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Krishnadasi 3rd October 2016 Written Episode Update

Krishnadasi 3rd October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Aradhya and Aaba come home to see Aaryan and Shravani hugging. Aaba says these are the people who ruined their family, Aradhya was sure to buy this house and later destroy this girl and her family. Shravani comes to welcome them for auction, but Aradhya tells the driver they will come here later. They now come to their old house, Aaba forbids anyone enter the house for a while. Aaba tells Aradhya this house in under temple’s trust, Uday took a permission from trust for their stay. This is the house where our family’s dead bodies were found, he was unlucky for not being able to carry out their carnation ceremony. Aradhya says she gathered a lot of courage to come here, she wonders how she would see the house auctioned. She loved that man, she made him a reason to life and now she has to revenge


him. She surely won’t return halfway, but she needs sometime to compose herself such that her hand doesn’t shiver for a single moment. Aaba asks who would go to auction if not her. There is a knock at the door, Uday calls from outside its home. Aaba opens the door, Uday locks it from inside again and informs them that auction would begin in a while. He says to Aradhya that she will be reluctant to face them, she won’t go to auction instead his lawyer would go there. The princess would enter later on. Aradhya was determined to buy that house at any cost.
The lawyer, Vikram arrives at the auction. Shravani asks about Aroona then takes her inside. The lawyer had a camera in his coat pen through which Aaba, Aradhya and Uday watch the auction. The lawyer bids high, but suddenly they lose internet connection. The microphone connection is also lost. All of a sudden, Kumudini calls from behind bidding the highest. She shouts at the auctioneer that this is her house, they will all pay 25 crore as her Aradhya is coming to her house. She takes money from everyone around, as she has to cook for Aradhya. Shravani sends Nakku to go and control her, they take Kumudini inside. Shravani apologizes the participants, the internet connection was retrieved. Uday bids the highest, Aaba was worried about such a high amount. Shravani agrees on 35 crores happily. Vikram announces the owner is Princess Aroona, she herself would come here for the signing of deal. Aradhya questions Uday why he bid so high, Uday says nothing is valuable than her fire of revenge. His ancestors left him with huge amount that only rot in the bank accounts, it better her revenge is accomplished. Uday says they would turn this house into a heritage hotel, named after them both. Aradhya wonders how she would pay this debt, Uday she her smile costs 100 crores. Aradhya says her sister and her Aaryan killed her family, she would look into his eyes to ask him why he did this.
Shravani informs Aaryan that princess Aroona bid the highest in auction. Kumudini comes there and warns to tear Shravani’s hair if she tries to sell this house. She says Aradhya is about to return, she promises to take her. Aradhya makes her up to come downstairs, accepting all her conditions. Shravani thinks about increasing her medicine dose so that Aryan leaves her at mental hospital. Shravani reminds Kumudini about being happy about the money, Kumudini asks Nakku if she danced. Aryan and Nakku assure Kumudini if she takes some rest, Aradhya would surely come. Shravani suggests Aryan about inviting the princess home for a dinner, this way they will get the money soon. She asks Aryan to confirm the dinner tonight. Shravani plans to shift to Mumbai getting away from the memories of Aradhya in Krishnadasi.
A guard comes to inform Aradhya and Aaba that Aryan is here. Uday asks him to take him to drawing room. Aaryan was sitting in the drawing room, upset about thoughts of Aradhya when Uday comes to place a hand over his shoulder. Aryan was afraid, Uday smiles and asks how he is. Uday hugs Aaryan, Aaryan asks when he returned and what about that Princess Aroona Devi? Uday says she is his fiancé, they are soon to get married. They have hired this house from trust, Aradhya’s memories are linked here. Aaryan says this has lightened this house. Uday asks how he sold his house, if he wants to wipe all of Aradhya’s memories. Aaryan invites them to dinner which Shravani planned for tonight. Uday assures to come. Aradhya watches him leave, and was restless. Aaba holds her back. Aradhya cries placing her head over a wall.
In the room, Shravani was harassing Kumudini when Nakku brings apples for her. Shravani gets polite, Kumudini complains Nakku that Shravani isn’t nice with her. Kumudini holds the knife from the plate, Shravani tells Nakku to leave, and she snatches the knife off Kumudini’s hand and stuffs the medicine in her mouth. Kumudini feels dizzy and fell asleep. Shravani wonders where has she been stuck, and thinks about fixing this old lady soon.
Aradhya says she doesn’t want to go to that house. Didn’t they witness Aryan was already so lost, defeated and broken. Uday says may be Aryan was showing off. Aaba says this is the Aaryan who killed her whole family with Shravani and Kumudini, he is the sinner and must be punished.

PRECAP: Aradhya arrives at Aaryan’s place. Shravani drops the flowers, Aaryan was shocked to see her.

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