 22

Hey everyone. After a loooooong time, I’m here wid d 22nd episode if my ff. Plzz forgive me, if possible, for d delay. As we all know, naniji has entered d scene. So, many of u must b thinking dat she’ll b negative or a chik-chik krne wala character. But guys, she’s our cutie pie Nani Farida Jalal, negative shades don’t suit her. So, if she’s not negative character, then wat is her role. She can’t jst b a showpiece na.. read d episode to know dat.
RECAP- Dev n Sonakshi hv got engaged. Some romantic moments of Devakshi. Radha Rani has called Dev’s nani for Dev’s wedding. Nani has arrived Dixit house.

Episode 22
Bose house
Asha enters Sona’s room. She sees Sona getting ready.
A: shona, u’re not ready till now! U’re getting late beta.
S: only 5 mins more maa.
A: wat has happened to u shona, u nvr took so long to get ready.
Elena enters d scene.
E: Mashi, now she’s not jst Sonakshi Bose, she’s Dev Dixit’s fiancée. She shud look even more beautiful now. Right Sona (winks at Sona)
S: (blushing) shut up Elena.
Sona goes down n she was leaving when dadi calls her.
D: shona, hv your breakfast beta.
S: dadi, I’m getting late.
D: no no. First hv your breakfast. Or else I won’t hv breakfast too.
S:(smiles at dadi) dadi, stop emotionally blackmailing me. I’m having breakfast.
Dadi too smiles but she gets emotional. She caresses Sona’s head.
D: after your marriage, who will take care of u like dis?


Dixit house
NJ: wat do u mean by who, I’m there na. I’ll make halwa for u.
D: no Nani, it’s not dat important. U dont worry, when maa will come she’ll make halwa. U rest.
NJ: Dev beta, Ishwari is not at home n dat Radha Rani will nvr do us d favour of making halwa. So I can make it. But if u don’t like halwa made by me, then it’s ok.
D: no Nani. It’s not like dat..
NJ: then let me make halwa.
Nani makes halwa. She n Dev take halwa in one bowl n share it. Dev praises d halwa. Nani smiles.
NJ: anything for my Dev. N after your marriage, I’ll make halwa for your wife too.
D:(smiles, but then gets serious) Nani, Sonakshi will not eat halwa. She’s vry health conscious. After all she’s a nutri..
NJ: ohho, these modern girls. Who will explain them dat eating halwa does not make u fat. It gives u strength n energy.
Dev smiles a bit n eats d halwa. Jst then Sonakshi arrives. She sees Dev eating a bowl full of halwa.
S: Dev, u’re eating halwa! Dat too full bowl of halwa. No no, u shud not eat it, it’s not good for your health.
Dev looks at Sona n then at Nani. Nani is jst silently looking at Sonakshi. Dev tries to calm Sona down.
D: Sona, listen..
S: no Dev, u listen to me. Maa is not at home, then who made halwa for u?..Don’t tell me u brought it from some sweets shop!! Dev, u’re so stubborn. I told u, dat take care if your health. But no..in d engagement also u ate too many sweets.
D: it’s not from any shop, it’s home made..
S: wat, who made halwa for u..Kicchu bhaiya?? Where’s Kicchu bhaiya, call him..
NJ: I made halwa for Dev.
S: u..y..y did u make halwa??
Dev is super tensed n hits his hand on his forehead.
NJ: bcz I’m his Nani..
S: so wat if u’re his Nani..(she realises dat she’s talking to Dev’s Nani..in other words, her Nani saas) U’re Dev’s Nani!!
NJ: yes bahurani..I’m Dev’s Nani..your mother-in-law’s mother.
D: Nani, actually she’s a nutritionist, so she’s concerned abt our food.
NJ: I can see dat..

Sonakshi bends n touches nani’s feet. Nani keeps her hand on Sona’s head.
S: I’m sorry naniji, I didn’t know u’re Dev’s Nani. Otherwise, I would hv nvr talked to u like dat..
NJ: it’s ok Sonakshi. So now Dev can eat halwa??
S: I’m sorry naniji, but I can’t let Dev eat too much halwa. He’s already finished half of d halwa, if he eats more its not good for his health.
NJ: oh..ok then, Dev, u cannot eat more halwa.
Nani takes d bowl of halwa n keeps it in d fridge. She directly hoes to her room. Ishwari comes back home n sees Nani going to her room. She calls her, but she does not reply. Ishwari thinks wat happened to her. She asks Dev n Dev tells her everything. She looks at Sonakshi n then, without saying anything, goes to nani’s room. Here, Dev n Sonakshi r tensed.
S: Dev, naniji must b angry on me.
D: I want to say no..but I can’t..
S: let’s go to her room n talk to her.
They were jst going towards nani’s room when our GKB d great, sees them.
RR: Dev, where r u going wid Banga..I mean Sonakshi.
D: mamiji, we’re going to nani’s room. Rest I’ll tell u later.
Dev n Sona leave. Radha Rani follows them.

Nani’s room
I: maa, wat happened maa??
NJ: Ishwari, when u know d matter, y r u asking me?
I: maa, Sonakshi is still bit immature. Plzz forgive her maa.
Sona n Dev enter.
S: naniji, I’m sorry I talked to u like dat, but I was concerned abt Dev’s health, dats all. Not only Dev, if anyone else would hv been there, I wouldn’t hv let them eat halwa. Bcz on d engagement, everyone ate too many sweets, so now they hv to balance it.
RR: hayee hayee!! How dare u talk to maa like dat!
NJ: I’m talking na Radha Rani..
RR: but maa..
Nani gives her a shut up wala look.?? Nani takes Sona to d kitchen. All follow them. Nani takes out halwa from d fridge.
NJ: did u eat sweets in d engagement?
Sona nods in a no. Nani takes a spoon n feeds halwa to Sona.
RR: maa, she behaved rudely wid u n u’re feeding her halwa!
NJ: Radha Rani, I don’t do anything without reason. She is not like u who will do anything to PRETEND being a good daughter in-law. She did not let Dev eat d halwa even after knowing dat I made it. Any other girl would hv let Dev eat d halwa, only to get a good impression in my view.

Nani goes near Dev n says dat his choice is really nice. She takes out her gold chain n gives it to Sona, as her engagement gift. Sona n Dev touch nani’s feet n take her blessings. All leave from there. Sona goes towards d kitchen counter, but Dev holds her hand n drags her behind d fridge.
S: Dev, ki korcho??
D: kripya English mein bat karein..(kindly talk in English)
S: Dev, wat r u doing? Someone will see..
D: oh god!! (Joins his hands) plzz, for sometime make everyone sleep. Then no one will disturb us. Only Mr n Mrs Dixit will b there..together..
S: ahan!! Correction..to be Mrs Dixit..
D: so my to be Mrs Dixit, u did not let me eat halwa, n u ate halwa dat too from nani’s hand!!
S: Mr abhadro, u’re jealous..
D: no I’m not, she’s my Nani..y should I be jealous..huh!!
S: u r jealous. N I told u don’t eat too many sweets, but no..u did not listen to me..now see..u can’t eat halwa, but I can. ?
Sona takes d halwa bowl n eats halwa, making Dev jealous.
S: yummy..wow, nani’s a MasterChef..
D: Sona, stop it..
S: y shud I..cant I praise Nani!!
Sona finishes d halwa. She shows Dev d empty bowl. Dev makes a puppy face n Sona giggles.
S: no need to make faces. Halwa finish!!
D: but I want to eat something (moves towards Sonakshi) sweet..tasty..(Sonakshi moves backwards) tempting..
S: Dev, stop it..
D: y shud I? Can’t I praise my to be Mrs Dixit!
Dev pins Sona to d wall n takes his face close to hers. Sonakshi closes her eyes. Sona could feel his warm breath on her face.
D: u didn’t let me eat halwa na..now pay for it..
He kisses jst at d corner of her lips. Sona feels butterflies in her stomach.
D: now I’ll eat halwa everyday, so dat u don’t let me eat n then..u’ll be punished.
Sona shockingly looks at Dev. Dev hugs her n she too hugs him back.

Dev was in nani’s room. He was lying on d bed wid his head in nani’s lap. Sona comes in.
S: Dev, I’m going home.
She touches nani’s feet before leaving.
D: Sonakshi, today I can’t drop u home. I want to spend time wid Nani, bcz after our marriage, she’ll go back to Kanpur.
S: it’s ok Dev. I understand.
NJ: no no Dev, u go n drop her home. It’s late n she will not go alone.
S: noo naniji, it’s ok.
NJ: no, Dev will drop u. It’s my order Dev!
D: ok Nani..
Dev goes to drop Sona home.

Outside Bose House
Dev n Sona r sitting in d car.
S: Dev..
D: hmm..
S: naniji lives in Kanpur, wid whom?
D: wid chhote Nana n chhoti Nani..(Ishwari’s chacha chachi) n their children.
S: y does she live wid them, when she has her own son (mamaji)?
D: it’s bcz dat house has nanaji’s memories. After nanaji’s demise, mamiji forced mamaji to shift to Delhi. Nani did not want to leave dat house, but mamiji said dat if she does not wish to come, she can stay at Kanpur. But they’ll b going to Delhi for sure. Chhote Nana’s sons don’t treat Nani well. But only bcz of nanaji’s memories, nani stays there.
S: y don’t we convince Nani to stay wid us, in Delhi. If not us, she can stay wid mamaji.
D: we had tried once, but Nani did not agree.
S: so wat, we’ll try once again..
D: ok, we’ll think abt it tomorrow..for now, u think abt me..abt us..

Dev moves closer to Sonakshi. Both look into each other’s eyes.
S: Dev, we’re in d car on d road.
D: so wat. I’m your fiance, I hv right on u..
S:(pushes Dev) all boys think of only one thing, all d time..
She gets out of d car n moves towards her house. Dev quickly comes out of d car n holds her hand.
D: come early tomorrow..today u were late..
Sona smiles at Dev’s kiddish antics. She goes back n hugs Dev n both wish a good night to each other. Good night kiss..naah!! After marriage..?

PRECAP: all convince Nani to stay in Delhi..

So guys, how was d episode. I think it was enough long. Plzz comment n tell me your views. N those who could not read my OS-, can read it here..

Love jst happens!! Devakshi OS

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