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I have been sooo bored with the real KKB to the point that when I am going to sleep I create my own KKB in my head. I have now decided to share and see if you guys will love it too the way I do. It may not be so good naa like Suhani’s but I hope you like. And also am not changing any characters. I am using Ekta madam’s characters and maybe bring back a few. And I am starting from yesterday’s episode and changing the story here on out. Hopefully to make it better and not annoying.
Hope you enjoy!!!!

Episode begins with Abhi taking Pragya to room and asking her if she can et him his Mehendi and Wedding cloths, Pragya agrees and leaves from there happy because Abhi chose her for cloths over Tanu. She meets Tanu on her way who starts arguing with her:
T: You behenji what do you call yourself if you think… (Pragya interrupts her while laughing)
P: (while laughing) Behenji, Tanu are you calling me behenji when you yourself tried to look behenji to attract my husband so you can compete with me favorably??? Hahahahaha you have to accept Tanu you looked Ugly!! Even my husband laughed at you. Sad, weren’t you trying to please him naa?
T: (Tanu getting very annoyed and scrunching her face like she does when she is annoyed and starts to shout ) Shut up shut up!! I said Shut up!! (Pragya continues laughing and also Aaliya comes hearing Pragya laughing and Tanu Screaming) stop calling Abhi your husband he is not your husband just shut up.
A: (Very confusedly) Pragya bhabi why are you laughing so hard and why is Tanu screaming like a bandishe??


Tanu looks at Aaliya like she has seen a ghost but Aaliya doesn’t realized she called Pragya Bhabi while she was confused. Pragya looks at her shocked too for a moment but smiles a big smile. Aaliya sees their reaction and gets more confused and asks
A: Tanu have you seen a ghost and you why are you smiling like that?
P: Aaliyaa are we sisters? Am I your Di?
A: Nooo over my dead body I cannot have behenji as my Di. I hate you and you know it.
P: Am I married to Raj? He is your only big brother?
A: very angrily says _Don’t be stupid I have Raj and Abhi only as Bhai!!
P: Haan and Raj is married to Mitali bhabi so that only leaves Abhi and since you called me Bhabi it means I am married to Abhi not so!!

Aaliya realizes her mistakes and looks angry at Pragya whom is laughing very hardly!! Aaliya also makes sorry face to Tanu who is now boiling with anger. Tanu then begins to abuse Pragya very loudly. Aaliya tries to tell her to stop but she doesn’t listen. She abuses Pragya’s family and also dead Bulbul which makes Pragya very sad on hearing Bulbul’s name. Meanwhile Dadi and Dasi hear Tanu screaming and come to stairs to see what is going on at same time Abhi who is leaving his bedroom hears screaming and says to himself “who is that screaming like dying cockroach? Did dying cockroach learn to talk in this house when even leaving cockroach can’t talk!?” He comes too scene too. Aaliya sees Abhi coming and tries to warn Tanu but Tanu pushes her away and says let me finish my anger on Behenji today!! She continues to insult Pragya very badly calling her and her family bad names. Pragya is sad but not because of Tanu’s insult she is sad because Tanu called Bulbul and she began remembering all happy moments with her sister which makes her start to cry. Tanu sees her crying and laughs at her and tells her that she was born to cry and will always cry for her life because she is now alone with a husband that doesn’t like her and will continue to cry when her husband moves on and marries someone else. For good measure Tanu slaps her while smiling but Pragya is just there sad and doesn’t care.

Tanu turns to leave from there smiling and happy only to see Abhi standing behind her very sad and looking at Pragya! She tries to say Abhi!!! Abhi!!! I can explain but he doesn’t even look at her. He just goes to crying Pragya and carries her and takes her away without even looking at Tanu. Tanu tries to follow them while calling Abhi, Aaliya tries to stop her but she refuses and follows. When she reaches Dadi and Dasi (who watched the whole thing) Dasi just shakes her head and tells Dadi

Dasi: Di ahhh women of now days are very shameless. Long ago man’s bedroom was for him and his Bivi only but now shameless women just follow a husband carrying his wife to the bedroom I don’t know what they want to see.
Tanu hears this which makes her more angry and she stop she comes ready to insult Dasi but the moment she opens her mouth Dadi slaps her hard in the face. Mitali laughs and every one even Aaliya are shocked. And Dadi tells her that is for Slapping and insulting my bahu and for being a shameless and characterless woman.

In bedroom , Abhi puts Pragya on bed and sit comforting her, which makes her sad and happy and she continues to cry uncontrollably Abhi just hold her harder and rocks her. ..Ishq Bulaava plays… They fall asleep in each other arm. Sometime later Dadi wonders to Dasi why they are not leaving room and they come to check on them only to find them sleeping together Abhi holding Pragya on his chest and Abhi’s face in her hair. They smile happily and leave from there. They meet Tanu and Dasi says to Tanu that you wanted to see husband and wife’s bedroom you can go now. Dadi smiles. Tanu wonders why Dasi said so and she goes and sees Abhi and Pragya. She enters very pisced and wakes Abhi. Abhi wakes and sees her. He doesn’t show anger or anything he just looks at her and she begins complaining about Secretary sleeping in his bed. Abhi slowly very carefully leaves Pragya sleeping. He holds Tanu’s arm and escorts her out the Bedroom very gently without force and all the time Tanu is complaining about Pragya sleeping in his bed. Abhi gently sets her outside the room and slams door in her face. He goes back to bed gently puts Pragya back on his chest and falls asleep. Tanu very angry out side. Dadi and Dasi laugh because they saw Abhi throw her out. She cries and runs away. She meets Mitali who also laughs seeing her cry.

Pragya wakes up later confused where she is and sees Abhi holding her. She is happy and smiles but she sees time and remembers she has to get Mehendi dress. She says she will get dress but she trusts God that he will not let her husband marry another woman. She leaves Abhi sleeping and runs to get his Mehendi cloth. She comes back only to find a very annoyed Abhi
A: Were did you go, you don’t leave Your husband in bed like that!!
P: is very shocked Abhi called himself her husband and she stammers ….
sees her stammering and says to himself “I was talking about her husband who left her but if I tell her that she will become sad again and cry. And I don’t like seeing her cry because it hurts me too much too and I hate pain” he sees bag she is carrying and grabs it from her. He sees inside the dress and love it. He is very pleased and says
A: haa Fuggi you know where to buy my nice clothes.
Pragya is very shocked and looks at Abhi with open mouth. Abhi just hugs her and spins her around, she laughs happily while says put me down. Salam re plays….. He puts her down but she continues laughing. Abhi is happy too and says to Himself. After her being so sad, I am very happy I made her laugh and happy again. She has beautiful smile too and I love it when she smiles. He gets big smile too and they both smile looking at each other!!

Precap: Pragya tells Abhi he should marry Tanu as her mum is sick. Abhi says if Mother is like her daughter then he will not marry Daughter so that mother can die and duniya will be free of another bad person. He says Daughter can die too. Or he will die but not marry her. Dadi Dasi and Pragya try to hide their laughter because Tanu and her mother are hearing!!


Please sorry for boring you but hope you read. and comment i will take not of all comments. and unlike real CVs your ideas will be heard and worked on.

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