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Kokila in dilemma over Jaggi and Gopi’s relation

Gopi has come back home by recovering. Jaggi has taken care of her. Gopi does the aarti. She stumbles while giving him aarti, and he holds her. Gopi and Jaggi’s love story is beginning. The elderly couple will behaving teenagers’ kind of romance and eyelocks.Jggi has realized his feelings for Gopi. Jaggi tells his mother about his love for Gopi. He has gone mad in Gopi’s love. The time has come that Jaggi’s love faces some hurdles. Jaggi and Gopi’s love will see some twists and then unite.


Kokila asks Gopi to come with her, and does not know Jaggi loves Gopi. Kokila will be supporting Jaggi and Gopi’s love. There are many things going in Modi house. Kokila may not take decision instantly, but she will definitely favour Jaggi. Urmila tells Kokila that Jaggi is a really nice guy, and maybe he likes Gopi. She tells Kokila that Jaggi filled sindoor in Gopi’s maang. Kokila says Jaggi did this as he was helpless. Kokila wants to give some time to Jaggi and Gopi. The ladies prepare Sargi for their Karwachauth fast. Jaggi wants to see if Gopi keeps fast for him. Jaggi’s mother takes Jaggi’s proposal for Gopi to Kokila. What will be Kokila’s decision now? The viewers would like the new love story in Saathiya.

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