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Episode 6

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Episode begins with Abhi and Aaliya and Pragya in Aaliya’s room, Abhi and Aaliya are still fighting for Pragya, Aaliya saying I keep her as she is my bhabi and Abhi saying I keep her as she is my fiancé. Pragya says shut up both of you and says I am staying with Aaliya as she has my relation right. Abhi says but she has relation coz of me. Pragya says haan but am not your fiancé. (she is thinking I am wife not fiancé) Abhi says if you are not my fiancé they you can’t be bhabi and that means you are now just secretary so as secretary come. He carries her, Pragya fights and kicks and says leave me with Aaliya. Abhi thinks world is coming to end indeed if Nikita wants to stay with Aaliya. Aaliya also now has stood up and is punching Abhi (playfully) while saying leave my Bhabi alone. Abhi says no fiancé no bhabi. Aaliya says I told you she is wife not fiancé. Abhi says your mad. Aaliya says I am fighting to stay with your secretary so may be am mad. But leave her alone. She continues to punch him.
Pragya is still fighting leave me alone in Abhi’s arms. Abhi struggles and tells her Stop it. Stop it. She fights. In fighting her face goes close to Abhi and their lips touch. They get emotional shock!! Everything goes quiet even Aaliya shuts up and touches on mouth in shock. Pragya and Abhi look at each other and come closer slowly….Aaliya sees them and thinks why didn’t I see before, bhai and Bhabi look sooo good together naa…Abhi and Pragya faces are coming close..Aaliya sees, eyes widen and she runs from there with smile on face…

Abhi in head is thinking..i have to kiss her. I don’t know why but if I don’t I think I will die. She looks like life right now and I have to kiss her for life….Lips come closer…Pragya is thinking, please kiss me Abhi you’re my life please kiss me and give me life..Lips go closer to Abhi……sound of heartbeat in background……..Abhi closes distance and kisses Pragya, Pragya Closes her eyes and kisses Abhi back, she puts hands behind his neck. Abhi continues to kiss Pragya….Abhi breaks kiss and looks at Pragya….deeply in her eyes…she stares back… still sound of heartbeat in back ground..… he brings lips and kisses her again hungrily. He puts her down and they kiss while running hands on each
other…. Beats of Vele (from SOTY Sid and Varun )…..in back ground…Abhi and Pragya continue kissing hungrily…..

Raj is now wondering why Mitali was that side of town and is wondering if she had followed and saw him with Bulbul. Mitali is now in hospital, Rachu who was called by Raj comes there too. Raj asks if she knew were Mitali Bhabi went but Rachu thinks if he knows she might have followed him he will be even more angry at her soo she says no she doesn’t know where Bhabi had gone. Doctor comes there and says she is ok, she just fainted from tiredness and hunger. She asks husband to make sure she eats. Ok nods ok. He thinks Mitali should take care of herself more and she shouldn’t neglect eating and if it means making sure she eats a lot to balloon daily he will as she scared him and now he knows even if he is angry he still loves her more than anyone and she cannot die. He thinks I will still punish her but will take care of her very well some how….

Aaliya who is still happy is walking in corridor for house going down stair and meets Tanu, she thinks after what she has done she doesn’t want to see Tanu or she might get dying cockroach voice treatment. Tanu comes and says Aaliya, Aaliya, please save me you’re my best friend Abhi wants to chase me and he says he will marry behenji..Aaliya thinks why I didn’t see upto now that Tanu had dying cockroach voice….Tanu continues to say and Aaliya tells her in anger while shouting..Tanu your voice is giving me headache..please talk to bhai he is in my room…and she walks away..Tanu thinks I will talk to Abhi and try to convince him she heads towards room.

Aaliya who has no reached stairs realizes that she sent Tanu to room yet room has Abhi and bhabi..she turns back and tries to stop Tanu but she reaches when Tanu is about to see..she says Tanu wait don’t go there. Tau turns and looks at her and thinks what is Aaliya hiding…she thinks to wait but she thinks its Abhi I want not Aaliya and Aaliya plans all fail so I have to trap Abhi myself…she turns and goes to room…she sees Abhi and Pragya Kissing each other hungrily. Like kiss for 2.5 years starvation. She screams Abhi….he doesn’t hear he is busy…kissing Pragya..she screams again.. Abhi doesn’t stop. Aaliya tells her to leave from there and she will talk to Abhi later, Tanu refuses and due to anger and stupidity, she goes and grabs Pragya….who hasn’t seen or heard her due to hungry kiss..and pulls her from Abhi and throws her on bed. (Shameless Tanu) Pragya is confused and also embarrassed. Abhi ….is PISCED. He turns sloowwlllyy toward Tanu and PYAAAA…(With echo) SLAPS her hard on face. Aaliya and Pragya jump!! Pragya runs to Aaliya. Tanu is shocked. Abhi is BOILING MAD!! HE SLAPS Tanu..AGAIN. Tanu screams. Aaliya says dying cockroach. Pragya is not happy she says Abhi!!! Abhi is about to slap Tanu again but hears Pragya’s voice and stops hand…next to Tanu’s face!! Pragya says please Abhi stop. Abhi looks at her and drops hand.

Dadi down stair hears screaming and thinks what again. Dasi says this house is now theatre as Drama don’t end. Tai ji who has been sleeping wakes up and thinks I heard dying cockroach voice in sleep..now am dreaming about Tanu!! She leave bedroom only to come and find stressed Dadis she says I was woken by dream of dying cockroach voice. Dasi says not dream, real voice, Tai ji says what now?? They now hear screaming coming closer… Dying cockroach voice saying. Abhi stop your hurting me…. Pragya saying Abhi stop..Aaliya shouting Bhai please….

They look up stairs to see Abhi dragging Tanu by hand down stairs….. they all stand up shocked. Dasi says someone stop Abhi. Tai ji says all men ..Akash and Purab left with Tau ji to go to work. Dasi says Tanu is now dead for sure. Abhi is now down stairs and throws Tanu on ground. She falls and hits hand on ground..(lucky her not face) He tell her in calm voice. Didn’t I tell you to leave my house. She says Abhi please..he says calmly still…i told you to leave my house and that I should never see you again. I told you if I see you again I will destroy you..you didn’t listen. Noow I am giving you last chance..stand up and GET OUT!!

Tanu mum comes then and says Abhi you have to APOLOGISE, Abhi says to Tanu..I told you to take your Ma too.(in calm voice) But she is still here. Why?? Tanu ma shouts at Abhi to apologise and slaps him. Abhi turns to her and tells her to leave his house this minute before he loses all manners taught by Dadi and he throws her out too.
Dadi thinks If Abhi begins Talking calmly then he is more murderous than when he is screaming. Abhi all of a sudden grabs Tanu by hair..(I know it is bad but she deserves it!!) and drags her out of the house. Pragya and Aaliya saying stop Abhi. Dadi then tells Tanu mum that I know my grandson, if he is this calm when angry he is more bad. She says please leave now or after Tanu he is going to come and drag you too…by hair!! Tanu’s mum is scared..she says escort me. Dadi says ok. She escorts her after Tanu. Abhi is dragging Tanu out of house by hair..(slow motion)…. Beats in back ground…they drag her and finally he throw Tanu out and Mum follows. ABHI SLAMS MM DOOR IN THERE FACE. Dasi and Dadi think finally. They are in shock. But Pragya also thinks Finally DUSNI ORAT IS OUT!!

Footsteps in corridor of MM entrance, everyone thinks its shameless Tanu, Abhi turns back with anger and walks back, meets with owner of footsteps and raises slap…owner say ABHIIII..its Rachna..back from hospital…Abhi puts hand down..everyone breathes….
Rachu breathes too and looks at everyone, she says why so tense and Abhi why so angry. She says what have I missed, I met Tanu and Tanu ma outside on floor, Tanu crying and pisced and MA consoling?? Dasi says thank god Rachu or you were going to share slap wit Tanu. Rachu says Kyaa….Aaliya gives her story. Rachu is shocked but finally says…Oyy Finally..Shameless is out. But she says to Abhi that why is he more angry today to pull by hair, she says she knows he is hot tempered yaar but why extra today.
Abhi says he found out what type of woman Tanu really is, Dadi says we all heard her insult Nikita so he should not be too worried Abhi says noo you don’t understand she is worse than that…He gets FB

Abhi rushing in MM looking for Pragya, he can’t find her he is worried, he goes to outhouse but still no Nikita. On his way back, He goes to search guestrooms too, he hears voices one screaming and another one saying calm down. He thinks that is dying cockroach so its Tanu and ignores..but he is going he hears her saying..i have tried to trap him mum. So many times…I made him drink and took photos and sent to media so that he could be ashamed and propose and I can marry him….Abhi comes to door which is slightly open and looks through, he sees Tanu and Tanu mum..he is boiling mad….Tanu continues shouting saying..it worked ma till mehendi and stupid Pragya got in the way..I hate ha ma I hate ha…I will kill her for this I will kill her!!……Abhi is so mad he thinks between Tanu and Nikita he chooses Nikita so he will find her first and deal with Tanu later..he leaves from there

He says so I was so pisced when I saw her and all I could remember is her saying she will kill my Nikita and I was sooo mad! Sorry if I scared you but I was too mad. Pragya is shocked and scared at same time. Everyone is shocked. Abhi continues to say that they should all know this from today. If anyone ever tries to harm even a hair on his Nikita’s head. HE WILL KILL THEM. Everyone in MM is shocked. Pragya more than anyone. Screen shows each shocked face. Screen freezes on Abhi’s serious murder face!!

Precap: Abhi, Purab and Pragya in Arora house. Abhi is laughing and jocking. Beeji says sorry beta for MM function spoil. He says he is glad it spoil as he was pretending anyway. He say but he will be real sad if next Mehendi is ruined. Sarla ma says next Mehendi? He says haan!! Janki says when..he says I don’t know!! Beeji says with whom now….He says Nikita who else? All but Purab are SHOCKED!!

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