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Krishnadasi 7th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Krishnadasi 7th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Scene 1
Aryan says to drunk Shravani that we should thank person who killed Rao family, Shravani says some clever person must have done it. Aryan listens some dhol noise, Shravani asks why there is dhol noise in romantic setting? Nakku knocks, Aryan opens door, Nakku says queen has come with her stuff, Aryan goes to check, Nakku sees Shravani dizzy.
Aradhya enters Haveli with Aaba and Uday, dhol is playing to welcome her. Aryan asks what is all this? you brought all stuff here, you gave us 48hours to stay here and its only three hours passed, Aradhya says this is pious time for my entry, Aryan says where will we go in middle of night and royal people dont go back on words, Aradhya says we are big hearted and firm of our words, i have thought, you can stay here for 48days till you dont find

another place, Aryan thinks that she wants to stay here with me, Aryan thanks her. Shravani comes there and claps loudly, she asks dhol to be played, she starts dancing around Aradhya, Aryan stops dhol. Shravani says wow queen Aruna Devi has come, she is speaking as if favoring us, came to our house in middle of night, after so many days me and my husband Aryan got romantic and she destroyed all mood, doppelganger of Aradhya, she asks dhol people to leave. Nakku thinks to record everything to show Banwari and Markand.
David comes home and keeps money in drawer. He sees bed empty and says where did Gayetri go? Gayetri comes there and switches on light, he says you? Gayetri says why you are stunned to see me? hiding something from me? David says you were sleeping when i left, Gayetri says from many nights, i am seeing that you are leaving in middle of night, whom you meet? where do you go? David says i went to meet friend. Gayetri brings out money from drawer and says which friend gives you so much money? i followed you today and saw you taking money from Aryan, how can you take money from person who helped to kill us, he left us and went to save Shravani, David says i cant answer you rightnow, he thinks that i wish i could tell you truth but till Aryan doesnt allow me, i have to silent, Gayetri asks why he is silent? how can you take help from person who forgot Aradhya and living with that Shravani, i cant his help, she leaves, David thinks how to tell her that Aradhya is alive and Aryan still loves her.
Shravani says to Aaba that you look like joker, she ask them to leave, Aryan tries to control her and says apologize to all, Shravani says apologize? my slipper will apologize, All are stunned, Shravani says we are trying to remove Aradhya’s memories and this girl came out of nowhere, Aaba says we cant see queen getting insulted, ask her to leave, Shravani says you are beggar, Aryan controls her and says shut up Shravani, he says sorry on her behalf, Shravani says to Aradhya that you slapped me? now i will tell you what slap is, she is about to slap Aradhya but Kumudini comes inbetween and holds her hand, all are shocked, she jerks her hand away and says you will raise hand on my Aaru? you haimlata, Shravani says you oldie, because of your black tongue, this Aradhya’s doppelganger has come, you kept chanting my Aaru will come, my aaru will come, today i will cut your tongue, Aradhya says enough, she holds her finger pointed towards Kumudini, Aradhya stares Aryan, Aryan thinks so much love for my aaji Aradhya? Kumudini says see my Aaru has come to save me, see how she saved me, Aaba hints Uday, Uday says queen cant see elders getting insulted, he asks Aryan to take his wife away otherwise they have to take action, Aryan says i am sorry on her behalf, he asks Nakkut to take Shravani, Shravani says i wont go, Nakku grabs her and drags her from there. Aryan says Aaji lets go upstairs too, Kumudini says my Aaru has come to meet me, i will stay with her, i wont leave her, why were you fighting from Shravani’s side? you both got separated because of me and now i will bring you both together, i will rectify my mistakes, i wont leave my Aaru, Aaru tell him that you wont leave me, i will throw that girl Shravani out, Aaru wont leave, she holds her hand, Aryan says its late, lets go to sleep, Aryan delicately pulls Kumudini away from Aradhya and takes from there, Aradhya gets emotional, Aaba supports her, Aradhya wipes her tears and leaves.
Aradhya comes to her room and is crying. Aaba comes there, Aradhya says i cant see Aaji in this state, i know she did really bad in life but you saw her truth came out today, i want to get treatment for her, Aaba says i dont want to believe her but for you, i will get treatment for her but first we need to find proofs and truth and till then you are not Aradhya and she is not your aaji, you are only queen Aruna, now take rest as last battle will start from tomorrow, he leaves. Aradhya rests on couch.

Scene 2
Its morning, Shravani wakes up and says i slept? did stealing happen? she sees money bag beside her and says everything is fine but why head is spinning? Aradhya comes there with lemonade and says good morning Shravani, Shravani greets her and says sorry room is messy, Aradhya says you must have headache thats why i brought lemonade for you, Shravani says you should have said to Nakku, she is useless, Aradhya says its not Nakku’s fault, and i didnt mind what you said last night, i understand that wine makes tipsy, she leaves. Shravani says wine? yeah i was drunk, what did i do? she calls Nakku. Nakku comes and shows video recording to Shravani in which she misbehaved with Aradhya being drunk. Shravani says oh Lord, i was so drunk, Nakku says if it was ancient queen then she would have you get beaten up by hunter, Shravani says but she came to me and said that she didnt mind anything, Nakku says i dont understand, i have doubt if she is real queen or not? be careful, she leaves. Shravani says i said so many ill words to queen, still she didnt mind it, she recalls how she protected Kumudini, how she is allowing us to stay here, how can queen be so benevolent, maybe Nakku is right, i have doubt on her.
Aradhya is looking at her and Tulsi’s picture on wall. Nakku brings tea for her and says sorry on Shravani’s behalf, you will punish me because of her, you will throw me out of work, i dont like to serve Shravani, Aradhya asks you dont like her? Nakku says she has bad tongue, you know her aayi, baba, whole family died but she didnt mourn for single day, Aradhya asks how all died? Nakku says poison was given to them but who gave it, we dont know that, Aradhya thanks her for tea, Nakku leaves. Aradhya turns and sees Aryan coming there. She turns away from him, Aryan comes there and looks at photos too, he says good morning Aruna Devi, she greets him, Aryan says i am sorry on my wife’s behalf again, my Aaji is weird too, her acts bring memories back and my wife becomes disturbed because of it, i am thinking to remove burden of old memories,

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