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KB- Pyaar ki ek kahani (Episode 7)

Guys sry for not uploading. I was not well that’s y let’s get into the story.

Recap: all were clapping


They came back purab asked
P: abhi y u dance with her?
A: what type of question is this??
B: actually we were discussing that whether u both ll dance together or not I was saying that u guys ll dance but he was saying not so I win n he lose that’s y he is asking this type of question
A: common purab yarr y r u behaving like this grow up

Party ended

Sarla maa bulbul n prags were about to leave when abhi said
A: wait.. Where r u going I’ll you
S: beta ji no need we ll go
A: arey aunty no problem
At that time purab came
P: hey bro what happened
A: purab now u only make them understand I’m saying that I’ll drop then but they r not ready
P: I’ll make them understand
Purab goes near sarla maa n bulbul n said smthg they agree to go
P: abhi I’m going with sarla maa n bulbul u come with pragya di
Before abhi say anything they left
A: I didn’t understand one thing that what purab said to them that they agree
P: leave it na abhi come let’s go

Screen shifts to car
B: purab what if he came to know that u have said then
P: arey abhi ll not know aunty ji were r u lost
S: I was thinking that ll they agree for marriage
P: common aunty they ll jst give them time as abhi is now speeding up in carrier n di is studying
B: see maa first time this idiot said smthg correct
P: I’m not idiot u r idiot

Screen shifts to abhigya in car
A: so u enjoyed today’s party???
P: yaahhh… I enjoyed a lot but scaring u was more fun
A: acha….
P: hmm…
A:this is ur last year rite
P: this is the last year after this I have to do training
A: ohhh…
Abhi stops the car
P: y u stopped the car
A: I have to talk smthg with u
P: then ask
A: see our family wants us to get marry I don’t know about what u think but my thinking is that now I’m speeding up in my carrier so I don’t think that this is correct time
P: u r rite abhi don’t think about this abhi coz we r really not ready n I don’t think that they ll force us to get married…so now we can go
A: yaa
P: first time I’m seeing u this much serious yarrr
A: its rare that’s y

They reached home sarla maa asked purab n abhi to come inside but they refuse as its late. They went abhi n purab in diff cars.

Screen shifts to arora house
Sarla maa had slept bulbul n prags were talking. Bulbul was teasing prags for dancing with Abhi in party.

Screen shifts to purab n abhi
Purab was taking abhi to the hospital he met with an accident. They reached hospital purab admitted him. He was crying seeing abhi’s state he thought to inform dadi but thought that she ll worry n can fall sick he called someone

Screen shifts to prags n bulbul both had slept prags phone was ringing. Prags received the call
Pu: hello pragya di I’m purab abhi met with an accident
Pr: whattt…she shouted then she realize that bulbul was sleeping so she went to balcony
Pr: purab when this happened how where
Pu: di.. While returning he met…he stared crying
Pr: purab don’t cry yarrr I’m coming there
She ended the call n was about to leave she saw bulbul
B: di..come fast we need to go
P: but bulbul u how u wake up
B: when u shouted now change ur dress fast
P: okkk

They left to hospital leaving a note in house

Screen shifts to hospital
Prabul saw purab sitting in chair crying
They came near him
Pr: purab…how is he now doctor said anything
Pu: no di
Pr: bulbul u b with purab i’m coming
B: but where r u going di
Pr: I said na I’m coming
Saying this she left the place

Screen shifts to rabul
P: how much today he was but see now he is in this state ( in crying tone)
B: don’t worry purab he ll b fine
Saying this she put her hand on his shoulder purab hugged her she was taken aback but thought that now he really needs someone

Screen shifts to pragya she is in temple she was praying there for abhi tears were rolling down

Screen shifts to rabul
Doctor came out n informed them that abhi is now OK nothing is there to worry purab call prags n informed her.

I know its short. Next epi I’ll try to post long update.

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