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KKB….. Journey of Souls…..Episode 15

The marrige took place, everyone was happy except of pragya, after taking everyone’s blessings , mehra family left sharma mansion with pragya, pragya was having mixed feelings, she was just in car and now forever she was going to mehra mansion, her heart was beating faster , numerous thoughts were crossing in her mind that previous day she was in sharma mansion but now she was moving into new house without her parents, she already started to miss samarth, she wasn’t beleving that the henna she used to hate was already applied at her hands, and bridal lehnga which she used to get irritated of, she was wearing it , the mangal sutra that she never thought she would wear was now around her neck and the vermillion that she used to be afraid of was now at her forehead , she was not only a daughter or sister now but a wife too, she never thought that this relation would come into her life but now She isn’t miss pragya sharma but Mrs Pragya Mehra. While these thoughts were running into her mind,

abhi was admiring her, pragya didn’t realised that abhi was looking at her as her face was towards the window. Abhi smiled after looking at her, he was excited to start a new life with pragya. Soon they reached at Mehra Mansion, pragya stepped put of car, alka helped her as the lehnga was too heavy, abhi also held her hand and they stopped at the door of Hall , geeta hurriedly went to kitchen and came with the things needed for aarti, pragya was trying to adjust herself according to situation, soon when geeta did her aarti, pragya came in , alka and geeta hugged her so did raj, Some mores were to take place so alka took pragya with herslef, abhi went back to his room, there were no guests as it was already late night neither abhi had any cousins nor any paternal or metarnal relatives, so mehra mansion just consist of family members. According to one ritual, pragya had to do Pooja of God, so in a corner of hall there was placed Ganesha, geeta made her understood everything, pragya started do pooja while abhi was in room. Abhi was looking at his room, and was thinking that now onwards , he couldn’t claim right on room , he will have to share it, he goes to wardrobe and opens it, he is satisfied of the space that he created for pragya’s belongings , from under his clothes he takes out pragya’s pic and after looking at it he smiles , he places the pic back to its place and closes the wardrobe,


he leaves the room and goes down at hall where pragya already managed to finish the rituals and pooja, alka took pragya to abhi’s room, after pragya entered room, alka went down after closing the door, pragya looked around her new room, she sat on bed and started to think: What should I do? Should I tell everything to him that is bothering me or should I wait for the right time? Because if I would tell him everything at this time , he would surely get hyper and I can not spoil my marrige day, he cheated me but still i belive him and i don’t know what makes me believe him, he is not trustworthy too yet I claim that his every word contains immense honesty. Pragya gets up from bed and goes to wardrobe , abhi at same time enters room and finds room to be empty, he thinks pragya would have gone for change, he sits at bed while pragya comes out in same bridal attire.
abhi: You didn’t changed?

Pragya: I still do not have got clothes, when mom will send them I will change.
Abhi: I have noticed something.
Pragya: What?
Abhi: You have changed
Pragya sits at bed beside him: So?
Abhi: So what? I do not like this change in you.
Pragya: And I don’t like you.
Abhi: What?

Pragya: Yes, i dont like you?
abhi: Then why did you married me?
Pragya: You married me.
Abhi: I married you but you were the one who asked me in Lonavla that “Will you marry me”
Pragya: If I asked you, then why did you said Yes?
Abhi: i didn’t want to break you heart.
Pragya: oh so if tomorrow any other girl would ask you that Will You marry me? You will say her Yes?
Abhi: Of coarse.
Pragya: and if i ask you that Will you divorce me then, would you answer Yes or No?
Abhi remained silent , he went to balcony without answering her, pragya realised that what she said wasn’t right, she went to abhi, abhi was looking at stars, pragya kept hand on his shoulder so he quickly wiped his tears, pragya realised he was crying so she said: Why are you crying? I am sorry don’t cry please. Abhi looked at her and said what you said wasn’t right.

Pragya to herself: What ever you did to me wasn’t right.
Abhi without saying any word went back to his wardrobe.pragya came back to room , she didn’t knew how whole life will she live with abhi! She can not even tell him and not even love him after all this, she went near bookshelf and took a book, she started fliping its pages, abhi came out of wardrobe after changing his dress and saw pragya with book, he hurriedly went to her and snatched book. Pragya was taken back with his sudden act.
Abhi: Do not touch it.

Pragya: But..
Abhi: do not touch it, i told you that’s enough now go and change your attire, Mom already kept some of your dresses in wardrobe go and wear any of them
Pragya: fine, but stop commanding me.
Abhi: Sorry.

Pragya with irritated expressions left for change.
abhi fliped the page of book , there was placed a picture, he took it and it was of pragya.
Abhi: If she would have found it, then what answer i would have given to her that what her college pic is doing with me. Thank God I came at right time, and abhi you have gone mad, why you are behaving weirdly with pragya, she is your wife and your friend too and you are fighting with her.
Pragya came after changing, abhi looked at her and said: You were looking beautiful today.
Pragya: Thanks.
Abhi: Won’t you complement me?

Pragya: No.
Abhi was stepping forward to her , she got afraid, she hurriedly sat at bed, abhi came near her and whispered to her: You are a jealous crocodile.
Pragya: What?
Abhi: You never compliment me.
Pragya: Ahhhh, good night I am sleeping.
Abhi smiled at her and said Good night.

Pragya went down in sleeping position, she couldn’t resist herself, and said: You were looking Cool.
Abhi smiled and said: Thanks!
Pragya covered herself with sheet and thought: Pragya what is happening to you? You should be angry at him and you are praising him.
Abhi switched of lights and went at bed, he thought to himself: Why am I feeling that she is trying to ignore me?
Pragya: Why can’t I ignore him?
Abhi: Why would she ignore me?
Pragya: I hate him.
Abhi: i don’t know of her ignorance but I love her.
With these thoughts they dozed of to sleep and screen freezed at their faces.

Pre recap: Why you married me? You should have married the one whom you loved, why did you came to me? You should have gone to her whom You love.
……. . ……. …….. …….. ……… ……….. ……………

Sorry for the boring update and yes I was overwhelemed with your comments guys, this much response is forcing me to just expose the truth soon, so let’s see what truth has made pragya hate abhi?.

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