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Kasam 7th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Kasam 7th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Tannu hurries inside a room, and notices its Rishi’s. She spots his photo on the side table and can’t resist walking towards it. She holds the photo wondering if they are really related for lives. She is the same girl he calls as trouble, she would remind him of his Tannu even today. She can’t see him cry so she is leaving, to never return.
Downstairs, Rano tells the crowd that the accident never happened. She tells the media that the girl is Malaika’s secretary. She makes up that the girl was in the car, she came out and felt dizzy because of dehydration. Rishi seconds Rano, this crowd is making up this accident. A lady comes to defend the image of their NGO, they are lying. Rano has an argument with them, and accuses them of wanting money from them. The inspector demands them to call that


girl, he wants to meet her. If her witness match theirs, he won’t arrest Rishi and Malaika else there would be strict action against them. He sends Malaika to call her secretary. Raaj thinks Rano has ruined the case further. Rishi takes Rano aside to speak to her. Raaj takes the inspector aside to talk to him.
Malaika comes to the room and was shocked at not finding Tanuja in the room. She looks in the washroom as well.
Raaj tells inspector outside, he accepts his mistake. UV comes to Raaj saying they haven’t committed any mistake, he insists they haven’t done any mistake. The inspector says he needs to speak to that girl. UV forbids him to create his image in front of NGO. It’s not a hit and run incident, Malaika has brought that girl and getting her treated. The inspector was angry, and warns about arresting them.
Tanuja was leaving from the backdoor, but Malaika gets her. She introduces herself as a guest, Malaika explains she underwent an accident with his car. Tanuja asks why she even brought her here, she should have taken her to hospital. Malaika tells Tanuja that there was a huge problem because of her, she needs her help. She narrates her the complete scenario. Tanuja assures everything would be fine, she needs to go. Malaika finally tells her that Rishi has taken the blame over himself and he is in problem now.
Raaj shuts UV not to interfere and let him speak. He understands that the inspector is under pressure and asks if he would listen to any officer. He can get him a call from ACP, Rano has a misunderstanding but she is a mother and can go to any extent. They are really upset about the victim girl. The inspector says if he doesn’t take any action, it will ruin the case even more. An NGO has filed this case, they have political contacts and media back; if police helps rich people in such a case it will ruin this case. If the victim girl witness in their favor they will be left; otherwise he would have to arrest Malaika, Rishi and even Rano.
Malaika requests Tanuja to save Rishi, he took the blame over himself watching her in trouble. She request Tanuja to help her for Rishi and say one lie. She must say that she didn’t undergo an accident. She has to tell everyone that she is her secretary, she had left the car for some important work but fainted because of dehydration.
The lady inspector stated in the media that they are given psychological training, people lie and dodge the other person. They will understand if the victim is lying under some pressure, or is speaking the truth.
Rishi takes Rano aside, Rano asks if it was a mistake? Rishi asks what the victim would state in front of media. Rano was shocked to see Tanuja coming with Malaika from behind the window. Rishi was also shocked to see her. Malaika notices their stares, she tells Tanuja that it’s the same boy Rishi she has to help. Tears fell off Tanuja’s eyes as she keeps on staring at Rishi.

PRECAP: Rishi says Tanuja came to revenge them. Rano wasn’t ready to let Tanuja accomplish her goals, she hurries towards Tanuja and takes her outside.

Update Credit to: Sona

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