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So I know I said one episode per day but today iam very excited and happy. You read and loved Episode one of my FF and I love you all who read and commented and thank you so much. So as a treat today is two episodes. Hope you enjoy yaar!!


Episode begins with Pragya Raj and Purab leaving Abhi’s room. Raj pull Pragya’s hand and tell her to follow him, he tells Purab to come too. He takes her to room and asks her
R: what are thinking telling Abhi to marry Tanu?
Pu: Yaa Di explain because iam very confused and angry with you. Explain!!.
P: Abhi thinks iam just secretary and it will look weird if secretary insists not to marry Tanu. R: OK I understand that but from now on keep quiet. (Pragya is very confused)
P: Kio?? And Raj je why are you helping me?
Pu: haa why Raj?

R: Pragya I wronged you once and I am sorri and will be sorri for the rest of my life, and for that I am making myself a slave to ensure you are happy. I will not sit and watch evil ruin her life. You saved me from going down a dark path when you told me Mitali’s truth and I will pay you by making sure you are happy and I will be the best Bhai you will ever have.

Pragya is very happy and she even cries a few tears, she hugs Raj and he is happy too. He thinks I will do everything in my power to keep my choti this happy and protect her from evil, in that way I can protect my chota by protecting his wife.
P: (Still crying) please don’t stress for me naa and don’t worry
R: if he didn’t love you so much I would slap you for your innocence and sweetness. Its too much naa and I don’t know how Purab deals with it every day. Purab makes stupid suffering face. They all laugh and have group hug.

Mitali who is passing by room secretly hears and thinks only thing she wants in life is to get Raj back and if Raj is slave to Pragya happiness then she too swear she slave to Pragya happiness. They hear commotion and they run out of room to see. Mitali hides. Akash and Rachna are back and everybody is happy to see them. Sarla Beeji and Janki are more happy to see Rachna. Akash says we drove like mad to see Dramatic Mehendi but no Mehendi, Dasi says Mehendi is done as Abhi fainted, they are worried but they tell them he is fine.

Dadi tells Pragya to go and check on Abhi, she leaves and meets Tanu and Aaliya on her way, Tanu immediately taunts her, Aaliya leaves and says she has gone to her room. Pragya says Tanu to shut up and leave her to go and check on her husband. Tanu blocks her way and says you will go but you will first see your husband’s name on my hand. She puts hands forward and Pragya smiles. Tanu says look for name don’t smile. Pragya says I will look at your hands for a year and I will not see name. You will also not see name, look for it and when you see it I will be in my husband’s room. Pragya turns to leave and smiles getting flash back

After getting ready for Mehendi, Abhi takes Pragya by hand and tell her let’s look for henna artist, she says why and he says just look and show me. They find Henna Artist and Abhi pays her a lot of money and tells her don’t write my name on devil Tanu’s hand. Pragya tries to stop him and he says shut up. Henna Artist says it is his Mehendi and his name has to be on bride’s hand, and she will not do and leaves. Abhi then tells Pragya what to do? She just looks at him with funny face, he looks and thinks Haan I have got it, I am a genius! he drags Pragya to henna artist and says, this is my fiancée, we are eloping so I will pay you double, no triple to put my name on her hand not Tanu, henna artist says its wrong, Abhi says will you deny love, he says I love her very much and we want to get married please put henna on her hand, henna artist looks at Pragya who because of shock and happiness is looking at Abhi stupidly and Abhi is staring at her too with love smile, they have eye lock…Salam re plays…..Henna artist sees them and thinks they are in love and their love is special and I cannot deny them she also thinks they are married already as she did henna for Pragya’s Mehendi and they won’t be doing wrong so she will help them! She says she will not take any money as she has already been paid but she will write name on Pragya’s hand.

Abhi says yes!!! next now to stop wedding but not kill Tanu’s mother. Pragya says I will not be part of this, but she thinks Tanu’s mother won’t die as she is lying. Abhi says you will as my secretary and do everything I say to stop shadi to Dying cockroach Tanu. FB ends.

Pragya says to herself Dying cockroach Tanu and laughs, she says from Super model, to behenji now dying cockroach Tanu. She laughs to herself and heads for Abhi’s room
Tanu is very confused and tries looking for Abhi’s name she doesn’t see it, she goes to Aaliya’s room and knocks but no answer. She tells Robin to look for name, Robin looks but says no name, she thinks he is illiterate and can’t read she says I will ask mum. Tanu’s mum looks for name but can’t see it either.

She says maybe design is too complicated. Tanu is not convinced and she continues worrying and folding her face.Abhi in his room has woken up from faint sweating and confused and so very worried he keeps remembering girl from dream and stresses to see face, he can’t see face and is very frustrated. He thinks what to do, who is girl in my dream and why can’t I see face. He says I love girl in my dream very much and I can feel it but who is she? He thinks who to ask, but he thinks he can’t ask anyone because they will all think he is mad talking about girl he loves with no face.

Pragya then comes in and he sees she is wearing chashma he says her Chashmish and she says haan!! He thinks girl in dream too is chashmish but can’t see her face so I don’t know if she wears chashma. He is staring at Pragya and Pragya thinks why he is staring at me like that? She asks him how he is feeling he says still little headache, she gives him medicine and he takes while looking at her, she takes glass of water from him and is leaving Abhi holds her dupatta and pulls her, she falls on his chest and they have eyelock. …Allah Waariyan plays…..

Next morning Aaliya in her room is very confused and is wondering if she is doing the right thing, she thinks of all the times she put Abhi in danger and he almost died because of her hatred towards Pragya. She thinks if her parents will be proud of her and she remembers what Sarla said. She is sad and tears fall down her face. She says I love Bhai but I hate Pragya, but she thinks if I love Bhai can I let him be married to Tanu?? She wonders and is very confused about what she is feeling.
Raj is going to office and he see Purab talking to sky, he goes slowly near and hears Purab saying, Haa bulbul we have new support for Di. Raj is willing to help now and am not alone against Tanu and Aaliya now. He says I miss you and am lonely and am Sad and I cannot and will never love anyone else but at least I can make your wish come true of Abhigya being together. Raj hears everything and he is sad. He thinks it is time now and he leaves from there taking his phone.

At breakfast Abhi says he has to go to studio and he says Secretary to follow, Pragya stands up and goes ahead of him with angry face thinking, I have not even finished breakfast! Tanu stands to follow too and Abhi says her to sit. She says as fiancé I can come, he says yes Fiancé can come but you are not my fiancé and anyway fiancé came already. Dadi asks beta what fiancé and Abhi says Mili Fuggi, everyone is shocked Aaliya drops fork and Tanu drops bag and looks at Abhi, he says why are you looking like that, he say he named Nikita Fuggi and now she is his fiancé not Tanu! He leaves from there. Akash, Rachna, Mitali and Dasi laugh Dadi is shocked. He tells Tanu’s mum that since her daughter is no longer fiance they can leave now and take Tanu with them.

Abhi reaches Pragya who had already left and didn’t hear Abhi call her fiancé and fuggi, he takes her hand and swings it happily. She thinks why is he so happy. He thinks I could really marry Fuggi. She is good has nice voice and is very beautiful and sensible and loves my Dadi. But he thinks I love girl in flashes so I have to find out who girl in flashes is and after I will marry my Fuggi. Pragya who is now trying to set up his guitars is shocked to feel Abhi hug her from behind, she turns in shock to look at him, and he instead kisses her on check. She is SHOCKED and he is smiling very happily. Tanu who had followed sees and is angry. Screen freezes on red Tanu angry face.

Precap: Raj in office tells someone on phone that I know I told you to give me time to sort things out and also give you time to heal, but it is time now. He says evil has become too much and it should stop. He then says ok I will meet you in the usual place so we can discuss details


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